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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • Just a heads up guys. Just because they list that it is in stock doesn’t mean you will get one right away if you didn’t preorder it. They have to fill preorders first and Samy’s said they had A TON of preorders. Hopefully they have some extras as well.

    Just for reference I placed my preorder the instant it went up on the site on Mar 09, 2014. Hopefully, no one beat me to it.

  • Oh man, false advertising. I guess I shouldn't have cancelled my Adorama preorder! :)

  • @johnnymossville

    I will actually switch to dog this time. I just got an almost all Black Dog and I realized that contrast autofocus does not do well with an all black object. Here is a sample picture from my GH3.

    Girls Best Friend.jpg
    864 x 1152 - 455K
  • @Tron

    I am not saying you won't get one. I am just saying don't cancel other pre-orders just yet. I still have an Amazon pre-order as well. I won't cancel that one until the Samy's one hits my doorstep in full working order.

  • I just placed an order with Samy's and then called to followup. The representative said that they received a supply of bodies in addition to the preorder ones. He said my order will be processed today but will probably ship first thing Monday. That being said, I also am not cancelling my preorder with Adorama until it is in my hands.

  • @murtlandphoto good news. I forget we're dealing with Panasonic here and not Blackmagic, where every dealer gets 2 units during initial shipping.

  • @mpgxsvcd No worries, I'll just be glad if PV'ers start to get theirs... can't wait to see some 4K cat/dog footage :)

  • Mine just shipped!

  • Same here!!

  • Just ordered 2 shipping Monday.

  • They take wires! Shipping Monday!

  • Mine has shipped too!

  • Ditto. I guess I gotta get a cat now....

  • Now that cams are on the we have a consensus on SD cards? Is it worth the risk trying a fast class 10 card vs a newer dedicated speed class 3 card made for 4k? Maybe the speed class 3 cards are not necessary if capturing 4k 100Mbps instead of 200Mbps 1080?

  • Just ordered from

    I would hurry as the sale person made it seem like they don't have much left. Thanks for the heads up people, I pre-ordered through Amazon, but I simply could not past this deal of actually getting one earlier than expected...... Thanks!!!

    ** Appreciate the Heads up @mpgxsvcd

  • @Mistas I've purchased one of the UHS1- class 3 cards just in case but I will be testing with my existing SD cards as well. I would love to be able to use my old cards but I'm not holding my breath

  • My GH4 should arrive tomorrow morning. Woot! ;-)

  • @v10tdi

    Where are you located? I thought Fed-ex didn't deliver on Saturdays?

  • I have all of the cheapest Class 10 options that should be able to do 100 mb/sec. I also have one UHS class 3 card. I plan to test them all. Mine shipped today. However, I don't think I will get it until Monday since I am on the East Coast.

  • Mine's scheduled to arrive Tues. (2 day delivery).

  • Mine shipped today from Samy's. Should arrive as early as Monday. Overnight Air.

  • Glad everyone could get a camera so soon. Glad I didn't keep it on the down low now. Should have asked for a commission check though.

    Let's see some footage from this bad boy finally!

  • @mpgxsvcd yes, thank you for the heads up! Personally, I hadn't been keeping a close eye on anything because I thought they were releasing it around the 30th. Much appreciated!