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Official Sony NEX 5N topic
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  • I own two Sony Alpha a33. Got two so I can continuously shoot by switching between cameras when they get HOT! lol and they do, the overheating is killing me. But the best killer out there is the inability to control the exposure in video mode. Is there any chance for a firmware for these a33, a55 once the nex hack comes out? Better AVCHD data rates? Are they a lot different?
  • I totally forgot that the VG20 existed haha
    Im on the fence with both Nex 7 and VG20..need to see more about them.
  • @Mimirsan
    sigh, very true that it isn't designed for such long recordings. Yeah tilting up the LCD screen is the very least we can do. Which is annoying because then i can't use my LCD loupe.
    Yeah, very much like to hear if the NEX-7 would do the same. Personally, if I'm buying a NEX-7 just for video I'd rather fork out a bit more ($300-400) to get the VG20. Whadya think?
  • Yeah the overheating is my only real problem with it.

    Its a design flaw in keeping the camera so small...its also pretty random when giving the warning sign (maybe software problem?)...but keep in mind the 5n wasnt really designed for long pro video shoots.
    People keep forgetting this.

    I have noticed if you keep the lcd tilted up/off a bit delays the overheating....also heats up quicker in 50p mode than 25p mode.

    I wonder if the 7 will do the same? nobody has reported it yet.
  • Today I was thinking on how to reduce the overheating problem: How about using some small CPU cooling fans and sticking them on the back of the body (behind the flip out monitor) to dissipate heat quicker? Cooler Master have near-silent fans but then it's figuring how to power them.
    Or does anyone have any other ideas? And don''t tell me to move to the North Pole :D
    The 5N overheated way too many times on my last shoot and am getting sick of it. If I can't solve it I'm gonna sell it. I mean, the 5N is fine for shooting sweet 'n short videos like "Autumn" posted above, but I just cannot rely on it anymore for jobs.
  • I tried 3rd party batteries but no luck - the 5N won't accept them. But then I see other people saying they can. Strange.
  • video from rigs link

    The only Bloom vid I like

    Im to understand third party batteries dont work on 5n?
    I will probably do a video "review" of the 5n as ive been asked on vimeo by a couple of folks.
    If anyone wants to know something about the 5n throw me a question here.
  • I'm testing this camera too.
    It work ok with not original batteries, i see also the info.
    I received 2 kits with 18-55 and 16mm lens but i use only one, if somebody is interested to buy a new NEX5-N in kit for 719€ can contact me.
  • My Nex 5ns lcd screen died when I switched it on this morning...not impressed as camera is only a month old. Now having to send to sony repairs. But can use the evf okay.
    First time ANY camera has played up on me.
  • Now i can confirm this, the Nex 5n can work with the Sony V55, just turn the monitor first and the Nex recognize with out flaws.
  • Another thing. If one really wants to use 5n for shooting events e.t.c. it's very possible to have 2 or 3 spare bodies considering the price point, to avoid the overheating issues.
  • By the way: to put the aliasing / moire issues into context: out of 3 days of shooting I could only find one or two shots with the 5n that looked unusable / usable only with heavy post op.
    This, using mostly the internal screen for reference. Though, none of the shots where done in a city environment and only a few objects with hard edges (that can cause aliasing problems).

    Which reminds me: an hdmi-clamp is highly necessary if you plan to use an external monitor.
  • I've recently used the 5n for a couple of gigs.. All in all, it has some cons which are well covered here (aliasing, moire, overheating).. That said, it's a very good compliment to the gh2. Better for shooting wide, no banding (very good DR) and more video settings to choose from - the gh2 on the other hand can give a more crisp image for highly detailed scenes and scenes where aliasing or moire could be a problem.
    For a showreel, I used a gh2 coupled with a 1.5x anamorphic adapter in 720p50 (which gave very limited wide options, but plenty in normal/tele/supertele end, aswell as surprising macro capabilities with the gh2 kit lens) , coupled with 1080p50 from the 5n, which will give the possibility to crop the 5n footage to the same aspect ratio as I can get from the gh2..

    Obviously, one has to take care with certain types of shots to avoid aliasing and overheating was an issue during a long take - I had to switch the camera off for 5 or so mins after about half an hour (same as the limit anyway) and then I could shoot again without interruption for the additional 15min I needed.
    It would be a mistake to only have the 5n to shoot an event where the camera needs to keep rolling, but it works great for additional footage in such circumstances.

    Another big plus IMO is smoother handheld shots than from the GH2. Its not really sensitive to vibrations e.t.c. which is one of the major drawbacks with the GH2 - so also in this sense they complement each other very well.

    Those are my initial impressions, using only kit-zoom and wide pancake. (I didn't have time to get adapters!)

    I'm sure I'll bump into some more issues in post.

    Very good value for money. I'd pick it over the canons any day of the week.
  • @ed_lee83 5N is taking sunbath? lol
  • Hey Vitaliy have you made any progress with a hack?

    It would be really cool to mount the 5N on top of the 5D and shoot 60p and 24p simultaneously. But @ 28Mb/s the 60p is too compressed for my liking.
  • So, I've been using the 5N to show an online travel show for the past two weeks.
    It's a great, nifty camera. Great quality and compact. I average 2 hours footage per day, and have so far never used more than 2 batteries (I have 3).
    But by far the biggest issue is overheating. On a cold start I can clock in about 28 minutes of footage. It also seems to overheat at a faster rate thereafter. You would need to leave it alone to cool for say, a good few hours before being able to record that long again in one go. We had to do interviews so I would never use the 5N for such a situation again (luckily I was B-cam). I think the 5N is best used for 'fun' or quick professional shoots.

    Here's me leaving the 5N to cool after a long shoot:
    1600 x 1200 - 810K
  • @Dalefpf I read somewhere, "the monitor must be power on before the camera", have do you try that?, thanks for your courage words ;)
  • Sony seem to think it is compatible
  • @xenogears Sony tech guys say it does work but I've gotten different stories from each one. Some say they test it in their lab and it works fine. Others told me that they don't even have the monitor in their lab to test. Never got a clear answer. Best tip they could give me was to make sure I plugged the cord in all the way. They were willing to let me send them in and they would look at it. Hopefully yours will work. Please post back and let me know. If it does then I will send mine back. Both the camera and the monitor are fantastic. Wish they could work together. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  • @Dalefpf you let me cooled! I ordered a v-55 for a 5n rig, and now doesn´t work? F**k.
  • @stonebat probably not a huge deal
    1.6x crop nex 5n
    (1.8x?) GH2...seems like 2x to me in comparison anyways where nifty 50s are concerned.
    Im shit at the calculations...all I know is the 35mm & 50mm lenses I own give more playroom on 5n..that makes me I used to hate using 50mm lenses!

    As for alaising...the sunset profile does indeed work in reducing it to hardly visible in small details...not sure why it does...but glad it does!
  • @ Dalefpf How is the moire and aliasing look - to bad about the v55's
  • I have been shooting on a couple of 5ns over the last few weeks and I agree with @Mimirsan. I love these cameras. Fun to use and great results. Here's a heads up on one issue that probably won't matter to most of you. As far as I can tell the Sony clm-v55 monitor does not work with the 5n. I bought a couple to go with the cameras and they don't sync. Plug the 5n into anything else and it works fine. Not sure what the problem is and after like 20 calls to Sony they seem to have no answer. I don't care really since I can use the monitors on other cameras but it's pretty lame. Sony tech support is useless. Shocker........ Anyway, hope it saves someone from making a mistake.