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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • @kurth

    I think it is showing level of modern science.

    We have lot of people who can write meaningless articles into journals but very few who can actually do useful things.

    This also concerns vaccine development, btw.

  • Eleven military bases near major airports in the United States are setting up quarantine centers for possible coronavirus patients, the Department of Defense said.

    The Department of Health and Human Services asked the Pentagon for quarantine space in case beds fill up at other coronavirus centers around the country, according to a DOD statement.

    Chinese National Health Commission quietly changed its definition of Coronavirus “confirmed case” in the latest guideline dated 7/2. As a result, going forward patients who tested positive for the virus but have no symptoms will no longer be regarded as confirmed.

  • Moving back accidently transferred post by @jleo

    Coronavirus gets official name from WHO: COVID-19

    The disease caused by the new coronavirus that's sickened more than 42,000 people in China now has an official name: COVID-19. It stands for the coronavirus disease that was discovered in 2019. The World Health Organization announced the name Tuesday, saying it was careful to find a name without stigma. "We had to find a name that did not refer to a geographical location, an animal, or an individual or group of people," WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a call with reporters. It's also easy to pronounce, he added. Naming an illness is not as easy or as straightforward as it might appear. The original name was nCoV-2019, which stood for novel coronavirus, discovered in 2019. It's like naming a child "son born in 2019."

    There are many different kinds of coronaviruses. Some cause mild illness, such as the common cold. Others cause deadly respiratory diseases, as has been illustrated by COVID-19. By Tuesday afternoon, COVID-19 had claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people, nearly all of them in China. The name of a deadly disease has the potential to have an impact on a country or a community politically, economically and socially.

    MERS, for example, stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. It was named so because the deadly virus was first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012. But the name itself appears to suggest there's something about the Middle East in general that can cause disease, which is untrue. Likewise with the swine flu pandemic of 2009, now renamed H1N1 in reference to the particular strain of influenza. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said lab tests originally showed the virus was similar to influenza viruses known to circulate in pigs. But even though there was no evidence the flu was spread through eating pork, the name itself was a disaster for pork farmers, who suffered from a decline in sales over unnecessary fears.

    WHO has since developed guidelines for naming emerging diseases. The monikers should never include proper names of the people who first identified the pathogens, animals associated with the illness, or places where they were discovered. Other examples of how not to name an illness, according to WHO, include the Spanish flu, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and monkey pox.

    The Chinese government has been calling it novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP)

  • so I'll drop a highly speculative(hopefully) theory based on worst case numbers that have been floating around the last couple of days. .... and chinese whistleblowers are throwing out a 16% death rate figure, not the official numbers. So take those two stats(?) and where do we go. Well we might speculate that the 16% could even get worse, because chinas still working with a nominally functioning healthcare system, or the virus could mutate, or it could get better if they develop treatment, a working vaccine, and clamp down even harder on travel...but let's use 15%. I think that's why we're seeing china using authoritarian mechanisms to coverup the situation. China has approx 1.4billion people so approx 125 million could die just in china alone! That doesn't preclude that many of those infected might not fully recover. So in china we're talking calamity, and most likely a collapsed system. The healthcare system is already in collapse. I would speculate china's govt would collapse and return to a hardline maoist closed society and their capitalist experiment would end. This of course at minimum would throw the world into a serious global depression. If we extrapolate those numbers worldwide, we're talking global civilizational collapse. That would make a 630 million death number world wide. If 60% of India and Pakistan become infected , which don't have sufficient health care systems, they would go fullblown anarchy. Most likely that would bring about a nuclear conflict between them. That's where it would start and it would most likely not be isolated, because every country would be facing the same crisis. Saudi Arabia ruling junta would collapse and be followed by all the middle east oil reserves going belly up. The usa's military couldn't rise to that level of crisis. That would lead to Israel's greedy claws attempting to fulfill it's endtime mythologies and expand wars at least all the way to Turkey, Egypt and to Libya. They'd probably use their nukes. That would probably bring Nato against Russia into nuclear conflict and then with the usa and all 5 eyes. It would certainly bring about Israel's ...and those crazy american religious christian zeolots that follow the zionist endtime scenario, into achieving their armageddon. Africa would go tribal and South America would probably go into anarchy. Brazil, Chile, Columbia and Venezuela would collapse into chaos, and Central America as well. Perhaps Costa Rica would survive as the safest place in the Americas. Mexico would be invaded by the usa, if the usa didn't itself have a civil war, and then Mex would go orderless. It's there now already in certain parts of the country. Cia has been smuggling armament into the hands of the cartels for over 2 decades. And 300 million american guns are just waiting for their chance to dance. Now that's my take on the worst case scenario. There are lots of mitigating factors that might prevent the world from killing itself, but as well, we've built a house of cards civilization. If the 60% world wide infection is avoided, by any number of means, China is still facing a survival level threat, if the deathrate is that high. And if it's because the virus was weaponized and infects asians at a higher rate, then all of the orient could fall. That cruise ship in Hong Kong is a litmus test, and it doesn't look good. Mongolia, Southeast Asia , Indonesia , the philippines would be the worst. Japan would most likely go Shogun, completely close off it's islands. more cameras and computers. Used would sell for far more than we paid new. The end of the church of the technocracy. The elite technocrats would have left for mars already. This is complete speculation based on flimsy information. Take it with a grain. But,yeah...I bought a box of n95 masks. If I don't need them for this, then for certain another 12 monkeys scenario will come to pass, if not for me then for my kids and grandkids ! If not engineered biological threats then someone's bound to start a big war. I think the elites know all this already. You can see the signs. But even the billionaires new zealand underground bunkers wouldn't save them. Now I'm gonna go play some music on my new piano !

