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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • China apologist :) VP Mike Pence praises China's 'unprecedented level of transparency' on coronavirus

    Vice President Mike Pence said Beijing has demonstrated “an unprecedented level of transparency” with world health officials in dealing with the new, fast-spreading coronavirus. “It’s heartbreaking but we stand ready with China to provide them any and all support,” he said on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.” Health officials around the world are also scrambling to stop the spread of the new virus, which was discovered Dec. 31 in the Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei province.

    China’s National Health Commission has raised its confirmed coronavirus cases in the country to 31,161. The death toll rose to 636, with one additional fatality in the Philippines and one in Hong Kong. Eleven cases have been reported across the United States.

    The Chinese government has put several preventative measures in place, including issuing travel bans and monitoring citizens for fever and coughs. Several retailers have closed stores. While health officials believe the number of actual coronavirus cases to be much larger, some have praised China, Pence among them, for its quick reporting and its willingness to share information about the outbreak. “We think that China has demonstrated an unprecedented level of transparency” with world health officials, Pence said.

  • more conspiracy speculation from the Middle East about viruses and capitalism, take it with a grain of salt or vaccine injection :) it could be just a natural mutation of a virus from a bat partying with a snake afterall :)

    "And here is something else that's strange: As soon as Egypt announced, a few years ago, that it would rely on poultry [raised in the country], and that it would even export [poultry] abroad – that is, that it no longer needed poultry from the U.S., France, and so on – [suddenly] there appeared, from underneath the ground, the avian flu virus… with the aim of nipping [Egypt's economic] awakening in the bud. Helpless, the world searched for a serum [i.e. vaccine] for this miserable avian [flu] virus. Out of the blue, like a miracle, Merck Sharp appeared like an innocent lamb, with the longed-for medicine in its hand, as if it knew nothing and as if one of its managers, Donald Rumsfeld, knew nothing and thought that the world too knew nothing. And maybe [the world] really did not know that this Donald Rumsfeld had served as [U.S.] secretary of defense for five years, into 2006. This secret member of the army brought the 'hidden' serum in the form of [the antiviral medication] Tamiflu, and thus he and his company raked in tens of billions of dollars from this miserable swine flu. The question is, what is the [U.S.] Department of Defense's connection to medical treatments?!

    "Even before this, the same thing was done in China… when in 2003 [the country] announced that it had [the [world's] largest dollar reserves [and] they [the Americans] introduced coronavirus' cousin, SARS, into [the country] – [along with] the [vaccine] serum, [saying] 'We are the only ones who have this and you'll pay for it.' There was also the anthrax experiment, with the same company, Merck Sharp, and the same fraud and roundabout methods – and it happened also with the swine flu, when Novartis and many other companies made $6 billion from this.

    "Dear reader, when you read these scenarios, you will surely agree that behind the [outbreak of] corona[virus] there is a plan of deceit aimed at making a profit, and nothing more. The whole thing is a virus industry, a world of tiny creatures – viruses and genetic engineering – that culminate in the manufacture of a virus that is transferred to wealthy countries that can buy the [vaccine] serum.

  • Of it could really be genetically engineering a some say. :)

  • Meanwhile in Canada and U.S. .... strange meats and disease....I guess some mystery meats like hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers, meat pies etc. might have a remote possibilty of containing wild game or roadkill ?

    Chronic wasting disease (CWD), often referred to as “zombie deer disease,” has been confirmed in the elk and deer populations of two Canadian provinces and at least 24 states, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned. There’s a potential risk it could spread to humans, the agency added.

    If it were spread to people, it would most likely be through eating infected deer or elk, but the CDC says it is not known if people can get infected with CWD. ... CDC recommends hunters test animals for CWD before eating them in areas where the disease is known to be present, and to not shoot or handle meat from deer that look strange or are acting strangely.

  • Masks shortages will be next huge issue. As initial stock is all depleted and manufacturing can cover only around 1/20-1/10 of actual present needs.

    If they try to go to work masks requirements will jump 5x fold.

    90% of masks manufacturers are private companies, btw.

    Education is postponed until March already.

  • Schools and Universities went online already last week. ( this video report is unavailable online )


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    512 x 317 - 48K
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    512 x 306 - 133K
  • @jleo

    And how many of them actually work? I mean on TV it is nice, but on practice it require lot of work and equipment.

