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Gh2 update with Hack
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  • @ Jessy I have both the GH2, G7 and G80. The G80 is the best of the 3 for video use, but doesn't have quite the same "image quality" as the GH2 which had a great set of colour profiles built in. I might upgrade to a GH5 next year as I would like to shoot 6K open gate video to crop & zoom to 4K in post and would also like access to the "IS Lock" feature (which ironically the G80 had at the start before Panasonic removed it in an upgrade) but don't know if I would use many of the other video features (like Log profiles) to justify the cost of the upgrade.

  • panasonic GH80? is ok??

    You must be from the future, from the year 2200??