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Why Panasonic exposure so simple and limited?
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  • My message is that Panasonic should add those missing basic exposure features. We dont need to test that.

  • When using the red video button Panasonic camera uses a locked aperture and changes only shutter speed and/or iso and the exposure is then smooth. Panasonic dont want to show us that the camera is using "odd" video exposure values like very high and changing shutter speeds because it cant use aperture for video exposure. Most users dont care but if a serious user could see the camera using odd exposure values it would be bad for Panasonic reputation for video oriented camera.

    Make careful test of this and some video demo.

  • Everyone with a wifi phone can check what the camera is doing in auto modes. Sadly I think not many user cares. Novices has no idea and professionals use full manual.

  • @Vesku

    Can you make detailed video with demos of all exposure issues and lacking info on screen and also your clear suggestions for PV youtube channel?

    From my side I warranty that few of top Panasonic Japan managers will see it.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Thanks for idea and support but I think Panasonic managers can read. They must know these issues. If not they are idiots.

  • Thanks for idea and support but I think Panasonic managers can read. They must know these issues. If not they are idiots.

    I made you good suggestion, if you really want to make some changes you will follow it.

    They are not idiots - they are busy.

  • I have been writing these suggestion for years in many forums. How can I hope that one Youtube video could make a difference. If Panasonic designers knowledge about cameras is based on Youtube we have little hope. It tells about our world something.

    Enthusiast users browse regularly camera forums. If Panasonic designers dont how they can get feedback.

    Is it true that a very busy top manager decides all the features or fixes actual designers or camera engineers can do. It may be so that in Asian cultures there is a hard hierarchy and lower managers or workers dont dare to use their own brains.

  • @Vesku

    And what if video will make real difference? I suggest to try new approach.

    Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein


  • I wonder why almost no one have been interested in seeing exposure information during video shooting. I think seeing all info about video parameters would be educational too. For example it would be nice to have a WB kelvin degree visible all the time. Also iDynamic status or Master pedestrial. The camera should show these at least in full screen info display mode. It is easy to forget those things ON unintentionally.

  • Perhaps you are alone in your need for this information to be displayed. You should send a message to Panasonic directly if nobody else cares.

  • i care too. I've emailed PanasonicEU, PanasonicUK and also tweeted LumixUSA - all to no reply or me it just isn't on their radar to improve features directly from user input. There has to be an inherent issue or request from inside to facilitate an improvement.

  • Sony is now a leading company of innovating new cameras. Panasonic sleeps.

    DPREVIEW:"The a6500 has the ability to set a minimum shutter speed threshold at which the ISO will be increased, as well as being able to set upper and lower limits to the ISO settings it'll use. What's more, this minimum shutter speed setting is assignable to a custom button....We're really pleased to see that the camera allows you to use Auto ISO in manual exposure mode, with exposure compensation so that you can specify the target brightness that you want the camera to maintain. This can be useful for both stills and video shooting"

    Also Sony shows exposure values during video and allows separate AE-lock and AF-lock buttons and image adjustments via FN-buttons.

  • This is fabulous news, can we all assume you will now sell all of your Panasonic gear and head off to Sony Threads?

    2017 looks so much brighter to me if I don't have to read the same old same old over and over and over again.

  • Hey Vesku - I totally agree with Vitaliy - make a video with at least a semi-formal test showing issues and you will have a much better chance of getting them resolved. Put yourself in Pany's shoes - people could write novels and fill forums page after page with these issues, but make one good video that gets shared around the web, and the likely hood of getting Pany's attention will be much greater. And I don't mean short video showing shaky OIS - something a bit more formal and test like.

  • Put yourself in Pany's shoes - people could write novels and fill forums page after page with these issues....

    In Panasonic shoes: "Hey people in reviews and forums want auto iso in M and some little easy additions to exposure features. Thats great, how did we not figured that earlier. Lets make those easy corrections to FW in next update."

  • @2wheelsimon: Seems easier to just not read thread if you don't like topic. I for one am interested in these issues and appreciate Vesku's diligence. No offense intended, just sayin' there are different points of view on this.

    As for the relative impact value of video vs words: I guess in today's world there is more opportunity for social response to video. But I'm not sure video would have more influence with vendor. For my own experience, I received an instant response from Panny when I created a movie showing Power OIS jitter on 12-35mm lens when lens Power OIS was set to off. However, I received no response from Panny when I created a movie showing Power OIS "micro jitter" - even when I directly engaged the same Panny contacts that were so responsive to the OIS off jitter.

