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The Big Thing
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  • Congratulations, can't wait to hear about what'll be coming up. Are they making it worth your while?

    "if they make us choose between using 1.1 hacks and custom high bitrates/matrices or 2.0 firmware that is unhackable with custom picture profiles and other advanced features (framerates, etc) then some may have issues"

    If it's raising the bar for quality again, I don't mind simply going the HDMI recorder route.

  • Congratulations!

    One question: When you said that 1080p60 will be history.. You mean that for the future unreleased cameras, right?

  • Vitaliy, can you clarify exactly who besides you is part of the "development team"?

  • Never trust a thread that has a title sounding like a porno movie. "The Big Thing". Come on, this has gotta be April Fools.

  • @vitaly any chance of getting false colors in camera?

  • @woodybrando Sometimes they work for me already ;-)

  • Congrats Vitaliy. You are the man. Is there any hope that the gf3 is among the selected cameras , it is part of the current lineup.

  • @nomad hah yeah which settings I'll try to stay away from those :)

  • Congratulations Vitaly. If anyone ever deserved to be hired for such a job, it is certainly you. Best of luck with that!

  • ahahahahah, good April fools

  • Yes, good April Fool's. But you still deserve to be hired by them.

  • edit: i bet this is april fool's ;)

  • edit: i bet they built up this april fools joke for weeks

  • He said above its not april fools. This is no joke. Going to some things that are better and some things that are worse. In the meantime, we will find out on monday what happens to patches in the immediate future.

  • this is cruel joke, but good one

  • It makes sense. This is about the biggest year for digital cinema. C300, 5DIII, 1DX, D800, D4, Scarlet, Sony 4K, JVC 4K, and later the GH-3. And we still have what ever Canon replaces the 7D with. Lots of competition for Digital Cinema. Panasonic needs to have innovation. Now I think they will, and still 6 months or so til Photokina.

  • Well, he actually said: this is no fools joke", so it might be a genius joke ;) but that would be communal seppuku, right?

  • Congrats Vitaliy!

  • Congratulations!!!... It can be great or not so. Now lets see if Panasonic let you do your great job, like until now or prevent you from do it.

    P.D: Cage is almost done. Do you remember?... I'm not vanished...

  • Congratulations Vitaliy and the crew. Just my 2 cents worth on this...As blogs are becoming more and more powerful in shaping a products development and sometimes demise, I really dont think Panasonic would want to stop the feedback, development etc...of this site, that would be foolish on their part. I am sure they realize its a changing world and they want to tap into that, not dominate it (they could not do that anyway). That said, if they can listen to Vitaliys,Nick Driftwoods, Powells views on what users want, as well as their valuable abilities, then they can only benefit, and the users will benefit too. Too many companies are out of touch, think they know best, and don't respect their user base, and it will come back to bite them (usually via disgruntled users venting on blogs) if Panasonic can tap into this and listen, then only good can come of it. Cheers

  • edit: so there's no chance we'll see 1080p60 on the gh2? or audio monitoring?

  • APRIL F O O L S !

  • Since the notice appear on 43rumors that could be an April Fools ;-) If it is the hack continues, if not new exiting stuff will come! Instead the hack there could be an Apps system directly from Panny site, so everyone gets what it needs and could also develop for others..

  • This thread is sooo funny - go on! :-)

    (I think its a very well made aprils fools - congratz zu VK;-)

  • Are we seeing like a change of philosophy and passing of guard in those big Japanese corporation. I see this example and for another one with the Sony Fs-700 (where many on dvxuser are under nda). Which mean that a new management that is more aware about Forums, blogs, etc. type of media and the community that is around it.

    This could be why the change of stance and Panasonic move towards VK and the community. What VK has done for Panasonic DSC line is big. He has put the gh1/gh2 in the limelight of the dslr revolution commanded nearly exclusively by a juggernaut Canon. I would never have got a Panasonic camera if it was not for the hack. It would have been the duopoly Canon or Nikon (Nikon for me as I shoot with it), and even today it feel strange to hold this small plastic thing after holding my Nikon camera. I think a lot of us here are in the same case, we would never have given any importance to the gh line of camera if it was not for the hack.