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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @Brian_Siano I have one. It works well. No issues. If you want a GH5 then buy one. The only opinion that truly matters is your own.

  • Getting ready to pull the trigger on a GH5. But, one keeps seeing notes and posts and blog entries about this problem or that-- the auto-focus, noise, glitches, bricking, alla that stuff. I know, most of the time GH5's work just fine. I'm not that worried.

    Is there some place or list that sets down the verified shortcomings or glitches of the GH5? And describes them in an accurate manner?

  • @NickBen, What footage of fish are you talking about?

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    I'm surprised by the footage that PETA hasn't complained to have it removed...

    obviously, this performance art of a fish writhing in pain with a hook caught in it's lip, gulping for air...

    too realistic, oscar worthy...

    I may never fish again... ;-(

  • Im very surprtised by this footage.

  • Hmm, interesting. So I wonder what Panasonic will do if Sony drops a 10bit bomb? I feel like the GH5 LSI is probably very powerful (considering the fast readout- LUT processing etc).

    I don't quite understand panasonics insinstance on a new af100 style camera. I think (as I always have) that the GH line should be b cam to Varicam.

    I hope we don't have another situation where the GH5 is like the gh4- the best camera for a month. :-(

    Edit: maybe 10bit 422 4k 50/60p ? :-)

  • @alcomposer

    Made by Sony, but exact model I did not see. Close to one used in Olympus.

    You can dig news for m43 Sony sensors, I think they have few suitable.

  • I love the camera - its a brilliant image and the colours are so great. Once you've shot 10 bit its hard to go back!

  • @vk, was there ever a conclusive outcome to what sensor the GH5 had inside?

  • @nobbystylus I would also like 422 in 6k photo mode. (I believe that it's already 10bit though, h265) would make a fantastic mode for greenscreen capture).

  • Hmm, I have only been getting to know the GH5 for a few hours, can we get 120fps out in 422 10bit over HDMI?

  • @alcomposer yes I agree. In the meantime I think the only work around is to shoot in NTSC 59.97 422 10 bit FHD, or 50p PAL FH10 422 and slow in post.

  • It would be fantastic to have 10bit 422 for VFR modes. Maybe Panasonic is waiting for Sony to release the a7r mk3 and faster SD cards?

  • Sadly no FHD 10 bit available in any of the VFR modes - but you can now record in 59.97 FHD 10 BIT 422 which is nice for V-LOG slow mo in post amongst other uses.

  • Some notes from the update site:

    • FHD 4:2:2 10-bit video recording has been added. It can be selected in either FHD [MP4 (LPCM)] or [MOV] recording format.
    • 4:2:2 10-bit video recording has been added to Anamorphic (4:3) mode.
    • There was a problem in which the exposure adjustment did not operate properly during live view standby when the [SS/Gain Operation] display was set to [ANGLE/ISO] while [Variable Frame Rate] was selected for Creative Video mode. This has been fixed.
    • A problem in [V-LogL] of Photo Style mode where afterimages appeared when recording video under high ISO sensitivity settings has been fixed.


    * When the firmware is updated from Ver. 1.0, the folder numbers and file numbers inside the camera are reset. If you want to continue recording from the folder numbers and file numbers on the SD Memory Card in use, select the folder for saving data from [Setup] menu ⇒ [Folder/File settings] after updating the firmware to Ver. 1.1.

  • @monowav it might be because in your example there is essentially just shadows and highlights mainly shadows so you are seeing the noise from the shadows. In the other examples you posted they have more mid tones and a gradient of exposure levels so the noise is minimised visually as it's in the shadows more but that makes up less of the scene. To test try filming a daylight scene that has a nice range from dark to light but at the higher iso's you should see less apparent noise as it's hidden in the shadows. I could be wrong of cause :) but that's what I've found when filming higher ISO inside at events on mine.

  • Is my GH5 Bad?

    The higher ISO looks horrible.

    I need feedback from others as I am wondering if mine is defected or I should return it.

    Here's my video:

    Compare it to


  • Vlog graded with my own LUT

  • Great to see the 1080 10 bit 422 modes at 50p/ 60p and the anarmorphic as well. Going to be a great option for juicy gradable slow mo.

  • @jamesgh2

    GH4 has no 12800 in video. The video compares GH4 6400 vs GH5 12800. If the GH5 has less noise in shadows it has more useful dynamic range because it is easier to lift shadows. I think GH5 iso100 helps too to reduce shadow noise.