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GH2 color grading
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  • @shian
    Looking forward to seeing your plugin workflow videos.
    I'm currently grading my 7d footage in AE at the college where i work.
    I've done a little with some tracking and then linking a masked adjustment layer to a null object etc... but it will be nice to see how a pro does it.
  • @jpbturbo not too differently. The techniques are all tried and tested. Every piece of software does things a little different, but the theory and practice hold steady across all platforms.
  • @shian - Fantastic. I'm eager to see your plug-in.

    I mentioned Colorista II primarily because it has been a great color correction tool for my typical workflow. It's head and shoulders ahead of any other FCP plug-in, but I don't use pre-made Looks.

    I use AFX CS5 and I'm looking forward to trying out a workflow for my high-end projects with high bit-rate footage plus 32bpc color correction. A dedicated GH2 color correction solution sounds very intriguing. I'll be keeping an eye out.
  • I can't wait to buy it :-)
  • what do you guys think of this new plug-in for FCPX

    I don't know if it's worth it or not, but it's $39 this opening week and then goes up to $75. As a nooby to the whole digital world it looks like they're just making easier what you can do anyways if you take the time to learn grading in general and this HDR look. But isn't that what most plug-ins do, make something easier for dweebs like me?

  • That has nothing to do with true HDR, since it has no larger input range to work with.
    IMHO, it will look very much like digital sharpening, which most of us don't like anyway, do we?
  • @shian that sounds incredibly cool, really looking forward!
  • @shian: Really looking forward to this. What do you think the price range will be roughly? (Poor student).
  • @kanintesova Less than $30 US
  • @shain. I can only say thank you for your efforts. I am currently shooting my first feature and have been looking for a viable way to color grade. Your plug-in seems to be just what the Dr ordered. And as we wont be done shooting until Jan, it seems it will be just in time. I'm not sure exactly what part of the globe you are from, but if you are ever in my area, I'd love to buy you a drink.
  • @sanzadez Thanks man.... I'm in Los Angeles.
  • Here's the temporary home of ColorGHear (still building the site)
  • Looking forward to this. Mostly in terms of learning from your experience and methods!
  • @FGCU what i've found with 444 is you have to remain in a logarithmic LUT throughout post until you get to QT Pro, QT Pro does an amazing job of translating Log back to Linear with no loss. I'll cover this in the tutorials, but if you leave AE in linear rather than Log, your footage will seem to wash out... because it's baking linear back into your footage.... You don't want that.
  • Here's a vid of us messing around, and then some grading:

    I've had work done in DaVinci a number of times, but I think Colorista isn't so bad for small home-based projects.

    Please read vimeo for details, but heads up: It's all ETC mode footage with Zeiss Sueprspeed S16mm lenses.
  • Shian, which in-camera picture profile and contrast/saturation settings do you use when shooting with the GH2?
  • @Marco - cinema 0,0,0,+2, 24H
  • @Shian
    Thanks for your fast answer. Great color grading of Andrew's footage, I'm looking forward to download the plugin in January.
  • @shian

    Thank you kindly for sharing your knowledge. I am very much looking forward to watching your tutorials and will definitely purchase your plugins. I am shooting a short film in January and would love to implement techniques learned from a master. Cheers.
  • @shian

    Good luck to you.

    I found the resolve beta for windows to be hopeless. Aside from the fact it crashed every 3 seconds, and they failed to log or explain why, they clearly made no effort to adhere to windows application standards, making the usability of the application more annoying than anything. It's a whole lot easier to make an app like theirs when you pull that you-will-have-our-exact-hardware apple crap. The hardware I have is better and faster, it's just not what they've decided to include.

    Fine. If they'd made that clearer I wouldn't have wasted two hours with it.

    So, in my mind there's clearly an opening for your plug-in within ae. I think colorista is a lot better than many others might, but there's room for a more specialized, targeted plugin for the non-apple people who still would prefer top-notch results.

  • @chauncy I'm an Apple guy myself, but i know what you mean, and am targeting both mac and windows users, speaking of which what is everyone on the PC side using for 444 and 422 prores style renders? Is it still Uncompressed and Animation QTs?
  • When I use the "cinema" picture profile, the videos are exposed darker so that I have to open the aperture a little bit. When I use the "smooth" picture profile, the videos are exposed brighter so that I have to close the aperture a little bit.
    At the end of the day, is the "cinema" or "smooth" picture profile preserving more highlights and blacks?

    Which one is more suited for color grading? (Today, recommended the nostalgia and smooth picture profile)
  • @Marco I haven't really experimented too much with the other settings. I really like what I get with cinema, but now that my cam is finally hacked, I will be doing a lot more experiments for the tutorial series.