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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @Tomaso - that's on the vimeo compressed version. Weird single field encode or something

  • @anti12 - better encode

  • Has anyone posted the raw camera files of a 200 Mbps (All-Intra) 1080p video? I downloaded the 4K footage and my computer can barely handle that. Wanted to see if I could even work with the 1080p stuff!

  • I called my local camera dealer (Henry's Canada) and they had no idea when they were getting the camera. They were clueless. I hate that I can't get an idea when they are expecting them. Has anyone in Ontario pre-ordered or got a date for the GH4?

  • The good news: At least one German dealer now displays an availability date for the GH4 in his web shop. The bad news: If he was correct, we would still need to wait for 18000 years before the GH4 is sold here... and I doubt anyone would want one by then, even if homo sapiens survives that long... ;-)


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  • is the gh4 sensor a panasonic sensor or a sony sensor? Julian on the eoshd forum said this:

    "This has been debated before, but I think it is not the same sensor. GX7 = Panasonic made.

    I have strong reasons to believe the GH4 is Sony-based, like the GH3. Panasonic Europe told me it is based on the GH3, and NOT the sensor from the Panasonic PDF. Panasonic Japan told Andrew something else though.

    But... I tried opening the raw files from the GH4, there is no raw support in Adobe Camera Raw. What I usually do, and what usually works, is change the EXIF and make ACR think it is an older camera. This worked for example with the D4S (change it to D4), and all the Canon camera's (1200D, change to 650D or whatever).

    So, I tried changing the camera type to GX7 in the exif, it wouldn't open the raw. When I changed the model type to GH3, it would let me open the GH4 raw. I think this pretty much proves the GH4 sensor is of the same origin as the GH3. Which is supposedly Sony."

  • Did anyone who ordered from BHPhoto get their GH4 yet?

  • I ordered from bhphoto and haven't received mine yet either. I pre-ordered that first day so they may not have any yet.

  • @mjfan

    show us your strong reasons. The last thing i read that is was an NMOS sensor, not an EXMOR or CMOS. Sony does not have tech to make NMOS since is an older type and more expensive sensor than como CMOS.

    About your file support, maybe share more tech with the implementation of the SLI and the camera internals, but that does not proof its sony made. Ill try to reach more info about this topic

    "Although there has been a denial of the source of the sensor published on Twitter, I think Panasonic did the fab. I was told just the other day, that Olympus have never used exactly the same sensor as Panasonic.

    Usually the origins of the sensor, the wafer is the same; but most other things are different. This is only possible because of Panasonic's clever manufacturing process that allows them to implement different pixel wiring in a two metal BEOL process during manufacture.

    We have seen consistently that Olympus have chosen slightly different pixel measures from Panasonic, whose own fabrication process therefore some principle features can be changed in pipeline and wiring. Likewise other parts of the sensor like the wafer holder is wired differently, the carrier is different, the IR filtering is different and the translucence and colours of the bayer layer differ, and of course the AA filter."

    NMOS sensor :

  • read this: "In the image quality department, the GH4 uses a new 16-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor that “excels both in sensitivity and response and suppresses rolling shutter effect even when using the electronic shutter. The new sensor is based on the one in the GH3, but it has been enhanced for fast readout speed for 4K."


  • can anyone please confirm if the gh4 has a sony or a panasonic sensor? this is very important to me

  • The design of the sensor may be done by Panasonic, manufactured by Sony. That is no problem. Manufacturing is quiet different from design, since its lithography on a extreme mode on nano-metric scale. Panasonic may not achived the desired results from its fab and drop it to sony on GH3

    Time will tell, but im pretty shure this is made on Pana labs.

  • Considering most recent Sony sensors have worse rolling shutter it seems the GH4 design is entirely made In house by Panasonic. As to manufacture it could be outsourced to different Fabs including Sony.

    Seems aliasing in regular 1080p mode is pronounced, the 4k is clean so downsizing will be the way to get perfect looking footage with lines and edges.

    Has any one tested the EX tele mode in 1080p? How is it noise wise and does it exhibit reduced aliasing like the EX on the GH2? The EX tele on the GH2 created banding and noise in several circumstances where regular 1080p was clean in the same light settings.

  • I would be interested if anyone has had chance to see how the AF stacks up for stills. In particular how it compares to an OM-D E-M1 and specifically for moving subjects, birds, wildlife etc. TIA.

  • Since Blackmagic now has a 4k HDMI to SDI converter for $295:

    You could rig it up with the Convergent Odyssey7Q for less than the DMW-YAGH. It will be bulkier, but at the same time its not limited to one camera either. You would lose XLR inputs over the YAGH however

  • image

    The Panasonic Lumix GH4 introduces a completely new, cutting edge technology, namely 4K video recording. This is at a price point less than the RRP of the previous model, and is priced without it seeming like it's been marked up at all, despite being one of the first cameras to offer 4K as well as stills photography. As part of the Micro Four Thirds system, the GH4 is perfectly suited to take advantage of the excellent range of lenses available, from both Panasonic and others.

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  • We got first stock of GH4 bodies and kits

    On 28 April we will start shipping GH4 (for US retail price $1698)
    and GH4+12-35mm+64Gb card kit ($2400)
    prices include shipping to US/CA/UK/AU/WU
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  • @jamesgh2 - can you point me to any 1080p footage that has pronounced aliasing? Thanks very much

  • I have been reading the US manual posted in this thread, in anticipation for mine arriving soon (UK). I understood it was a 'world camera'? Meaning that changing the frequency had an affect on the recording time, but the US manual appears to contradict this? There is a statement on page 196 which suggest there is limitation with mp4 format (probably file size), but oddly it seems to suggest the limitation does not apply to the 4k format... Additionally the mp4 format does not seem to support C4K, only UHD? The MOV format does not have either of these limitations...

    The testing so far suggests the US cameras have no recording time restrictions, even when the system frequency is set to 50hz (PAL). I wonder if this will be true for the European models? I also wonder what would happen when you change the system frequency on a European camera? I.e. Is the C4K resolution limited to 29 minutes?

    I guess we will have to wait until the first UK samples arrive...

  • For any potential purchases in Spain, has its pricing up, "ready for sending in 6 days".

    Prices a little cheaper than the German WEX site above. Also comes bundled with either 12-35 or 35-100 zooms: the former comes out at only(!) 800 euros as part of the bundle.

    I've bought several items from them before and had good service.