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Why Panasonic exposure so simple and limited?
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  • @thetrickster

    Thanks. So no exposure values in screen when using auto exposure. I hope Panasonic makes it work with final FW. It works in 4k and 6k photo video mode. Makes no sense.

  • Panasonic says the newest lenses can use almost stepless aperture in video. Can someone test with new 12-60mm or other newest lens? The coming 100-300mm II will also use "almost stepless aperture" and DUAL IS 2.

  • @Vesku

    I think that under stepless aperture they mean that change speed will be slow.

  • Proof. No exposure info in automatic video modes in GH5.

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  • Time to buy a Sony.......

  • Is there exposure values info with current GH5 FW?

  • GH5 seems to have some clever tricks with auto iso. It can smooth exposure with variable aperture lenses.

    I wonder if the auto iso can smooth also exposure changes when dialing shutter or aperture in manual mode.

  • I'm using the FZ2000/2500 and the exposure info would actually be really useful in tandem with the built-in ND filters. I'm shooting shutter-priority in movie-mode with shutter set to 50 and auto ISO for documentary stuff. Seeing the aperture the camera is choosing would make it really easy to know what ND to dial in when shooting in bright conditions. I remember the DVX-100 used to flash up a warning icon when ND was needed, that would be useful too. Shouldn't be too hard to implement, the values are there in the Image-app view.

  • Shouldn't be too hard to implement, the values are there in the Image-app view.

    The funny thing is that Panasonic has removed this info from screens for some purpose. Can someone explain what that might be? Showing too much information to user maybe? Even in top model GH5?

  • GH5 final FW. No exposure info in screen. Just blank shutter value and auto iso.

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  • @Vesku Same as GH4.... cool!

  • Does the GH5 show exposure information when shooting video with 6k photo? Does the new lenses really adjust aperture smoothly?

  • Still having fun with this topic. I really like the clean display without confusing and constantly changing exposure iinformation.

  • @caveport - Your last two comments on this thread don't seem very useful. Why not just skip the thread?