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Why Panasonic exposure so simple and limited?
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  • If you use the Photo modes on the top dial instead of the dedicated video mode, you can have auto-iso and exposure compensation. You need to go through the setup menus to set video settings to your preferred options. In 'P' mode the Auto ISO is very smooth and does not jump. The controls are not available during recording. The photo modes have features that can be very useful for video recording, including displaying SS, Aperture and ISO.

  • @caveport

    Photo modes with red video button are not helping. Exposure is then always fully automatic P (not ASM). Photo modes can be helpful for checking exposure values if I have exactly the same settings in corresponding PASM mode than in current video mode. It still feels stupid to change mode just for checking shutter speed or aperture.

    I have found that many people here are confused how Panasonic video exposure works. The reason for this confusion is that Panasonic is not showing exposure information and we must guess what the camera is doing.

  • @Vesku You ar 100% wrong about the info you can show on screen. I have in my screen at all times: f-stop, shutter, iso, rec format, color profile, timecode, etc. Just setup your cam for video.... no photos.

    This is way to basic, but look at alle the info on screen (13m08s is a nice example):

    It;s all there.... but I'm sure you will find a way to explain how this setup is not workable for you somehow.

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  • @vesku so that's all the info on your screen you want right??? Be happy! Shutter, aperture, iso etc! Or do you must any info? Please specify what more info you would need on your screen. And very easy if you want to under or over expose by a stop, you do what every filmmaker does... Adjust ND.., aperture (t-stops are nice), iso etc. Shutter angle is rather fixed (set to framerate), we're filming not taking pictures.

  • @alexanderkooistra

    Please read my writings again. I am talking about exposure values with auto exposure. Creative video mode P, A, S and auto iso. Every automatic value camera adjusts are not showing. That makes difficult to monitor what the camera is doing. I use auto shutter a lot because the camera adjusts it smoothly. Auto aperture is not an option because it works with visible and disturbing steps.

    It would be funny to use full manual if the camera would not show exposure values with M. Fortunately Panasonic has figured it out. Maybe some day they figure the rest of exposure matters.

  • It's absolutely true that the display should show the basics in a majority of the modes (and it doesn't). The workaround is the use a cell phone or tablet.

  • I must admit that I don't like automatic changing values in my viewfinder while shooting. I find it distracting. If it's in an auto mode I can't adjust the setting so why display it? I completely understand that Vesku needs it, but if it is so important, I would buy a pro video camera.

  • @caveport

    My GH3/GH4 auto exposure works very well. The GH4 complex exposure analysis and the database of thousands of exposed images and lightning situations makes usually better exposure decisions than I can make looking tiny monitor or viewfinder in changing light and mood. I have learned that the exposure is more constant from clip to clip with auto exposure. The same is true with photos. GH3/GH4 changes video exposure quite slowly so the result is normally pretty stable. GH2 has a little nervous auto exposure. In dark places I must usually use EV comp to underexpose and in snow I can overexpose.

    If it's in an auto mode I can't adjust the setting so why display it?

    Before starting video I can set exposure using auto exposure. It is easy and accurate. If I use Aperture priority I can select my aperture so that the shutter speed floats to desired value. When I start recording I can monitor my shutter speed floating and if it goes too low or too high I can adjust my aperture accordingly. The exposure changes smoothly when the camera changes shutter speed or iso. If I use auto iso I can monitor my iso and open aperture or darken image with EV comp if the iso wants to go too high. Again the change is smooth. If I dont want my exposure change at all I just press the AE lock button.

    All that is very difficult and needs years of experience because the camera is not showing the changing exposure value. I must know the situations when the automatic value may go to unwanted zone. I have learned to guess when I must react to keep my exposure good but I still some times get too much motion blur or too high iso or too small aperture with diffraction. I usually check at home with Exiftool what the camera has actually done.

    I like easy shooting and the GH4 excellent video quality. I dont want to add a cell phone to my tiny system or buy an expensive bulky pro camera. Besides I am not sure if the pro cameras even has auto exposure of if they show automatic exposure values. I have asked two times in DVX200 topic if that camera shows automatic exposure values but nobody cares.

  • @vesku "I have asked two times in DVX200 topic if that camera shows automatic exposure values but nobody cares."