  • "The Krupp family first appeared in the historical record in 1587, when Arndt Krupp joined the merchants' guild in Essen. Arndt, a trader, arrived in town just before an epidemic of the Black Death plague and became one of the city's wealthiest men by purchasing the property of families who fled the epidemic."

  • From American artist and illustrator David Dees


    wuhan750 (1).jpg
    525 x 406 - 242K
  • Coronavirus known as the sudden death.

  • @kurth thanks for making it in spanish, had a grate laughter.

    letting the laughs apart, i am kind of worried. This seems to be the real deal. High infection rate, no signs and already infecting for 20 days, sudden death after signs. A perfect killer.

    Seems to be a form of pneumonia. This will go all over the world for sure as it is showing.

    For me one real question is... How far? Can this be a real kind of apocaliptical situation? Or this is just 6 moths of bad luck.

    Cos. From where im seen it, this seems to be something of 4 years period at least.

    That is what worries me.

  • @endotoxic

    It is not 6 months.

    As it is only beta version of new biological weapon. Much better and improved versions will come.

    For now it is more like big red warning for China and to part of elite that stand behind coups in China and USSR.

  • @endotoxic the public is beginning to finally learn...people can't trust governments. What we're seeing in china isn't the govt trying to save people, it's the govt trying to save itself. I don't think china's actions would be unique to china if other countries become equally affected. I still lean towards the virus being designed, accidentally or not, to be more serious against asians. There's still no virus in latin america or africa, and only a handful in india. However what the virus does itself in it's new genetic life is out of our control. It could mutate into something even worse. Govt's have been playing russian roulette with this shit for years. It was bound to happen. Like I said....I bought a box of masks ...cause if you wait until you really need them, there won't be any left. And exactly how much risk any person is in, depends on where they live. If it really goes global, it will affect urban areas far worse. And from the US's response , where they're actually converting military bases....well, that's not showing us a good sign. China is screwed already, and it will affect the economy everywhere. But ... now , it's like that old cheap circus roller coaster that's out of control....quien sabe ?

  • Si blood with antibodies is already running.

    @Kurth which is the real data and the fake and the invented and the supposed to be true but isnt.

    At this point there is no true perspective of this scenario. For me its kind of difficult to follow, there is too much false data.

  • @endotoxic ....welcome to the real world

  • The obsession with Real or False data doesn't really matter, if it's a killer virus. it's just part of the chaos and uncertainty. Natural or Manmade doesn't really matter, if it's a killer virus.

    If manmade, China lab or US lab doesn't really matter, if it's a killer virus. If it was a China Lab leaked accidently or intentionally by rushing for Event 201, that makes both sides involved!

    If The Globalists want to depopulate, it won't need Chinese tourists or returning Western expats to bring it world-wide. They probably already have vials in your neighbourhood! China told WHO that quarantine should be extended to 24 days to be safe. WHO and CDC didn't listen, the US Embassy Wuhan staff have already been released in San Diego.

    Mainstream media is debunking that Bill Gates is behind the epidemic. OK, maybe that theory is looney tunes, but who's been travelling through China for the last few years?

    Maybe he's the one that took a sh*t that started it all! Just kidding! :) ( fecal-oral transmission)

    Lucky, the authorities say it's a very mild virus, less deadly than SARS :)

    But the "Bill Gates is behind it story" might be Neo-Con disinfo to cover that they, the Neo-Cons did it. Was the Trade War was just a distraction for total war? HK/ Taiwan/ Uighur destabilization OPS. Swine flu/ Avian Flu OPS. Anti Huawei OP. etc. etc. The Trump Navarro clique aren't really interested in selling a few more soybeans to China, but China's destruction.

    found on China social media:

    China is prepared for potential escalation of biowarfare. It built a specialized hospital in 10 days. Is your country ready? '''

  • Food prices


    In coming weeks we'll see how capitalism base in China will attempt to destroy opportunists superstructure.

    Reverse thing can also happen where we'll see left wing coup and fast capitalism removal in China.

    800 x 452 - 41K
  • @jleo

    If The Globalists want to depopulate, it won't need Chinese tourists or returning Western expats to bring it world-wide. They probably already have vials in your neighbourhood!

    You are badly wrong here. You need someone to blame, hence selection of Wuhan as place, for example.

    It could be leak, is not almost perfect timing. As such selection of timing allowed to smooth out the start and prevent big conflict during times where it is hard to predict its results for western elites.

    Making error and allowing masses to focus attention on small greedy elites can be fatal for them.

  • Well, everyone is blaming Wuhan and China anyways. The released evacuees may already be spreading it. And many people are returning through Thailand, Japan etc and not mentioning they came from China. No quarantine. Social media has a lot of people calling to nuke China! And two B-52 bombers just flew near Taiwan! Long time rumour, China has built huge underground cities somewhere :)

  • The Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress has authorized the government in the region to confiscate private property as needed to fight the Coronavirus outbreak.

    Authorities can now “requisition houses, facilities, materials, etc. as an emergency epidemic prevention response when necessary.”

    This is a departure from reforms which strengthened private property rights in China over the last decades.

    In coming weeks we can see biggest fight at the top since 1976 anti communist coup.

    As present right wing elite will fight to start work of all international factories at all costs no matter that.