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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • It's probably all H.264, IPB for 150Mbps - hopefully not 100Mbbps for 24p/25p/30p and 150Mbps just for 60p - and then afterwards they will release a 400Mbps H.264 All-I.

    I wonder why only in late 2017. Haven't they managed to make it work now or is there a reason for that - which shouldn't be to charge extra for it?

  • Predictions by SOC performance as seen on O-MD MKII base on my imagination.


    First version as stock will be sold on 150Mbps and 10bit but no HDR rec709 only. Second version fully riged GH5 with PAID upgrade will be 400Mbps and 10 bit with HDR rec2020.

    MOV, MP4, on H264 IPB for maximun performance and quality ALL INTRA only on 24p and 30p Variable from 6 to 40 for GOP flavors. All in slow motion. No slow motion with ALL Intra.

    My specs on camera fully equiped.

    6k 30fps 300Mbps 8bit ALL-I / 4k 60fps 400Mbps 8bit GOP / 4k 30fps 300Mbps 10bit ALL-I / 4k 24fps 340Mbps 10bit ALL-I (golden spot for me) / 2k 60fps 400Mbps 10bit GOP / 2k 120fps 220Mbps 8bit GOP / 2k 24fps 340Mbps 10 bit ALL-I / 1k 180fps 220Mbps 8bits GOP / 1k 60fps 300Mbps 10bit GOP / 1k 30fps 220Mbps 10bit ALL-I / 1k 24fps 220Mbps 10bit ALL-I /

    Since ive own all GH line ups and have my personal best image quality as GH2 MoonT7. Panasonic has long history of fucking you up and giving you some. With one hand he gives, with the other takes.

    All long gop will be for slow motion, since its the way they do, and fuck it would be a INSANITY the amount of data on a ALL-I 400Mps 180fps. Consumer would die first before buying more and more extra HDD.

    It will be a miracle machine for consumer, and Panasonic knows it. Since all will be HDR in future you are the ones paying for making that content available for the mases. It will be your HDR showdown the first ones that will make on those fancy HDR monitors you buy to see your fancy HDR footage that just seems to need 10 bit to work all way up to 16bit maybe on future.

    So buy the equipment soldiers of the future, take the risks, so the manufactures can sale the next big thing HDR. Fuck we like it, and we know it.

    Ahh one last thing. LCD screen will be rec 2020 compatible, for you to look at gorgeous HDR footage and see the bling, so you can convince yourself to buy a HDR monitor.

    @markr041 included neck strap will be all black with white letters GH5 and a in the middle pink straight line for the sake of @Vitaliy_Kiselev

  • @EspenB I am sorry you still cannot grasp the importance of the codec for assessing the bitrate. I did not imply that Panasonic was going to use MJpeg, only that unless we know the codec we cannot interpret whether "400 Mps", which sounds impressive, is adequate. Noting that Canon uses MJpeg and very high bitrates in some cameras does not imply that Panasonic will use it, get it? On the other web site you dump info from "43rumors" you will note that now everyone is speculating on what the codec will be that uses 400 Mbps.

    @liork The GH4 uses multiple codecs - long-GOP and intra. They have different bitrates, so you see knowing one bitrate tells us little.

    What's next? an info leak on the color of the included neck strap?

  • @endotoxic That breakdown makes no sense. The 400 Mbps codec would be more appropriate for the 10 bit encode. 150 Mbps is already plenty for 60p at 8 bit. I hope this does not mean Panasonic will hold off on delivering 4K 10 bit until later in the year.

  • @tron PANASONIC allways finds a way for nosense, for no logic. That is why my break down is like that. With 150Mbps version would be so much hard to imagine GOP rates and stuff.

  • @endotoxic OK, understood... carry on

  • @Tron 10bit takes up only marginally more space than 8bit while 60p effectively doubles the data to encode up from 30p.

  • @markr041 Man, you are just splitting hairs by now. Please don't imply that I don't understand the difference between all-I and IPB.

  • @zetty The entropy don't necessarily increase by 2x because of 2x framerate. The motion from frame to frame will likely be less in 60 FPS than 30 FPS.

  • I wonder what is the bitrate of GH5 18 Mpixel video? It has more than double the 4k pixels.

  • @markr041

    What's next? an info leak on the color of the included neck strap?

    You never though about running rumors site? As you propose so smart ideas :-)

  • lol There is no camera yet but FM update is scheduled. BRAVO!

  • Leaked preview:

    • 4K without a sensor crop
    • Waveform monitor
    • Vectorscope
    • Full size HDMI
    • VLOG will still cost extra to activate
    • Full feature set will only be available after two planned firmware updates in 2017
    972 x 486 - 269K
  • Nokishita now has a frontal image of GH5 without lens.

    500 x 500 - 32K
  • I don't quite understand why they didn't include Vlog... Now that it records 10bit internal it only makes sense to do that. For the price I would expect to get the whole package.

  • Full feature set will only be available after two planned firmware updates in 2017

    I hope they listen customer feedback about possible GH5 issues before updates. They corrected G85 issues very quickly after user feedback.

  • I tried to measure the aspect ratio of the sensor from the "to small" Nokishita photo, but really is not so precise.

    If i give it a positive go I seem to get like 1:1,4 so I will not rule it out yet.

  • Great news on the waveform monitor and lack of sensor crop at 4k. This thing is going to be a beast. I'll be getting the V-Log update on day one. Also excited to see Bit Rate boosts in the pipeline. They're probably waiting on new SD card specs before releasing 400mbit etc. Now all we need to hear are Dynamic Range and ISO tests against the GH4.

  • "Preview" lol they did not even used it yet but "it outshines 5d4"

  • @nobbystylus

    Waveform/vectoscope can be only for monitor and EVF, not working on HDMI.

  • Sensor dimensions on the GH5 is definitely bigger than the GH4. Looks like MAR sensor is back!

  • I also think it's a MAR sensor, great news!

    1132 x 525 - 150K
  • I think you are day dreaming, its probably very similar sensor to the one in E M1 II.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev And you didn't believe Panasonic would put Waveform ;-)