    The new firmware for the DVX200, has the shutter speeds always shown, no matter if in Auto or Manual. Looks like the same comments were made about the DVX200 Auto modes - but for once Panasonic listened and updated it. Maybe the GH5 will be the same...?

    • Also I read recently that in iAuto modes Panasonic cameras run the native lumix lenses in declicked mode for the aperture. Haven't tested it mind.
  • @thetrickster

    Thanks for information. This is good news. We have a hope that Pany will give us a GH4 update too for showing exp values. It is a shame for Panasonic that a video oriented top model lack this feature.

    I think that the iA and P for video has smooth exposure because it changes shutter speed which is smooth.

  • This is what I read about the declicked aperture:

    "What you won’t find on Panasonic’s official press release is that the new firmware also adds stepless aperture functionality to the G Series lenses when shooting video in Intelligent Auto mode. This makes automatic aperture changes visually smoother and silent."

    Too be honest I sometimes wonder what the engineers are up to at Panasonic...

  • @thetrickster

    This is 4 years old news. I wonder how they can make a lens work steplessly in iA but not in real video modes. Who would use iA for video anyway with the mighty GH4?

  • Exactly. The GH4 is a real oddity - I wouldn't use iA...

    Its shame the step-less aperture isn't available in Creative Movie Mode.

    On the one hand its aimed at semi-pro still shooters with the 'added' benefits of shooting video (in full auto) and on the other, aimed at serious amateurs / professionals with 10bit output, anamorphic, master pedestal etc -and yet missing (I and you feel) critical exposure aids.

    Not long till Sept and the show.

  • "The LEICA DG lenses performs smooth aperture changes to eliminate sudden jumps in exposure with stunning AF performance for precise focusing."

    LUMIX LEICA G Lens H-X012E 12mm f1,4 LEICA DG SUMMILUX Lens H-X015ESHOP 15mm f1,7 LUMIX G Lens H-RS100400E 100-400mm 14-140mm mk2 etc,etc

    Every new Panasonic lens has this "smooth aperture" claim.

    Is this true? Is this possible? Are they lying? At least my 14-140mm II and 100-300mm has STEPPING APERTURE.

  • It can be true while lens still has stepped aperture. They can mean what change from one step to another are more smooth than usual :-)

  • It is unfortunately true that all new Panasonic lenses uses ugly stepping aperture for video.

    The only way to use auto exposure with Panasonic is to use Aperture priority (A).

    If using the red video button the recording starts with some aperture and then camera changes shutter speed and/or iso to hide the fact that Pana lenses cant adjust aperture smoothly. It may also choose too high iso for the job needed.

  • Exposure lock (AE-lock) would be nice if I want to prevent the camera making unwanted exposure changes during difficult lightning but Panasonic has ruined it by not allowing to cancel AE-lock if the lightning changes totally. The only option is to stop recording, release AE-lock and start recording again. The situation may be history when the camera starts again. The same is true with AF-lock.

  • Yeah, the GH4 is a real basket case. Can't really do much video with it unless you work in a professional manual manner. Such a shame.

  • Am I the only one who is praying for this to just stop. Saying the same dumb thing over and over and over again does not make it any less dumb. If you want professional, predictable, repeatable results learn to shoot like a professional, otherwise I am sure we are all happy to think of you waving a GH4 about in auto mode and bitching but ideally with the statements of the obvious kept to yourself.

  • GH4 is a consumer camera. Panasonic has made dumb limitations to make auto exposure harder to use than necessary. Manual exposure leads to worse video if user is not talented and careful.

    If I would have an automatic transmission in my car would I always use manual gears for better results? Would it be silly if the speedometer or cruise control would work only with manual gears?

    I wonder why designers has so little common sense in some details because they make half thought features.

  • @2wheelsimon Fully agree. Same stuff over and over again. Thats what brands call "the loud and vocal minority".

  • It is always minority at the start, until some feature become standard.

  • The GX8 has a separate EV-control dial but it still cant adjust EV in M-mode with auto iso. It would be the only reasonable use for that dial so the whole dial is useless.

  • After 2 interminable pages of your moaning, I don't understand why you don't 1) learn your craft properly and expose manually, or 2) just sell your panasonics and buy a Sony or a canon or something.