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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • Coal consumption show that factories do not work still


    Traffic is also not rebounding as usual


    800 x 449 - 45K
    800 x 454 - 43K
  • Very good quote on the subject

    Generals are always prepared to fight the last war.

    Winston Churchill

    Chinese had been making ton of rockets :-)

  • Crazy rumor is Kim Jong Un already has nukes installed in NY, Washington, LA etc. thanks to help from Mexican drug cartels. All he has to do is reach for Samsung remote control. No rockets needed! Hopefully he doesn't use the wrong one on his 4K TV ! :)

    World War 1 and 2, Vietnam War, Iraq and Syrian War never gave you accurate daily death and casualty count, but everyone expects absolute truth with COVID 19 War!

    Winston Churchill:

    "There are a lot of lies going around... and half of them are true."

    "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies."

    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."

    "Truth is incontrovertible, ignorance can deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is."
  • In Wuhan quarantine regime became more strict, as virus is spreading fast despite all life stopping.

  • @jleo.....haha...mex cartels aren't quite that smart, not even close. The rumor bout NK is he's just wackin anyone with a fever. Bullets are cheap. @Vitaliy...they're able to judge the lack of activity by atmospheric pollution as well. Today was first official death outside China, and they were france. The Chinese govt will stand longer, as long as there's fear in the street. Confiscation of private property isn't really a litmus. When they know they shot themselves in the belly, then they'll be mass rioting...that's when they'll revert back or worse...khmer-like genocides possible. Maybe if the world is smart, they'll ban all this tripe for good. One possibly good outcome. Think on the positive side.

  • Think on the positive side.

    I am thinking on positive side, as out of this crisis US can face truly red China. And investors will lose almost all of that they have, including 100% of intellectual property, schemes and secrets. Big hope for this outcome.

  • @Vitaliy ...."US can fast truly red China"...what's this mean ?

  • @kurth

    It means literally that I wrote. Now China is being ruled by right wing of communist party, opportunists who performed coup in 1976.

    Base of their power is western countries market, their technologies and constantly improving level of life. First two things are going out due to objective trade wars, and last thing suddenly seems very hard to even keep it as it is. Left wing is very powerful on lower levels and provinces and we can see huge power struggle in coming months in case of serious issues.

  • @Vitaliy.... ...ah ok, the US can "face" china. Well since china pays no attention to intellectual property rights, and all enforcement comes from the 5 eyes, I'd guess that would just worsen under maoist rule. The maoist will attempt to maintain their industrial advantage and will most likely even take that advantage further with hardline social controls. Most of the world market won't care as long as it's cheaper. Maybe it won't last because chinese people have small taste of luxury in their memories. Whatever way it goes, it's going to be a gamechanger if it lasts thru the year, especially if the virus takes down all asia. Expect breadlines next year, everywhere. At least until everything china makes that the west is dependent on is replaced by western manufacturers. That's what Wilbur was referring to.

  • Mex cartels only provide smuggling services! They can transport your nuke to any building basement of your choice for a fee :)

    In reality there is no private property in China, the land is still owned by the government. You can own the building. the cars in the parking lot, the phone in your pocket. But land can be seized for public purposes, but there have been abuses where land is seized to build commercial developments for private gain.

  • @jleo....transporting nuclear weapons is a quite different than bundles of weed. Every once and a while they steal an xray machine and dump it that night. And why would they smuggle it across the border when nk could just put it on a boat hidden in a shipping container? Americans don't know much about mexican cartels. The american unfree press strikes fear in their hearts. And you think the US is much different with private property? ...eminent domain, federal and state tax seizure , civil forfeiture.

  • It's just a joke , don't take it literally! Much of what the world thinks China, America or Mordor is doing is just as stupid as the idea of mex cartels bringing in NK nukes :) ie Mordor installing and controlling Trump! Not much news on the Israel/AIPAC controlling Trump & Democrats in the news. Huawei 2g, 3h and 4g have been installed for decades in Canada and UK with no security problems at all. But the pundits all cry "MAJOR THREAT!"

  • morder controls the american nonpress...if u wanna know who's in control...know what u can't mention or who you can't criticize. And americans fear of mexican drug cartels is mythic. Most of them don't have 6th grade educations. And btw....mexico is a far freer country than either of it's northern neighbors, at least in reference to it's laws. That's why I chose it.

  • Donations / Support for the fight against the Covid-19 Virus.
    International donations for Wuhan To China :

    1. US : 0 supplies { except vials of Novo Coronavirus? :) }
    2. Russia: 23 tons of medical aid including 2 million medical masks
    3. UK: 50,000 pairs of medical gloves, 35,000 sets of medical protective clothing and goggles
    4. Malaysia: 10 million pairs of rubber gloves
    5. South Korea: 2 million masks, 1 million medical masks, 100,000 pieces of protective clothing and 100,000 pairs of goggles
    6. Japan: 9 tons of medical supplies, Japanese folk: 1 million masks
    7. Pakistan: 300,000 masks, 800 sets of protective clothing, 6,800 pairs of gloves
    8. Belarus: medicines, disinfectants, medical gloves, etc., a total of 20 tons
    9. Turkey: 1000 sets of chemical protection suits, 93,500 masks, 1000 sets of disposable protective clothing
    10. EU: 12 tons of protective materials
    11. Israel: 100,000 masks
    12. Iran: 1 million masks
    13. Kazakhstan: 13.6 tons of medical supplies
    14. Hungary: 20,000 medical masks and 500 medical gloves
    15. Vatican: 700,000 medical masks
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