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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @natureflixs

    Yes. Only 30fps and below and only available in 422/10bit.

  • sorry but show me a camera in the same price range with this wealth of options?

  • Would all-intra produce smoother pans? I have seen some clips where verticals in the frame have a jerky look.

  • I had hoped for 60fps 3840x2160 All-I at 300-400Mbps. Only having 30fps 4K at t400Mbps bit rate just won't do well with fast motion subjects.

  • @natureflixs I wonder how cinema survived for decades with 24 frames/second :-D

  • At this bitrate 10 bit 422 doesn't give any advantage...400mb with ipb compression would be much better...

  • " I wonder how cinema survived for decades with 24 frames/second :-D"

    Sorry, I shoot nature docs. 24fps is pretty much useless. Need 60fps for fast animal and insect action, as well as decent slow-mo.

  • @natureflixs get a decent camera which provides 60p with Intra frame if it's important for you. Have in mind even the C300II isn't able to shoot 4K60p. Be prepared to open your wallet.

  • Question: How many of you use the LUT viewing option to implement custom looks while shooting? Do you find it as easy to use as say an external recorder like a Shogun, et al where it's a couple of quick screen taps to switch/ toggle on or off? How many can you have in the camera on standby at one time?

  • "The image quality when applying the following settings is improved: Extended low ISO, [i.Dynamic] (Intelligent D-range Control) and Highlight Shadow."

    Does this mean that the highlight clipping in iso100 is fixed? And better dynamic range and IQ with iDynamic and HL/SH?

    "[I.S. Lock(video)] is added. This powerfully compensates for handshake when the viewing angle is fixed."

    Great. I have been asking and hoping this for long time. I hope it can be triggered with a single button and during recording.

    I also hope they finally enables showing exposure values in all video exposure modes like they are visible in all photo modes.

    I wonder if the 72Mbs HEVC works with normal 8bit 4k 60P video is is it only for 10bit?

  • I really would of liked to see the ability to assign a Fn button to toggle the HDMI output of the OSD overlay.

    But apart from that, really happy to see the improvements Panasonic have released, its getting very near to a point where an external recorder has very little benefits apart from the larger screen.

  • They've really added a lot of video capacity to the GH5. In the past, you'd need an external recorder to get these features. But would an external recorder get us even more out of the GH5? I mean, for example, if I had an external recorder that could do 4:2:2 HDR at 4922x3744, could the GH5 now send that kind of signal to a recorder?

  • This short look like a cinema camera, only with GH5 + Nikkor 35mm + Metabones.

  • Ok can we delve into the discussion of what sd cards will work with the 400mbps update? I think you need minimum write speed of 50mbs for the card to seems to me the V60 and V90's are very pricey and total overkill for this write speed required?

    Panasonic versions of the V90 cards are now available on their website..£341 for a 128gb card!!!!

  • I've heard this one works and it's at least a little cheaper per-gigabyte than the Panasonic one - still expensive, though (that's the price you pay for recording at high bitrates):

    Also, it seems like if you're recording at 400mbps, you'd need a car supporting at least 400mbps, not 50mbps.

  • Is the 400Mbs all-i actually visible better than 100Mbs long GOP ? When I watch GH5 100Mbs long GOP video frame by frame I cant see any severe faults in image. How about the all-i magical 24P motion cadence or cinematic motion. What is the visible difference?

  • Review from Andrew Reid with Version 2.0 firmware


    This camera is like a mini Canon 1D X II with the video mode from a pro cinema camera. For $1700 you can’t do any better. It’s as simple as that.

    The GH5 offers the best codec for the money by a margin of at least $6000. It combines that with the widest feature set as well. It has even more in the way of features than a top-of-the-rage Sony mirrorless camera.

    The GH5 will be inevitably compared to full frame cameras that do 4K video and the 2x crop sensor might come across as the weakest part of the spec sheet. With the Speed Booster XL you can achieve a 1.28x crop from your full frame lenses, putting the look in the ballpark of the Canon 1D C in 4K which was $15,000 on release just a few years ago.'

  • Now Mr. Reid is on Panasonic's good side, having been one of the few given access to the pre-release firmware. I think that anyone receiving free goodies or special access from manufacturers should be listened to with a lot of skepticism. The practice of manufacturers providing special treatments to bloggers is increasing (that's capitalism). Most reveal this, but it does not exonerate them from the obvious bias to keep pleasing so as to remain on the good side. Mr. Reid's site was rife with Panasonic "insiders" posting with excessive hyperbole about the GH5 before it was available ("as good as ARRI!"). Now he is one too. Industry "capture."

  • "As good as ARRI!"? This is a joke? Lol. Can be named the Arri of the poor, but like an Arri not.

  • @markr041

    Plus all publications of firmware had been Panasonic approved.

    Main difference between Arri and GH5 is not bitrate at all. It is sensor spectrum response and AD stage.