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Beginners: Basic hacks questions
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  • Ima buy the 64 gb sdxc card. With the driftwood hack thats getting all the attention. Will i be able to playback the videos on the gh2?
  • nevermind, I was checking out the ptool and it specifically tells you which ones wont be viewable in camera. seems to only be the 720p & 480p compression settings
  • I reloaded the gh2 with aqua 2 by driftwood and left everything as is except i changed the dimensions of 720p to 1920x1080 . I played the 24p back in the gh2 and it played. But when i tried to playthe 720 in the gh2 it said 'this image cant be played'. I flipped back to the 24p that originally played and it gave the same error message. When i tried to delete either file it said 'disk write error'. I then used the gh2 to reformat the card and it did. I was able torepeat the experiment from the beginning and got identical results. Im using a sandisk 32gb 45mb/s card
  • @gameb What were the conditions for the $25 clipwrap deal? For that price I'll get a copy, even though most of my clips are under 1 minute.
  • I just registered and the only "camera" I ever owned was a disposable camera :)
    On February 28th 2012 I will go on a 18 months trip. Flight from Germany to India and then travel to Australia. The plan is to make some clips in 720 60fps/50fps with c-mount lens and fader ND, mostly on Gorillapod. I don't care too much about noise or vignetting because the look should be "1970's amateur style", but I do care about clean movement. Because I'm on budget the GH1 from ebay will be the deal. Audio will be H2n, no ext mic. But as lightweight is very important the GF1 or GF2 would fit much better. (my rucksack should not be above 7 kg/15 pounds, I will take 3 T-shirts altogether :)

    1. Is there a possibility to get real 720 60fps/50fps with a GF1 or could the new hack for the GF2 support that in the next 3 months?

    2. I want to check the footage "on the set" with a netbook. Will a Lenovo s205 with AMD E350/450 do the job watching 720 60fps/50fps AVCHD 30-40mb/s? If not can a Broadcom Crystal HD Decoder BCM70012 help?

    3. Audio is very important, can the Zoom H2n record speech properly in about 1m / 3feet distance without ext mic? Settings of video and audio have to be on the same Hz level to make postproduction less painful or can I do 24Bit48kHz on H2n and lowest possible on cam? (Planning to get about 300-400 hours footage and make a 1,5 hours clip after the trip)

    By the way the work you do is amazing, donation will follow as soon as my ebay sellings stock up my paypal account again.
  • I am pretty new to the GH2 world but did hack my old T2i. It's gone and I'm a GH2 user now. I have successfully hacked my 2 cams with the most recent PTools. I'm not really interested in the 24p mode so I left those settings alone. I really only wanted to get my 1080/60i mode up to 24mbps like other cams like the HMC150. I setup it all up, saved the file and loaded it on both cams. I have tried some long recordings just to test it and make sure it was spanning properly. Tonight I tried long recordings twice with both cameras. Each time it broke the files at the 4gb limit like it should. However each time the first file numbered 000000.mts would not open but all subsequent files opened just fine.

    I'm using Transcend Class 10 16gb cards. They worked great on my T2i. I formatted them in the camera before each long recording. I'm wondering if I needed to low level format them on my computer before using them to completely wipe them clean.

    When I got the cams and left everything at default I recorded 3 or 4 cards full with no problems at all. Long files spanned great and all files were readable.

    When I setup the update in PTools I set the FSH at 24mbp with the AQ=4. The default was 3. Would that matter?

    I'm trying the same tests now with my other PNY cards I bought when I got the cams that worked fine previously.

    Any ideas what happened?
  • Aqua2 working perfectly now. I changed the dimension settings back and fixed the playback problem. I ordered a 64gb card and will be tesing out the seaqu
  • Is there a possibility to get HDMI out on an external screen shooting in the crop modus? Any news or possibilities?

  • GH2 and CS5 - which sequence setting should i use:
    HDV 1080p24
    DSLR 1080p24

  • gh2 premiere.jpg
    1882 x 876 - 178K
  • @stefanos
    Thank you.

    And where is basicaly the main difference between these 2 settings?
    If I will use 2nd setting, should I expect problems with export?

    1/ Video Settings
    Frame size: 1920h 1080v (1,0000)
    Frame rate: 23,976 frames/second
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)
    Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan)

    2/ Video Settings
    Frame size: 1440h 1080v (1,3333)
    Frame rate: 23,976 frames/second
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333)
    Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan)
  • @stefanos

    What about hacks, like "Seaquake"? It should be AVC-Intra 100 preset then?
  • @jard667
    forget HDV, wrong frame size, just use avchd

    No, no matter what patch you're using, the codec is based on the avchd standard. Everything works as it should with avchd, 1080p progressive 24.

    actually with the hack I have found files easier and faster to edit with in both PP and AE
  • @frogman, I am guessing it is your card. I have a sandisk 45mbps card, and I still have issues with aqua2, seaquake, and the seaquake for lesser class 10's. Try spanmybitchup from driftwood. I have had no problems using this patch. I am going to be returning my sandisk, but want to save up for the 64gb 95mbps sandisk card since this apparently is tits as the kids say.
  • @kenoah, refer to my post above. I have the 16gb 45mb/s from sandisk and it has all kinds of errors if I try to use seaquake. Aquamotion2 works well except for 80% slowdown, and a few other rare errors. Allot of people have mentioned problems with this card line.
  • Sandisk Extreme 16 GB 32 MB/s has the highest benchmark for minimum write speed (16.6 MB/s)

    Sandisk Extreme Pro 16 GB 45 MB/s has the worst minimum write speed (800 KB/s), which is the reason it fails

    (larger capacity cards more recent than this test done May 24, 2011 not included),2940-12.html

    450 x 1360 - 53K
    1800 x 5440 - 2M
  • hello, it's my first post, so sorry for my basic english. I ve done a short film in 16mm (so 1,33 ratio) and i would like to continue this film but with my GH2. i tried to find the answer but ... what the better way to have the better result in 4/3 image. is there any patche existing, is it the same way than anamorphic expérience? thank you for all your works.
  • @jeffryalan WOW, that sure does explain allot. I was already pissed at this card and sandisk, now I am more pissed. Anyone know if I can simply say I am extremely dissatisfied with this cards minimum write speeds for my return? I had a less than satisfactory experience chatting with one of their people, but I did not have this info at the time.
  • Anyone have any experience with panasonic cards? After waiting ridiculously long for simple responses from sandisks online help desk I am getting fed up with this company fast.
  • egh, like pulling teeth, but they are finally budging. I will post what they offered in the sandisk extreme card section. Would appreciate some advice.
  • @mee,2940-14.html

    recommended card for best throughput was the Kensington Ultimate XX, however the new Sandisk sdxc might be comparable, don't have benchmarks on those yet.
  • Panasonic cards are very good
  • @mee i have the 32gb 45mb/s. I have a 64gb sdxc on the way.
    Has anybody noticed some of the other features not working after using the patches? I cant get the highlight feature to work.
  • Hi everybody.
    The Panasonic firmware update coming soon, with a new video mode and some features.
    Just want to ask if someone know what can we really expect from this update?
  • @stevegol, the Panasonic 45mb/s cards are very bad. IMHO.
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