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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • EVF Waveform / Vectorscope sounds fine for me. We'll see if it goes externally or not. I've got a Ninja Assassin, and it will be very nice to see how close the internal codec can get to the pro-res externally.

  • GH5 sensor compared to GH4 from photos:

    665 x 503 - 102K
  • Keep on dreaming.

  • EVF Waveform / Vectorscope sounds very nice but the big question is will the GH5 show aperture, shutter speed and iso in video modes. It would help judging exposure even more than scopes.

  • What the hell are you talking about? How do you judge exposure by looking at apertue or iso value? "Oh I see F5.6 so the exposure is OK!" Its time for you to take a basic video course.

  • @liork

    Take it easy. It's better for everyone that way.

  • It's better not to spread bullshit in a pro forum.

  • Waveform is excellent. But for V-log L it would be really useful to have a built-in REC709 LUT so one can see better what the resulting video might look like. Is that an ok request for a "pro" forum?

  • If my info is right, you will get this LUT. We will see in just few hours...

  • @liork

    I want to know what aperture or iso the camera is using. What is wrong with it?

  • According to the most recent specs it will roll up to 4K @ 40fps in 10 bit 4:2:2, which is .6 playback speed in 24P timeline. That should be really nice for a mild slow-mo effect without any quality loss. If true, nice job Panny!

    VK, can you confirm that isn't a typo in your spec list?

  • 225-points of CDAF is good but no PDAF may be a bit concerning for tracking AF since everybody that has improved it has adopted PDAF.

    Along with Waveform and Vectorscope, False Color would had been nice as well.

    I wonder what Panasonic will say about taking 2 firmware updates to deliver All-I flavor of 10-bit 422 instead of having it right away.

    Paid V-log... At this price point for this target audience it doesn't make any sense, basically all people wanting the feats that makes the GH5 stand out will want V-log, this is not some niche thing like anamorphic that just a select few can take advantage of. V-log should come with the camera.

    As for the rest, it's a matter of waiting for more explanation.

    Nick Driftwood will be doing a Live on Panasonic UK Twitter, I think. After the announcement people can flood him with these questions.

  • Nick Driftwood will be doing a Live on Panasonic UK Twitter, I think. After the announcement people can flood him with these questions.

    Huh. For more than 2 years I do not understand who is responsible for media relations in Panasonic UK. They have lot of good people, including Nick. But their usage and organization most of the time sucks.

  • Is that anamorphic mode back on gh5?

  • It should be.

  • This really could be ideal cam for doing things on run with minimum tools now having this 5 axsis stibalization ,really a solid monopod could do magic with this camera

  • "One man video team"... I hope they will not need to fix ibis firmware like with the G80.

  • @liork Why do you hope they will need to fix it? Shouldn't you hope it works properly when released?

  • Sorry, forgot to put "not" befoe "need"... fixed it now.

  • New Advanced DFD AF technology for moving object.

  • No details on the 6K photo mode? Will it shoot 10-bit in 6K, bitrate, what's the chromatic subsampling, all that important stuff.

  • Press releases is not out until 10:45 Vegas time (19:45 Berlin time).

  • Looking forward to seeing the press release!