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Perhaps the first full feature movie on the hacked gh2
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  • Hey guys, I interviewed the filmmaker behind this gorgeous picture. Check it out-
  • @artofthestory Excellent. Enjoyed Gami's spirited interview as well as the details and location photos.

    @vesubio Congrats! The trailer looks great. Following up on Ian_T's comment, I'm sure people would love to hear more about your CC techniques on this.

  • Hi SisterCities, to start with this test, screen captures of colorista II.
    1004 x 807 - 66K
    987 x 867 - 71K
    1045 x 867 - 68K
    1027 x 912 - 72K
  • @artofthestory, thanks a lot for that interview!
  • Gotta love the rope.
  • This was shot using the Seaquake patch:

    Hats off to all involved when it comes to the gh2 developments.
  • @vesubio Thanks for sharing. It's interesting to learn about your process on this.
  • @driftwood I just read a comment saying you transferred some gh2 footage to film. I would LOVE to see what that actually looks like. If you could ever show a before and after of any footage at all I would be extremely grateful. I've been aching for a pretty long time to see the difference, if any at all.
  • Hi people. I saw on vimeo two trailers of another spanish movie called 'Diamond Flash', so made with a GH2 -non hacked-

    -first trailer, three months ago-
    -colocated today-

    Data of the movie (in spanish) > (in english) >

    The trailer of Musgo is incredible. I love slow camera and the rich cinematographic of Gami. Im waiting the movie.

    GH2 its a great camera. Not yet recognized, likely by the poor marketing of Panasonic.

    PD: Sorry by my bad english.
  • musgo is amazing stuff really, the best i've seen shot with a gh2 yet!

    and for just that reason it hurts me to see the typical gh2 banding in the opening shot and the horizontal banding in some of the dark scenes. it will make little to no difference watching the movie but nonetheless it would be nice to not have it there for eternity.
  • I saw the MUSGO trailer back when I had an AF100, and now that I have the GH2 I Still feel its the best complete work I have seen on the interwebs. Cinematically speaking anyway. I love it. Just keeps telling me that using SMOOTH -2 all the way is key to roll off and cinematic look. I love it. Hopefully my upcoming projects can mimic some of what is shown here.

    The trailer just has that 'IT' you look for and feel while watching a movie. I don't once thing oh this is a dslr or ehh that looks out of place. You just get that suspension of disbelief so common in film. Love it.


  • Still wondering how he got smooth hand-held with that shoulder stabilizer of his...whenever I try to do hand-held I get only jello.

  • shoot with the (tokina) 11-16mm and at most (leica) 25mm to avoid being too close (my lenses). The longer the focal length, the more jello. info says he never used anything over 50mm. I try to stay wider too, when going handheld.. when people try to use 50mm and above.. jello is much easier to get as rolling shutter is introduced easier.

  • That's some good advice thanks! I used a Komine-made Vivitar 28-90mm on a test shoot the other day. I used various focal lengths and I was blown away by the image results, but disappointed with the panning shots, which all had that jittery, jello effect. The Tokina is way out of my price range, but I guess I'll have to use my Panasonic 14-140mm kit lens for the moving camera shots and save the Vivitar for the tripod.

  • @vesubio Is it possible that you can put up before and after CC footage or stills? Your work is extraordinary!

  • @kikis there you go.


    1920 x 816 - 409K
    1920 x 816 - 334K
    1920 x 816 - 513K
    1920 x 816 - 489K
  • @vesubio great work on photography and cc

  • The first 5 minutes to this legendary looking film :)

  • Ok... I must watch rest of the story....

  • Damn, that's good!

  • Yeah, when is this going to be out? What was the song in the trailer?

  • @vesubio: The trailer really looks promising, I liked the athmosphere, the actors, the sound, the colors. Regarding what story to expect, the trailer points into an interesting, albeight somewhat confusing direction (the guy who witnesses but disregards the sound of a nearby crime suddenly encounters a masked axe man in the forest... I wonder how these things will fit together :-).

    The only thing I disliked in the trailer was the, at times, shaky camera. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but beyond fast-paced runs through a building or such I don't think it helps a movie when the camera shakes (as in the pan across the trees).

  • Wow. Looks great. Gear curiosity: what lenses?

  • @airboxlights gear used was tokina 11-16 (nikon) / 50mm 1.4 (nikkor) / 28mm 2.8 (nikon) / Zoom h4n/hague mini motion / Konover slider / and DIY traveling like rigwheels