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Official Sony NEX 5N topic
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  • +1 Exactly stonebat!

    Brianluce...If you walked into a job for a client with a NEX5 you would probably get asked to turn back round out of the door before seeing any footage anyway haha.

    I have a GH2 still (which im using to shoot a short film with) yes its image is really nice (and truly unrivalled in its pricerange) but for general people who want to shoot photos and videos (like family,holiday,weddings etc) and as a B cam it seems like a great tool for that...I think its a bloody great camera for joe public actually.
    I for one are a little sick of the other G ranges with its crippled "auto" video modes...and if the NEX 5n was to be the same I would ignore that too.

    We should support lower costing cameras that have the kind of features that would be handy in filmaking theres not that many small portable APS-C sensor cameras with manual controls and 50p/60p/24/25p 1080 at a decent bitrate right now...and its stills ability seems to be pretty commendable so why be negative about it?

    As for alaising (ala Canons,Nikons & Sony..seems to be common for the sensor) if it bothers you then it fair enough...but doesnt mean you CANT shoot decent images with it or people are crazy to use them.
    But in its favour colours are more natural...less crop and a bit more depth in images..better stills ability...MF peaking (which I loved on the NEX as I only have one AF lens on M4/3) its handy to have. ;-)
    Diversity is only a good thing.
  • I got the 5N on a whim because I needed to shoot a medium-term project on 25 (I have the GH2 too). I was going to rent a Canon DSLR but figured buying the 5N would be also the same price. And why not give the new kid a try. Can always sell it when the NEX-7 comes out.
    Unsurprisingly the producer of this project frowned when I showed her how small the camera. But I showed her two other videos I shot using it (not finished) and she was convinced. I'll post those when they're finished but by then we'll probably see plenty of working footage from other shooters.
    Handling initially was quite difficult since it's so small. Plus it has no shoe mounts (VERY ANNOYING). So I beefed it up a little as you can see below. Total weight without lens is 700g.
    I'm also waiting to get my DC coupler to hook up with my external battery.
    5N handheld video.jpg
    1866 x 1245 - 653K
  • @ed_lee83

    Please tell us your expirience during real work, ok?
  • Hey Ed Lee...would be interesting!
    Your the same guy I bought a modified wide/fast Cmount lens off on ebay?
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev: will do

    @Mimirsan: Indeed! Hope it's doing you well
  • I'm reading in the NEX5N manual that the focus assist does not work in movie mode. What the... Obviously you can't use it while recording, but does this mean focus assist can't be used even before hitting the record button if you are in movie mode? Somehow I think the manual is not clear it probably means you can't use is while recording, but I don't have the camera to check. Can someone confirm that MF assist works in movie mode?
  • Are you talking about MF colour peaking?
    you can use it while could on the old NEX 3&5 and the cat see why NEX 5n be any different
  • Another note: 3rd party batteries don't work on the 5N. I mean it powers on but after a few seconds it will say it's incompatible.

    And yes, peaking is available in movie mode and whilst recording.
  • >3rd party batteries don't work on the 5N. I mean it powers on but after a few seconds it will say it's incompatible.

    At least! Something smart. :-)
    Reality is that due to yen and problems in Japan economics they need to get profits some way.
    Selling batteries is very high profitable business.
    It is sad that Olympus (and Sony) idea with proprietary flash card did not make it.
  • I'm talking about MF assist, where the image is enlarged on screen to make manual focus easier.
  • @routetroupe Oh I see. Well yes there is MF assist. Just to clarify, there is no 'movie mode' dial. Movie record is just activated via the 'movie' button.

    I also just noticed a strange interface design: There are separate video and still playback modes. There are not linked together. Say if you took a still after recording a video. Hitting playback will only reveal stills. You'd have to go into the menu and set it to 'AVCHD' playback to view recorded videos. I nearly shat myself when I couldn't find my videos!
  • ok, so it sounds like you can use the focus assist before hitting the movie rec button. That's what I thought but just wanted to make sure. thanks.

    The separate video and still playback thing is odd. It doesn't seem right.
  • I also wonder about battery options now that the 5N rejects 3rd party batteries:
    Wonder if the NEX-5's battery grip works (also 3rd battery):
  • OK it's confirmed, no 3rd party batteries/DC couplers will work with the 5N. Looks like I'll have to shell out for Sony batteries... I can get them here in Hong Kong for about US$60 each
  • new 5n video. Sky looks great, no color banding. Sunset mode that EOSHD talked about was used. This is not my video, I'm just posting the link.
  • I don't get those static type videos, why not just shoot a stills sequence???
  • @Rambo It suits certain situations I think. I call it "videotography" (as opposed to videography). It's like a series of moving portraits.

    But if you want handheld footage I just posted my rushes of a video I'm working on.
    Shot with a Tokina 28-70 (i.e. no I.S.) on 25p, colour style Vivid:
  • That's better, camera movement and reality. Nice framing Ed.
  • Beach Volleyball ... now that's videography
  • @ed_lee83 I like the two silent scenes. Especially the latter one. Some might say, "omg that little 5N gives film look". Hehe. But I think it's mostly to do with the good lighting & framing. Nice job.
  • @stonebat Thanks man. As I said these are just rushes. I'll post the finished vid in due time. The silent scenes are obviously the 50p shots.
    Agree on the film look description. It's a combination of many factors. One thing I really enjoy over the GH2 is the shallower depth of field.
    But I was very unhappy when I found out I couldn't use non-Sony batteries and generic DC couplers to use with my external battery like I am with my GH2.
  • Was thinking of having the 5n as a second body, but with the heat problems it's a nono......
  • @AmandaNL Where did you read that? I had an all-day shoot yesterday in 30-degree Celsius and 90% humidity conditions but no overheating...
  • you get overheating if you record continuosly

    Not really a problem for me as Im a short length shooter in bloody cold england.
    mines finally gonna be on its the evf already