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Canon 5D Mark III topic
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  • Images from CR.

    500 x 666 - 113K
    500 x 666 - 103K
    333 x 333 - 13K
  • The latest rumor specs

    File Formats – AVI, RAW, H.264, MOV, MPEG-4

  • File Formats – AVI, RAW, H.264, MOV, MPEG-4

    I am sure they forgot DOC, XLS and also TXT

  • Don't forget mkv :-)

  • They've had almost 4 years to update the most anticipated dSLR in history. I expect alot if its 3.5K. Will wait tomorrow for the complete 'details'.

  • @pvjames

    Such late leaks that do not contain video details mean that it does not have anything unusual.

  • Yeah.....,I'm hoping for the best. At least clean hdmi-out, 1080/60, etc.

  • That list does contain RAW. It is not mentioned in the context of stills, but rather video format. If indeed it is true, that is a big leap forward for a lot of people.

  • Clearly pointing to raw stills... On a still camera.

  • the list doesn't include jpg or tiff...

  • Exactly... and I also find it curious that it has AVI, H.264 MOV and MPEG-4 and RAW. So that are 5 different movie codecs on board... wonder if that's true. One thing you can bet on: they won't compete with the C300 and they won't compete with the upcoming 4k DSLR. So there will be major limitations on this baby.

  • very courious for the new 5D but I have to admit I have no hope for a bang! C300 was announced with a big ballyhoo and did not fullfill this hoop-la. Maybe nice but not revolutionary and first of all way far to expensive, same with 1D X. Nikon seems to be ahead with DSRL for the first time since long time ago. Sorry Canon there is concern that disappointment won't be over soon.

  • 5D Mark III is still a dslr and not a video camera like the C300.

    I think there will be huge leap in iso etc. As a music photographer shooting in low light this will be a blessing. :)

  • @vegandelight i hopw your right, but dont get your hopes up to high, seems like canon have be satisfied whit releasing rehashed models over and over for the past 3-4 years whit none big worth to mention things to the D range, other brands are now flying past them while Canon are stuck whit thir codes/codex and image prossing ano 2008. C300 was either nothing to rave about for the price.

  • Ok, the price is indeed 3.5K for the body according to some that have pre-ordered. There's no hate here. I'm a MkII user and never took it that way. I think we should critique them hard when you spend that kind of money.

  • @simple that's what I said.

  • @vegandelight "Sorry to poop on your hate parade here but the 5D Mark III is still a dslr and not a video camera like the C300."

    Wrong. The 5DIII is a video camera... because it produces video. Just like the 5DII and 7D were video cameras... because they also produce video. End of story.

    @sohus "One thing you can bet on: they won't compete with the C300 and they won't compete with the upcoming 4k DSLR. So there will be major limitations on this baby."

    Well, if the 5DIII solves the majority of the moire problem, skew, and improves then sampling a bit... then it will most likely already have the C300 beat, due to the FF sensor and (very likely) better dynamic range. You have to remember... the image processing in the C300 is OLD. It's a Digic DV III from 2008. It's the same chip as a consumer HF20 for craps sake. People are just drooling over the "elite" factors of the C300. It's not really that impressive of a camera in the grand view of things. On the other hand... DSLRs flagships like the 5DIII are always cutting edge, with the latest chips. They have to be more competitive. I don't really doubt that the 1DX and 5DIII having a better overall IQ than the C300... if Canon doesn't INTENTIONALLY ruin the processing.

    Canon doesn't have to worry though. Even if the 5DIII has RAW video... people will still buy the C300 because "it's t3h biggererer Pr0z camera".

  • bwhitz, aren't they hybrids :) not video cameras right, but dlsr hybrids "stills / video" ^^

  • @Clermond yea all eyes on Canon now, even big film makers, if they dont knock it out the park, im afraid D range are just , pfh the Apple of the camera world, where you pay 10x for build quality/design, menus insted of real performance.

    And the rich will still hype canon , like most ppl do apple,

  • @simple

    Yea, I guess. But anything that takes video is... by the nature of things... a video camera. Or I guess, you could call them "motion cameras". Since "video camera" seems to imply more of "live video"... as in broadcast and sports.

  • If it's raw I'll chew my shoe. I don't see that happening in my future

  • There are things that disappoint me with the GH2, but overall am very happy to have and use it, looking forward to what the next generation from Panasonic and Canon brings to the table, as all this stuff starts becoming "must keep up with the jones'" standard features from competitors, which will create the drive to push the envelope further.

    Different containers doesn't necessarily mean different codecs. I do like the option of different container formats though.

    I think any large sensor camera in this small package/form size bringing proper 4:2:2 or even 4:4:4 1080p over HDMI (inexpensive 4:4:4 HDMI recorders from cinemartin etc) with full proper downscaling filter, in a global shutter is going to do it for me. Maybe the generation after the upcoming one.

  • @Athiril

    This is not topic about GH2. Let's keep it about Mark III only.

  • @Vitaly_Kiselev: That's fine because the subject of my post is not about the GH2.

  • Canon announces New Black and White Silent Movie Camera! 5D Mark III "BS" ... Talent not included!

    Enjoy the announcement!