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GH1 apefos patches
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  • the native 24p and 25p working ok in death chart without empty frames and high datarate in low light with amazing image texture, but problem is: it crashes in the grass with empty frames and image corruption.

    gh1 native 24p and 25p patch

    works for 50p and 60p also

    setg is a little lower datarate compared to seth, try seth first.

    advanced plus matrix


    gop = 12 - 13 - 30 - 26

    the diagonal rain problem shows up only in iso 3200 in 24p, in 60p it is more prone to happen in high iso and low light. do your tests. if you perceive it use 5dtorgb software to convert to prores and problem is solved. the gh1 ptool options does not have the deblocking tables so there is no way to remove the diagonal rain completely.
  • wrapped 24p is working perfectly, but sometimes the 720p60 show a very low datarate around 6Mbps. to try to solve this there is the patches below with another matrix for 720p
  • this is the best matrix I could find to minimize the diagonal rain problem in 720p, but not completely avoided. it is more prone to show when there are grey surfaces and high iso also underexposed.

    in wrapped 24p the issue is solved from some posts ago and it is the same matrix from the post which shows the patch name in bold letters.
  • gh1 is very pŕoblematic camera.

    the achievement to avoid the diagonal rain only works with noise reduction +2 in camera, but it hurts resolution

    using noise reduction -2 improves resolution but diagonal rain shows up ugly.

    big problem: 5dtorgb does not remove it !!!

    oh my god! what to do now? go back to default matrices with small datarate improvement???

  • there is a hope...

    it seems that the low light high iso has a maximum datarate limit before the diagonal rain shows up.

    even using the original panasonic matrix the diagonal rain appears if datarate is high in low light, but if datarate is low in low light it does not show up.

    so adjusting the minimum qp (quantization parameter) can be useful to find the maximum datarate for low light before the diagonal rain appears.

  • No Dagonal Rain Patch for GH1

    the patch in this post is special. it uses the original panasonic matrix and default gop, but there is a fine tuned qp (quantization parameter) adjust to avoid the diagonal rain and keep a good enough datarate in low light in wrapped 24p and in 60p. it can use the noise reduction -2 for best resolution and no problem.
  • the last uploaded patch is working for wrapped 24p and for 720p60 without diagonal rain up to iso 1600 in low light. the datarate is not so high in low light but it is enough for a good image quality. the 5dtorgb software cannot remove diagonal rain as it can do for gh2, so the main goal now for gh1 is to avoid the diagonal rain. this patch uses the panasonic matrix and minqp=19. this minqp=19 is the thing that does the trick for removing the diagonal rain. also the datarate is set to 40Mbps overall 42 video buffer 50 to keep things under a safe value. the quality in low light is ok. it seems I will finish my work now because my custom matrix gives diagonal rain even with the minqp=19 so this last patch is the safe option, it works ok with noise reduction -2 for better resolution and quality to preserve detail and avoid soft look.

    the gh1 has a problem: when the datarate increases in low light the diagonal rain shows up with original and custom matrix. the 5dtorgb software does not remove it. so it is better to use an average datarate without the diagonal rain.

  • @apefos after your description, I wonder if a used GH1 should be worth around 150 Euro. With all the problems, no audio hack, lower bitrate, no touch screen, no high burst mode, etc, may be adding another 100 Euro to have a GH2 is a wiser decision.

  • @yskunto I think this decision is about two things:

    first: do you have the extra money for gh2? if you have go for it. or would it be better to save this extra money for other things?

    second: what will you do with the camera? family and friends videos? short movies for web youtube and vimeo? for these purposes the gh1 is more than enough with the No Diagonal Rain Patch. but if you will do television broadcast and cinema theater projection so better get the gh2 with The End NR4 intra patch.

