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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @tinbeo

    I just called Sammy's and was told they are processing things today/ I was reminded they do not work on the weekends and today is when they process all credit card orders. Hopefully everything is good, my impression is it's just a job to them and they could care less how fast/slow they process your order....

    Amazon really cares about the customer, but alas they do not have the GH4. Hope Sammy's ships today!

  • Sammys is great. I am sure they will process your order as fast as they can. They got a HUGE shipment in so they aren't exactly twittling their thumbs.

  • I got the GH4 to fail writing to my dog slow class 10 eye-fi card. I was fully expecting that to happen with the 200 MB/sec mode. What was cool was that it didn't fail until about 2 minutes in. My other class 10 cards worked indefinitely.

    Only the UHS class 3 cards are guaranteed to work. However, if you willing to risk it like we all did with the hack back in the day, then medium speed class 10 cards can work for limited times.

  • @FilmingArt I got same reminder that might from same person and known what? I had same feeling of their careless of customer.

  • @mpgxsvcd

    do you happen to have a Sandisk 30mb/sec HD Video Extreme Card HC I 32GB around? Would love to know if 100mbits work on these. I have so many lying around from the GH2.

    Can't wait for B&H to get out of holiday and process the GH4 orders!


  • @jamesgh2. I reported in the previous page that all recording modes worked fine with Sandisk 30MB/s sdhc 32GB card including 100mbits. The only caveat is that I did not record clips over one minute,

  • @Zaven13
    great to know, I will hold off into getting a new card until I test this out properly. Sounds like it would work fine as long as the cards are formatted clean prior to recording. Still I'll probably order two of those low cost transcends.

  • Tonight I will test for longer periods of time recoding from TV using Sandisk and Transcend 64GB SDXC class 10 cards and see what results do I get.

  • I'll also test the camera with various memory cards tomorrow.

    Transcend 16GB Class 10, Transcend 32GB UHS-I 1, Sandisk Extreme 16GB 45MB/s UHS-I 1, Kingston 32GB UHS-I 3

  • Samy's says my order from late Friday, Is boxed up and ready to go out today.

  • Good luck to all you "beta" testers for Panasonic! :) Thank your for your preliminary reports and possible glitch lists.

    For the feint of heart with no readily available money to burn, like myself, I'll probably wait until Panasonic finally puts it on sale in about a year. It's inevitable.

  • @JohnTollwannabe

    Maybe if you actually spent more time working, than making silly posts you probably could afford the camera...... $1700 is Peanuts, several other SLR camera cost twice as much. Also professional tools in the Video and Film industry well over 30-80k+

    Man Up, you either Make it Happen or Don't Peace

  • Panasonic has a good history of product reliability for early adopters.

  • @natureflixs

    I have bought the GF1, GH2, GH3, and GH4 on day one. Both my GH2 and my GH3 had fatal defects right from the start. The GH2 wouldn't recognize the Panasonic batteries that it came with as valid batteries. The GH3 had a loose flash that made it think the flash was always open(Limits the camera to 1/160 or longer shutter speed).

    Luckily this time my GH4 is flawless in terms of mechanical issues. I really predict that we will have a new firmware fairly soon. There are a couple of glaring software issues right away.

  • I bought the DVC-30, DVX100, FZ150 and HPX170 when they were first released and never had a problem. Oh well, I guess everyone's experience is different.

  • @FilmingArt I had a crappy experience with Sammy's as well. I should be getting my camera tomorrow, payed for overnight and all that jazz. I called at 11am to make sure everything was alright with the shipment, they said everything was good and that it would be shipped later that day.

    No confirmation email, I call again at 4 to see whats going on. They screwed something up, and asked if they could call back in just a second. No call back, so I call at five and they hadn't done anything to fix it, they try and do the "we'll call you back" trick again. I am not having it. I stay on the line for a half hour, until things finally get straightened out. They say that it is too late to ship it? The last shipping hour for overnight at ups and fedex is like 5:30. Most the time when companies screw up they offer refunded shipping, or gift cards or something, nada. Not gonna buy with them again. But I should have my camera wednesday, I will have some tests posted as soon as I can.

  • @discomandavis

    Oh please. You are mad at them because you wanted to place a last minute order and rush the shipping? They had to inventory and ship 90 of these units in a matter of minutes and that was while they took orders for them. There were no guarantees that they would ship that day.

    You should have preordered it like I did. I am sitting at home enjoying my new camera while you just sit at home and complain. You are lucky that Samys sold you one at all. Otherwise you would be waiting a lot longer for one.

    They had to make sure all pre-order cameras went out first and that is what they did. I would have been really mad if they shipped your camera first instead of my pre-ordered one.

  • @mpgxsvcd, actually my GH2 dont give preview with the LCD screen open and I dont understand, I've never been bad use and use little cause Im making more photo still and for that use the NEX. Just one day opening the screen went black and I can only use it with the half-open screen or the EVF.

  • @mpgxsvcd

    I disagree with you 100%

    The only reason in the world I bought a GH4 from Samy's was because they had it in stock and told me it would ship out Monday. I ordered Friday, Monday came and went and nothing..... Tomorrow I will be calling them to make sure they ship my camera..... I could care less of Samy's, this is the main reason why Amazon is best because they know how to treat their customers and if somethings wrong they refund several things to make you happy.

    I will not buy myself personally from Samy's again.

  • @FilmingArt Agree that Samy's messed up with your order, but they generally seem to be reputable. They handled my order perfectly. They actually have a much better ResellerRating than Amazon (9.6 vs. 7.2). I'm sure part of the problem was that you ordered late Friday (Good Friday and Passover) over Easter weekend.

  • @mpgxsvcd +100 People whining about not getting a camera in a couple of days is a bit childish. I had to wait almost more than half a year for my Black Magic Pocket Camera to be in stock so I think Samy's and Panasonic are doing great at even being able to fulfill customers' orders on their promised release date at a timely manner, let alone shipping out last minute purchases.

    @FilmingArt if you're so content with Amazon why don't you just stick with what you're comfortable with? Are they even shipping any cameras out to you yet or let alone anyone? Can't please everyone...

  • FWIW, Amazon claims that they won't even have stock until April 30th, and I'm sure most/all of what they get will go to people who have already preordered.

  • Yeah, try living in Australia.... won't see a GH4 here for a while.