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Special deals: Carbon video tripods and monopods
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  • @Retina

    No. For head you can look at my topic for 470 tripod, for legs all my review is on top - I just don't know that you can write about legs. Legs also have slight problems with Manfrotto heads (Manfrotto heads use large bottom locker, so tend to become vertical after tightening).

    It is custom tripod mix made specially for us.

    I have such set myself and like it in all aspects.
    But I am in no way professional tripod tester :-)
  • @Tommyboy

    They are close, weifeng one being 100x9.5x48.5 .
    But I doubt that they are compatible, you can look at 3d model of weifeng QR in the design topic and compare.


    Just legs are differently positioned.
    Btw, locks on your photo are actual ones.
    But mid spreader comes with CT-7402.
  • Are those images in the beginning of the thread stretched??

    Attached image that looks more normal aspect.
    394 x 600 - 82K
  • interested! do we get a proper invoice?
  • I'm interested, but depending on the final price
  • I am interested, but also curious to know how this head would compare to the FC-02H.
  • I'm interested, depending on how the final pricing works out of course.
  • Cool- question answered @Vitaliy_Kiselev
  • FC-04H head (modified version) compatible with rails rig? (with monitor etc?)

  • Fully variable drag and counterbalance - yes!
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Looks like a sweet deal, and gear looks great too. Coincidentally I was surfing the Weifeng website last night checking out this fluid head - but what do you mean by 'modified version' how does it differ from the standard head?

  • Of course, it is not beginners tripod or very cheap thing.
    But it'll is best offer in sub $700 range.