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GH4 Firmware 2.3, V-log for $99, Epic Panasonic marketing fail
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  • can't wait for Shian to find out about this!

  • Just shot some tests, have a few more to run. Will post tonight!

  • first things I noticed:

    ISO is selectable from 400 to 6400 in regular increments (500, 640, 800, 1000 etc) in V-log L

    histogram definitely not acting like I am used to it acting...

  • I updated first post with better explanation for dummies :-)

  • I can't upgrade to 2.3 version from 2.0. ('No valid picture to play' appears on the screen). It would be necessary to upgrade previously to version 2.2 ? If so, anyone has 2.2 version? Please any suggestion would be very appreciated

  • No hack, panasonic single failure app. Enough said :). Sorry for me inglish.

  • @paglez, I get the same with some sdxc cards. Try and switch to an older, smaller card (sdhc)

  • I have uploaded some TIFF files for anyone that wants to test internally recorded 8bit.

    There is UHD, shot at f/2.8, 800 ISO. Raw File, LogC->Rec709, V-Log->Rec709

    There is 1080p, shot at f/2.8, 800 ISO. Raw File, LogC->Rec709, V-Log->Rec709

    My first reaction is that there is a lot of noise. But I haven't had time to actually observe in detail, only on my laptop. I will stop by my studio tonight to check on legitimate equipment, not this tiny 8 bit laptop screen. I am curious to see what everyone else is thinking about 8bit internal after using it.

  • Another thing I have noticed is that on the first few frames of every shot the image is distorted. I don't know why, but for me it has been consistent.

  • Saved as Profile 3 on C3 and no more wifi app needed. What a blunder! Now who will upgrade the firmware in the future unless they include V-Log for free? Do not upgrade Image App also!

    Can't believe it was so easy!

  • Of course it is no hack. Most probably will be closed soon.

  • A many Panasonic engineers will be job hunting very shortly...

    2560 x 1920 - 1M
  • I already purchased an upgrade, cuz I've moved on from the childish "shoplifting" culture of my youth. But as soon I get time to set it up properly, I'll take advantage of the loophole to do some measurements and tests, and begin development for V-log.

  • I am not cancelling my pre-order either @shian. I believe in Panasonic and don't want any financial harm to come to them, and I also won't compromise my ethics. Hell, it cost $100 for a family of four to go to the movies, might as well pay the same to be able to produce one!

  • I am with you on that Shian! I am happy to have it now for testing, and once it's properly available, I think I will more than happy to pay for it. Especially after some quick initial tests.

    There seems to be some sort of magic happening with extreme highlights when using v-log. Will post some tests when I get time, though maybe others can test this too. Pointing my camera at some window blinds with bright sunlight coming through and switiching between v-log (on my c-1 dial) and the flattest profile I could create (cine D -5 contrast, +5 shadows, -5 highlights, high iDynamic), I can get details of the blind's edges (where it blows to pure white) while retaining some details in the foreground, while in the super flat cine-d - there is no chance. IT could just be on my LCD screen on the camera - though will do more tests and see if it's the same in the recorded image. Please someone confirm this.. highlight retention looks insane!!!

  • I will fourth that, not canceling my order. But I am going to use this until my key gets here.

  • @SuperSet If they ask me to stop using the V-Log feature I will - but only after I receive the ridiculous code that I paid $99 for over a week ago. My guess is that they'll say absolutely nothing about this "oversight" because it's just too damn embarrassing.

  • I have noticed the same magic @sam_rides_a_mtb but I believe this is what Shian was talking about when he says we have absolutely no idea how to expose for V-Log! I looked at the histogram in a very similar test, and the histogram is not showing clipping but the zebras are not working properly.

  • If Panasonic loses money on this I doubt the engineers will be allowed to "innovate" with new firmware features in the future. If you download it, buy it as well!

  • If Panasonic loses money on this I doubt the engineers will be allowed to "innovate" with new firmware features in the future.

    How it all turned out fast from not linking paid update to "innovate block" :-)

    This money are not going to engineers, this guys are on salary and I highly doubt that looking at the speed and errors in implementation that it was more than 1-2 people involved. Some details directly show that code was done by someone not understanding basics things and LOG usage especially.

  • the lockout still applies to 4K photo mode. So you will need the paid update for Vlog if you want to make it work in that mode.

  • I bet we'll see a future firmware update that tweaks zebras & histogram - if you have a code of course ;)

  • Sorry for the long post.

    (I'm using Adobe Premiere CC 2015, Lumetri Color, Panasonic's V-Log LUT for varicam as well as built in Alexa_Default_LogC2Rec709 LUT (which works ok) I haven't yet used a LUT from Panasonic specifically made for the GH4 V-Log L. Has one been released? I cannot seem to find one yet.)

    I have done a FEW and rather RUSHED test shots with V-Log L using the loop hole. Don't worry I've pre-ordered it.

    So far I'm noticing a few things working with V-Log L.

    1. Like shian said, it's much harder to hit perfect exposure while looking at such a flat image. The histogram is very compressed with such a flat image and it appears that nothing is peaking in either direction. Of course this is actually wrong.

    2. Color Saturation seems to be a tad off. I can't yet replicate some of the beautiful colors I get with Natural Setting, but I am not a professional by any means and I assume I need more time to get used to using V-Log L.

    3. Since I missed proper exposure by about a stop on a few of the shots, I found a lot of ugly noise in the shadows when I raised them. The noise seems a tad worse compared to raising the shadows on a shot captured using the Natural Setting.

    4. There seems to be more banding in the sky compared to Natural Setting.

    5. The dynamic range appears to be boosted by the claimed 2 stops and Highlight roll off seems much better compared to Natural Setting. When I did properly expose, the shots look very good! The street, leaves, and cars look less 'videoish and sharp' and more smooth and detailed.

    Overall, I think I'll be staying with Natural for anything mission critical and play around with V-Log L in my free time. Hopefully, more knowledgeable people than I play around with it and put up some tutorials so I can learn more.

    My hope is that Panasonic lets us monitor V-Log L Footage with a LUT 'in camera'. That would make my day. I don't have an external monitor yet.

    A few tips for working with V-Log L.

    1. Over expose just a bit more than you think you'll need.
    2. Try different LUT combinations in post before you 'give up on' or are 'happy with' a shot.

    Just wanted to share my brief experience.


  • QA tester failure. Didn't check across different devices and browsers or maybe it's a calculated move by Panasonic. This might be the epic marketing fail that @VK talked about or a way go get some publicity by Panasonic.

  • Can someone please measure the clipping level of V-Log L in the recorded video (RGB value or luma value or percentage) for different ISO settings?

    Basically we should have for the GH4 this table which I pulled out of the Varicam V-Log/V-Gamut manual. (it's showing 10-bit code values)

    895 x 671 - 12K