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GH4 Firmware 2.3, V-log for $99, Epic Panasonic marketing fail
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  • Reports are correct, If you have fw2.3 on GH4 you can select v-log in the app and record without the need of anything from Panasonic..

  • There is a method to unlock the V-Log for free from wifi image app.

    Is work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Since they are hinting to the app, I'd like to add another hint: Custom profile :-)

  • You get the Panasonic oficial APP download via smartphone your firmware, then transfer it to your camera. No key needed.

  • Most fun thing is that it is not one developer error, but two. One that have this option is smartphone app not checking if it is licensed, and another that made no check in function for changing current mode/profile.

  • Is time to study V-Log

  • Works great. Now running on C1 without app

    It's now try before you buy.

  • Just small addition on how it will work without app - as camera store all picture modes in non volatile memory - it'll work until you will change it intentionally or by error (if it is custom profile).

  • Test of V-Log activated by "hack".

  • @Manu4Vendetta How can that be ISO 200 when V-Log L starts at 400?

  • Dumb mistake by Panasonic. Seems wrong you guys are taking advantage of it.

  • highlights are hard on this VLOG-L.

    its a matter of knowing the camera allaround, like a hacked GH2 it has its way of exposure.

  • The base ISO for V-Log L is ISO 400, Better than Sony S-Log already in A7S ISO 3200 and A7S ll ISO 1600

  • @SuperSet It's a color profile for crying out loud, not some Illuminati secret that will cost you your life.

  • @Cde, I havent the answer, isnt my video. :(

  • @Tron Clerk hands you a $100 in change, instead of the $10. Some people will give it back. Some won't.

  • Some might still pay panny to support them, but test v log in the meantime..

  • VLog appears to be an option using the Panasonic app. But Vlog option goes (as a Camera Profile) away after the wireless connection to the app is stopped. I won't cancel my $99 order because I can do this work around. But it would allow testing I suppose.

  • Custom Profile..........................

  • Seems you can save v log as custom profile and not need the image app anymore

  • Here's some video from a wedding I shot in VlogL 2 weeks ago as a beta tester. The footage holds up very well for grading in a low light environment with only incandescent lights on the wall and overhead sky light.

    PASSWORD: vlog

    first is the ungraded 4k footage scaled to 1080.

    second is the graded footage using the Art Adams AA709A lut that I have found gives the best look so far from everything I've tried.

    Please feel free to download the ungraded footage and try for yourself!

  • Here's a 4K raw from the camera file uploaded directly to vimeo. Shot at 30p in VLogL at iso400 with a variable ND to control light.

    please feel free to download and try grading!

    Password: vlog

  • So it seems (from reports) that iDynamic, highlight shadows etc is all greyed out with V-Log L. This is good news! I'm wondering out white balancing while shooting with V-Log? Any thoughts on how this might be approached?

  • @nobbystylus It grades extremely well! I was really impressed with how it worked at night time in VERY low light, and I will be posting samples of this later this afternoon.

    White balancing is proving to be quite difficult without an external monitor that has lut capabilities due to the fact that it is such a low contrast unsaturated image. I have been using custom white balancing when possible with a grey card, but have tried AWB a few times with okay results, but don't rely on it for professional settings.

  • @tylerknight

    What about this 180 level limit? Is it present in your V-LOG videos?