  • I did some real world footage with the gh1 today with the "No Diagonal Rain Patch" and it works ok. The datarate vary from 11 to 37Mbps depending on detail and exposure on scene. The codec is variable datarate, when there is no detail and less movements the datarate is lower but the quality is pretty good. I did wrapped 24p and 720p60 for slowmotion, both works without empty frames in streamparser. 720p60 upresize ok to 1080p. I used the noise reduction -2 and sharpness 0 in camera for better quality, the contrast and saturation can vary depending on scene. Iso was from 100 up to 1600. The vertical stripes lines just show up when the image is underexposed, in good exposure I cannot see it no matter the iso. The iDynamic works pretty good to lift the shadows when needed, I used it with iso 100 for less noise. The horizontal pulsing banding starts to show up in iso 1250 and above, from iso 100 up to iso 1000 there is no significant horizontal pulsing banding. The pulldown removal is easy to do in computer, the order of pulldown is always the same. There is no diagonal rain with this patch. The gh1 is a great camera for blu-ray and web videos (youtube and vimeo) and it does good grading in post (to be honest if you do good settings in film mode contrast and saturation and a good exposure and good white balance there is no need of grading in post), I perceived that the standard film mode delivers the best dynamic range and image quality. Neatvideo cleans the iso 1600 very good and can reduce the horizontal pulsing banding from the iso 1600 using temporal set to 1. If you ask me, for cinema theater projection I miss the great gh2 image noise and texture quality from The End NR4 Intra 120 Patch, for bluray and web gh1 is ok, and a good B camera for gh2 cinema production.

  • @apefos the "No Diagonal Rain Patch" looks great in my screen. Did you use noise reduction in your post production for the evening scene? Well, I hope that @humpman will soon get his "qp" things to GF1 and G2 to live up the old pal!

  • @yskunto on vimeo page there is the complete video description with camera settings and editing. you can also download the 1080p. there is no neatvideo.

  • @apefos I will have same time tomorrow and Id like to make final decision for stable GH1 settings 25p? No Dagonal Rain Patch would be your no1 at the moment to test?

  • @konjow I consider the five patches in the GH1 faq page to be the number 1, the @humpman patches to be the number 2, and the "no diagonal rain patch" to be the number 3 it is a good option for stability and quality give it a try.

  • NeatVideo 4.1.1 Presets and Profiles for GH1 using "No Diagonal Rain Patch" (for 24p).

    Tweaked for best noise reduction and to minimize the vertical strip pattern and the horizontal lines pulsing from iso 100 up to iso 3200.
  • Now the GH1 No Diagonal Rain Patch presets and profiles for neatvideo 4 denoise are complete with 24p and 60p:
  • I got a GH1 for fun. I will install your patch and report later.

  • @yskunto Looking forward to seeing your results. I have apefos's GH2 settings on my GF2 for almost a year, now.

    @apefos I just bought a GF1 to get full manual controls, in AVCHD 720p30. Is there any chance that this GH1 patch can be made to work in GF1 ?

  • @yskunto thanks, you will like...

    @owen i dont know if it can work on gf1, maybe there is an answer in hacks faq.

  • @owen you must consult with humpman. He is the person who build qp parameter for this patch. As long as I know, he tried to make qp available for gf1 and g2. The G2 version is not work. I do not know for GF1.

    @apefos the patch has been very stable. No error so far.

  • @yskunto I saw your post in other topic and I will answer here because it is related to this patch: do not worry about increase the datarate and about native 24p.

    native 24p is completely unstable in GH1 so it is better to record wrapped 24p inside 60i. You can use a free software called HandBrake to convert the footage to native 24p. It can save custom settings and do batch processing.

    The datarate in "no diagonal rain patch" is enough for grading in post and works ok for web videos, pendrive/bluray delivery or tv broadcast, no problem.

    In the "no diagonal rain patch" there are no custom matrices, I started experimenting with custom matrices and different QP, but I ended using the panasonic original matrices, and the QPmin is 19 and QPmax is 19 also. Stable and good quality.

  • @apefos thanks! I stay with a modified LPowell Peak Reliability setting (24p in 60i) with QP tweak (QP min=4, QP max=51) for good light and use your "no diagonal rain patch" for high ISO.

  • In my previous post above where I said "QPmax is 19 also" it was a wrong information, the correct information is: the QPmax is 51

    @yskunto can you say how the LPowell patch is better than the no diagonal rain? does it show better image in which situations? also you can try to change the no diagonal rain patch for QPmin=4 or 5 or 6... and keep QPmax=51 to perceive differences. you can also try to increase datarate to something like 48Mbps...

  • This is the modified LPowell setting that I put in my GH1. It needs user.ini from your "No diagonal rain" patch. I like the texture and the details that it gives. When tested with the Stray's color death card, it gives a nice balance between I-frame and P-frame size. Thanks for @humpman findings on min/max QP settings.