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Official Low GOP topic, series 4
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  • @driftwood

    It has spaned satisfactorily in both 24H and 24L with SanDisk 95Mb/s 64GB SDXC.

    Your bitrate setting is interesting! :-)

    1297 x 999 - 287K
    1297 x 1005 - 276K
  • @bkmcwd Do you know if audio will play back smoothly in the camera at 24l?

  • @Elenion what does you mean with "dynamic curves"?

  • @Jspatz In my spanning test, it was no problem with fast card. Although I do not know when recording volume is raised more... :-(

  • @cinemon the color profile

  • hmm...i need a patch for 24p with 24h: Fast Cards (up to 30MB/sec. or faster) and 24l for all Class 10 Cards.. So i can make movies with all my cards... Fast in low light and slower (24h) with outside, and good light..

  • @Elenion It was smooth -2-2-2-2.

  • @Jspatz If you are experiencing audio problems in playback or on a telly, or within your media player on the computer it doesnt mean the audio is corrupted. Bring it into an nle and its fine. For players: If its a pc download the klite codec pack and it should be fine under WMP and VLC. On a MAC download 'Movist' to playback players. Or get a decent codec.

  • The audio on any hack has never been corrupt but in some situations I need to do playback for clients.

  • Hello Guys . Happy new year 2012

    @Driftwood what is the best patch? SEAQUAKE or Quantum v7 ?


  • Regarding the audio not playing back correctly, I have found that for me, trying to play driftwood footage from the sd card or a 5400 rpm external drive, the audio stutters. However, once copied to my ssd or internal drive, the files play flawlessly.

  • @Braamkiev "what is the best patch? SEAQUAKE or Quantum v7 ?"

    IMHO Quantum V7 for 24H. Somewhat smaller file size (a bit less Mbit/s in Quantum V7) but AQ set to 4.

    Than again the footage will be indiscernible in most cases, I guess.

  • @FGCU Very Nice. Any chance in previewing the .mts file. Really I'm not stalking your fiance! ;-)

  • That's a lovely shot @FGCU

  • @towi in Quantom V7 24H AQ4, where WILL we see a difference VS lesser patches?

  • @rozroz, in Quantisation.

  • @driftwood i know it has to do with that, i meant -in what situations the Quantisation improvement would be most evident ?

    thanks :)

  • @driftwood Nick, any guideline on how to trim Quantum v7 for Transcend Class 10 cards? I adjusted the frame limit but I got lots of card speed limit errors while shooting, in both L and H. I have been using TerraQuake lately, but I would love to have AQuamotion for the L setting for interviews and long takes.

  • What visible difference are people seeing between V2 and V7?

  • @kholi in simplistic terms, I'm trying to guarantee more success rate of Q using matrix T1s for INTRA, and not any fallback matrices.

  • @driftwood Okay great. I am going to switch over to V7 when the GH2 gets here, was just checking.

    Also, I haven't seen much info on the SAndisk 32gb 95 cards, which are a bit cheaper than the 64gb but I assume there's a reason why everyone goes for the 64? Do the 32's just not span or aren't achieving constant data rates?

  • Its certainly strange, though I havent tried any less than the 64. I do notice when I boot up in PC mode on my hackintosh the external card reader sees it as a EXFat (NTFS) drive (not fat32). On another note: I also use Sandisks new white USB3 card reader - which seems much more reliable than some of the other card readers Ive used and may be a solution for people having read problems. Some say the top end Delkin cards (still waiting for my review version!) are spanning on the hi bitrate stuff... I think we need a wiki table of working cards building eventually. I think its important to remember to format these cards on the camera and not ruin it by formatting at ANY time on the PC which probably overwrites the hidden Sandisk SDXC-I headers (certainly on a LL Format).

  • I'm really curious... there are 8, 16, 32, and 64gb Sandisk Extreme Pro Cards (95mb/s) selling...

    And at reasonable prices.

    has anyone just not used them at all?

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