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Official Sony NEX 5N topic
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  • @mimirsan

    thanks a lot. nice to see this!!! so 5n is the smalest crop factor for good quality video among low budget cameras... i would like to see the gh2 vs 5n video. link?

  • Simple unscientific test to demonstrate the crop difference between these two brilliant cameras.

    I used a voigtlander 35mm f1.4 (as it was the only lens I have with both m4/3 and e mount adapters)

    I used a tripod locked down and just swapped the cameras over using a detachable base plate.

    Tripods positon was not moved at all.

    Pixel peepers beware! It wont be super duper accurate but at least gives a idea of how the crop between he two cameras is in general use.

  • great test.

    if gh2 is 2x crop, from measuring some dimensions from the video in computer screen the 5n is 1.61x

  • My Nex5n came in today, been playing a bit more, great little camera, good low light, nice 60fps video for 40% slowmo. trying to find a nice flat picture profile setup.. Still waiting for my adapters for my prime 35mm lenses.

  • First shots from the Nex 5n, took it to a family function and just captured random stuff.. undercranked it to 24p.. makes nice footage for a stock camera, now just have to fix that color profile a bit.. way to saturated could not do diddly squat with it in post out of the box.

  • I couldn't agree more about he colours with this camera (I've been casually testing one over the past few days) - any thoughts about the 'profiles'? Nothing I have tried really resolves this to my satisfaction yet. I just find everything far too intense - accurate, and the camera is great to use, but really...

  • best I've found is "portrait" with saturation and contrast all the way down. still not flat as I'd like it.

  • @apefos
    your mathematic homework here from April 16 was probably correct, only I belive Sony has 1,5 crop and GH2 some 1,86 (-:

    Interesting first steps in hacking work on the NEX-5

  • @tetakpatak

    NEX hack site -

    This is our team site. You can check the progress.

    Right now open source decryptor and partial unpacker (written in C, you can compile and debug in easy to use free IDE) is available. Work is in progress. First patches are near.

  • Cool!!!! Thx Vitaliy

  • I can shot without tripod using this camera with large telephoto manual as 85mm or 105mm without trepidation ?

  • Any news on Japanese to English translation hack? The last message in topic on are one year old :(

  • The last message in topic on are one year old :(

    If you mean new cameras - it needs packer modifications.

    For old cameras it is possible, you just need to read wiki (it is on PV now).

  • I ment NEX 5N or 5R, I only found this article on Wiki[]=language is it will work on 5N or 5R? As I understand there is no higher bitrates hack for this cameras? Thank you for your hard work!