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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • Has anyone seen a teardown of the Pocket, or something that shows the size & position of the internal board(s)?

  • i Shot this with the Blackmagic Pocket 12 Bit RAW. 0.58 Speedbosster and the Tokina 11-16mm. some shots with the Nikon Fisheye 10,5mm

  • Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Kit with good 64GB card abd two batteries at B&H

  • @pop24, Man you are making my decision on a new camera really tough. That video looks great. I can't believe that's a Pocket in such tough lighting conditions. Really looks good. VIBRANT color and really clean image.

  • @pop24 Great looking video. Skin tones look pretty good, particularly at:04.

  • Thanks, with the new 0.58 Speedbooster on the Pocket you have really good low light possibilities. Colorgrading in Davinci Resolve is very easy and 12 bit RAW /13 Stops are a big features for a pocket camera.

  • @pop24 really cool video. Great job!

    Were you handholding the camera?

  • BMPCC + New Leica Nocticron f1.2 Lens RAW Test Video in Very Low Light

    f1.4, 800ISO.

    AF, AE and OIS work on this lens with the BMPCC (the shakiness would have been much worse without OIS).

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Man I can't believe I missed this offer by one week.. but on the positive side I still got two batteries for free. That 64GB card would of been lovely.

  • @TrackZillas The same f*@&ing thing happened to me! I got the two batteries, but just missed the nice 64gb card!

  • @kingmixer Still thinking about that $100+ savings for that card.. Thinking about calling them and see if they can send me a free card never know.

  • @TrackZillas @kingmixer Not sure if you've already received your cameras, but you should call because you could in theory cancel order and re-order, or return and re-order. I think a lot of companies honor promotions for people who just missed the beginning of promo. It's a pretty sweet deal.

  • I'm on it @matt_gh2 can't miss on that one.

  • @kingmixer I just called B&H and they are shipping me a free SanDisk 64GB memory card, because I just ordered a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera a week ago. To anybody that just ordered a Pocket Cinema Camera recently call B&H for your Free memory card promotion ends tomorrow..

  • lumix 20mm 1.7 and 25mm 0.95 Nd filter Variable

  • @derek Really nice footage.. what ND filter did you use?

  • @TrackZillas Thanks for the info, I tried it and they're sending me one too

  • TrackZillas Heliopan Nd filter Thanks

  • BMPCC + Leica Nocticron f1.2 Lens RAW Test: Wide Open at f1.2

    The last frame shows the resolution. Graded in Resolve to match reality (just for a change), no LUT. Scene lit only by natural light through a window (the previous video was lit only by incandescent bulbs at night).

  • @kingmixer Great news man.. just received mines in the mail today. They took the promo down since last night.

  • @derek Thanks for letting me know.. @markr041 Great job man really nice video.

  • --posted this in response to a post that disappeared. Ill leave this here in case the author checks back.

    I just wrapped a shoot this weekend and had two bmpccs on set. On the rented camera I also rented the switronix canon battery solution. I didn't experience the batteries slip out, but I'm lucky my AC had extra batteries and chargers for his 60d on set. We used his chargers and batts and had no problems.

    Regarding shooting at night... Get fast lenses, maybe the sigma 18-35mm art lens with be speedbooster. I've had mine with the original speedbooster for a month and couldn't be happier. I would avoid day for night and get super creative using practical lights. Perhaps fake a street light and provide some very light fill if you're near power. If you're not near power, LED full power through some diffusion and pulled back far enough that it's only a dim fill.

    You can rent all this equipment from borrowlenses... If you're near a drop off location. I've used them a few times without problems.

    I'd be concerned with the extreme low light capabilities of the bmpcc. The sensor needs light to perform. I'd avoid low light if you can.

  • Yes, as stated over and over again, these are not low light cameras. I don't understand why people keep shooting in low light and then seem concerned about the performance.