    More specifically, I don't know about value of making a video or even picture to "show absence" of requested feature. Maybe.

    Example 1
    [Interior, CU of GH4 Flip Screen, Creative Movie Mode, M setting]
    (Narrator pushes ISO Button)
    Narrator: I have pushed the ISO button and Exposure values are not shown on the screen.
    [End Scene]

    Example 2
    [Interior, CU of GH4 Flip Screen, Creative Movie Mode, M setting]
    (Narrator pushes ISO Button, rotates dial to the left)
    Narrator: I have pushed the ISO button and Auto ISO is not available.
    [End Scene]

  • Fabulous advice @v10tdi can you guide me to which threads to avoid because he writes the same stuff in any number of places?

  • To quote mr bill from August 29: "After 2 interminable pages of your moaning, I don't understand why you don't 1) learn your craft properly and expose manually, or 2) just sell your panasonics and buy a Sony or a canon or something."

  • @2wheelsimon I was responding to your comment posted in this thread on 12/6. This thread is specifically on the exposure topic that @Vesku is posting about. If you believe @Vesku is posting inappropriately to other threads, it would probably be more productive if you were to post your comment in those threads or perhaps use PM to @Vesku or even request @Vitaliy to intercede in the other threads you feel that @Vesku has posted in appropriately. Again, I did not intend to offend you, but I believe your post in this thread was not appropriate.

    Regarding the comment 1) from Mr. Bill on 8/29...I do appreciate that using Manual exposure requires more skill than using automatic settings, however I think one of the challenges with the way ISO adjustment works on the Panny is the lack of exposure information on the ISO adjustment screen. Specifically, the lack of exposure information on the ISO adjustment screen makes it a little cumbersome to achieve correct exposure when adjusting ISO. In essence the Panny implementation of the ISO adjustment screen makes you guess at exposure while in the ISO adjustment screen, exit ISO adjustment screen to check exposure, then return to the ISO screen to make more adjustments if you estimated wrong. This can be further complicated by the settings for the screen itself.
    Does it cripple the camera? IMO no, certainly not enough to abandon the tool.
    Could it be improved? Yes, certainly.
    Should it be improved? I don't know the level of effort to change this in a particular model series with a FW patch, but it seems like it would be easy to address with a new model series.

  • Yes I agree that the wide iso adjustment bar which blocks the other exposure readings and expo meter is unnecessary. Why the iso dialing not just change the iso value just like aperture or shutter speed. Everyone knows that after iso400 comes iso 640 and then iso800 etc. No need to show all the line of isos.

    If there must be an iso dialing bar/list in some stylist reason it should be vertical so that it would not block other values (which are not always even showing in video).

  • How stupid of me!

    I can shoot video using a 4k photo mode. It shows exposure values like photo modes and and has auto iso in M and auto iso upper limit. It makes just the same video files as normal video.

    It is very easy to toggle between S, A, P and M.

    I can have two different video mode instantly. One with shutter and other with video button.

    I must test if it has any drawbacks.

  • I must test if it has any drawbacks.

    One drawback is the AF. Single AF with half shutter is not working with 4k photo. Only continuous AF or manual focus. So only option is to use back button focusing in manual focus if I need the video start with single AF.

    Audio is also always 128kb lossy format.

    Always something missing.

  • A logical new way to set exposure for video would be semi-auto exposure (AES=AE single). No brand has figured it yet.

    With P, A or S the exposure would be adjusted when starting the clip and then stays unchanged. Auto exp would just give the starting point. The same is possible with AE-lock but is not so easy. It needs constant AE-lock ON/OFF toggles between clips and it is easy to forget ON for next clips.

    The same semi-auto would be useful for WB too. WB adjusts in video start and then stays.

    Auto focusing has already this option (AFS).

    So the camera should have AFS, AES an WBS and proper menu options for that.

    There should also be a possibility to program separate AE-lock, AF-lock and WB-lock to FN-buttons.

  • What exposure improvements GH5 has? At least auto iso in M with EV comp. Great!

    How about showing exposure values? Shutter speed limit? More FN-options?

  • @Vesku - I sent you a PM earlier. :)