  • It's a big operation with TV and radio networks involved. It's interactive . Live-streamed courses have been normal for many years in many schools across the country. The Video above about schools is not available on youtube.

  • Since the start of the epidemic of the novel #coronavirus, scenic spots have been closed in Kunming, Yunnan. With fewer tourists, many local people are worried that seagulls flying to Kunming for winter will starve. As a result, from Jan. 26, Kunming City has organized staff to feed the seagulls twice a day, providing more than 1,000 kilograms of food daily. Every year, these seagulls fly over 6,000 kilometers from Siberia. More than 40,000 of them arrived in Kunming this winter.



  • Next truth that will be uncovered is that around 50-70% of domestic manufacturers of masks in each country just repacked Chinese masks.

    All export from China is prohibited now. So, it'll be full blown nightmare.

  • Chinese government is afraid to touch private companies or seize their property. As all of present top officials represent right wing opportunists, so they are afraid that going any of such route will kill support of them from business and it could lead to left wing coup and restoration of socialism in China.

    Following same route they are doing now can put huge wall between government and people as soon as they realize bad truth - top officials are on the side of big business.

  • Authorities are afraid to openly tell that they did not allow Foxconn to resume production. Instead they are referencing some "additional checkings" as reason for delays.

  • VP Mike Pence praises China's 'unprecedented level of transparency' on coronavirus

    "Transparency"?? What a joke!

    Someone over on /r/dataisbeautiful that the infection/death rate is following an impossibly perfect quadratic curve. He also posted predictions of infected/dead for a week in advance, and so far the Chinese official numbers are holding to that almost perfectly. So something really screwy is going on, and it's not good. Especially when coupled with reports of crematoriums going 24/7 and barricades appearing in Shenzen.

    The problem with the reported numbers is that it is based on Chinese creative accounting.

    They don't count the dead if the dead has not already been diagnosed as infected before expiring.

    And they don't perform autopsy on the dead but instead have them cremated as soon as they've been picked up.

    Wuhan is said to have three crematoriums, and they have been operating 24/7 for weeks.

    Each crematorium can "process" 240 corpses a day. Do the math, and it should be apparent that current figure of 900 deaths is a total dream

  • @IronFilm

    Well, it is obvious that data is part of informational war here.

    But another side stating huge numbers in locked city is also far from the reality.

  • There’ve been some concerning instances of onward #2019nCoV spread from people with no travel history to ????????. The detection of a small number of cases may indicate more widespread transmission in other countries; in short, we may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg.

  • More than 60 people aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama have become infected with the coronavirus, adding to the 70 already confirmed, government sources said early Monday afternoon.More than 60 people aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama have become infected with the coronavirus, adding to the 70 already confirmed, government sources said early Monday afternoon.


  • Nobody takes anything Pence says seriously, except maybe evangelical Christians and the Trumpets. Anti-China people like to overestimate any “ China crisis “ Pro China people may like to underestimate it :) We probably know absolutely nothing about what is really going on, based on what we read or see on TV! I read somewhere that Hillary Clinton eats dead baby fetuses on toast for breakfast! Those Satanic Capitalists! Wait a minute, it was just eggs on toast! So if the Chinese are burning infected clothing and facemasks they must be burning people! :) Sadly, if they are cremating remains, look at CDC and Funeral director guidelines below, cremation is the preferred method for dealing with infectious bodies. Note that one of the sources of the " cremation story" is Miles Kwok, the Anti-China billionaire and possible Juan Guaido for China, linked to Steve Bannon, both China regime change fanatics. Can you imagine Miles Kwok, Steve Bannon offering any kind words of empathy and support ? Or acts of charity by sending medical supplies?

    If you don't trust the figures, it's probably best to go Wuhan and count the dead yourself! Although The World Health Organization is already there possibly doing that. The last thing they need is someone arguing over statistics and proving China's government is "pure evil and everything it does is wrong". More important is containing and eliminating the outbreak, treating the ill, comfort the dying and restoring things to normal if possible. Many countries including Japan, South Korea, Russia, Egypt and Iran are bringing in medical supplies and even medical workers to help. They are helping, not heaping scorn and accusations which is what anyone in the world would want if it happens in their own country.

    ( For many years, some Conspiracy Theorists think " The Globalists " are planning a world wide pandemic to reduce the world's population. If that is not a crackpot theory, then nothing China does or doesn't do will matter. Twelve Monkeys may be bringing the virus to a neighbourhood near you! )

    As Bevin Chu in Taiwan notes:

    Anglosphere ( Western ) media lowballs infection rates in the West in order to look more competent and responsible than China! Result? More fatalities in the West due to insufficient public awareness. All to "save face"! I can't be the only one who has noticed the self-destructive irony.

    ie. The US never issued a quarantine in 50 yrs!... until 2019nCoV. Almost NOTHING was done to contain any outbreak, flu, HIV, H1n1, etc. No face masks, no disinfection, no quarantine, freedom to spread democr-er infection world wide! :)

    Chapter 6: Infectious Disease Control for Funeral Directors and Embalmers

    The guidance below is primarily intended to protect workers involved with the disposition of human remains either by cremation (recommended) or burial. ● Ensure that anyone handling the body bag wears single-use (disposable) gloves with extended cuffs and a long-sleeved disposable gown.

    ● Do not open the body bags.

    ● Do not embalm the body.

    ● Do not remove any implanted medical devices.

    ● Cremate the remains. An oversized cremation container may be needed to contain the bagged body for cremation. Cremated remains are no longer infectious and can be handled and provided to the family using normal procedures.

    ME/Cs should also work with local emergency management agencies to identify sources and costs of special equipment (e.g., air curtain incinerators, which are capable of high-volume cremation) and the newer plasma incinerators, which are faster and more efficient than previous incineration methods. The costs of such equipment and the time required to obtain them on request should be included in state and local terrorism preparedness plans.

  • like in vampire movies, we need more sunlight. hot sunlight! From Dusk Till Dawn...

    Studies done many years ago showed that the “regular” coronavirus (which is one of the causes of the common cold) can survive on surfaces 30 times longer in places with a temperature of 6 degrees Celsius compared to those where the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius and humidity levels are high.

    More recently, scientists from Hong Kong University (HKU) including Professor Malik Peiris and Professor Seto Wing Hong showed that low temperatures and low relative humidity allowed the SARS virus to survive much longer than they would in high temperatures and humidity.

    The HKU team argued that this may be the reason warm and humid Southeast Asian countries did not have SARS outbreaks, unlike Hong Kong and Singapore where in their words, there is “intensive use of air-conditioning”.

    Thus, just as with influenza, the 2019-nCoV may slow down when the sun starts to shine more and the weather warms up in temperate and subtropical countries.

  • well, we know a few things. We know China is going to extreme measures to stop the epidemic. A picture tells a 1000 words, and enough photos and videos have leaked to see this for ourselves. We also know the chinese have not responded with the viral animal research data so WHO can know the true source of the virus. We know that the virus has most likely been tampered with in a lab because it's genetic sequence would be impossible to create in nature alone. And we know, because one of their ambassadors said so, that they're terrified of any information that contradicts their official data. We also know that 2 chinese researchers were deported for stealing the virus from a canadian facility. We know that a harvard professor also was charged, and has a million dollar bail, and has direct ties to the bsl-4 lab in wuhan. We know another chinese citizen was arrested at the boston airport attempting to smuggle biological agents back to china. Hummm....was that the vaccine ? As well, we know that atmospheric data above wuhan shows a shitload of organic material is being incinerated. We know alot of chinese whistleblowers are risking their freedom and sometimes their lives to try to tell the world their truth as they perceive it at groundzero, evidenced by Dr. Li. We also know that for some reason the virus doesn't appear as virulent outside asia, which ties into some of the researchers speculation about the high mortality rate in asian men. There's still not one case in latin america , although mex city has one person under observation, and they are asian and have recently returned from china. We know all empires use secrecy but we also know china doesn't have freedom of expression. And we know that the term conspiracy theory was invented by cia to humiliate independent researchers into the jfk assassination, and has been used by the empire with high success since to stifle real research that counters the official story. And anyone who doesn't believe "the globalist" are themselves promoting a reduction in population, simply doesn't read what the globalists themselves say. And @Jleo, I suggest you follow your own advice and book your flight, I'm certain you'll find a seat, although it might be next to impossible to actually reach wuhan. My speculation is China accidentally released the virus and will be their ruling juntas downfall. The animal market scenario is absurd. And that leaves us with only two possible scenarios. Either it was accidentally released or it was released upon them by the empire. If the empire did it, I can't help but believe the chinese would be telling the world so. Although what they've done to try to contain the epidemic is heroic, the people will be dusting off the guillotines soon. Because even in china , the truth will be impossible , like the virus, to contain.