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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @inqb8tr if that's the case then it might be wise to see what else is available this year, especially if 4k is something that is desirable to a shooter.

  • I agree that people should break away from superstition and all, but these guys are really teasin' it, aren't they? :)

  • @AdamT, I think the PDF made it clear that you can record the 4K thru HDMI -

    "4:2:2 10-bit Output In Creative Video Mode, it is possible to output motion pictures* through the HDMI connection in higher picture quality. Ideal when the HDMI output is to be saved on external devices."

    They did not qualify that statement by saying you could only do that thru the "brick". I admit that it doesn't actually say 4K in that statement tho.

  • Just to show the relative sizes for a possible GH4 rig set-up. The external XLR / HD-SDI add-on, if it's really needed, would be not the dominating part of the rig. This photo by dpreview is from the CP+ show in Yokohama. see also

    1024 x 768 - 101K
  • I would not call it "truly professional-looking rig" looks more like collection of nice tools on rods :)

  • C'mon guys I'm a beginner but it's clear that crap doesn't depends on the brick.

    If you want continue with this bashing just buy another camera.

  • is that a POS terminal on that rig?

  • Yep.

    Every rig must have one.


  • Clearly some things aren't quite clear yet :-)

    HDMI out says 8bit or 10bit, perhaps 10 bit 1080p and 8 bit 4K?

    The main thing is people are disappointed about the price of the brick but when you look at the specs of the cam only, EVEN if it doesn't have 10bit 4K on that HDMI out, those specs are pretty impressive and much better than the competition, especially considering the price! I do think that if that brick is $2K and you really want 4K your best bet is BMC4K. Hopefully they'll be releasing an active m43 version of the BMC4K!

    In any case, just for the body, €1299 excl VAT seems very reasonable to me but lets await the tests first. (coming in may 2014)

  • @Riker Are you asking about the AJA Ki Pro Quad 4K/QuadHD/2K/HD Solid State Recorder?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    "Few things to understand. Rec. 2020 video will be always INFERIOR to usual one."

    +1 on this, and i'm posting an italian movie, shot with Sony F55, and some millions euro budget, by famous italian actor-director. Tell me what you think about these images...

    Cinematographer Ennio Guarnieri did some Fellini's movies, and other movies with great photography, so we are not speaking about an amateur.

  • @jean71 did you work on this?

  • Nope, but i see here Sony F55 with Rec. 2020 color looking like a telenovelas (in interiors), and the DP made some very good movies in his carreer. Average people at cinema will not see the difference, but i find this photography terrible.

  • @igorek7 : i know i know i was showcasing my immense comedic talents :D

    This italian trailer looks professional but too "digital" for my taste...

    But can't say this trailer shows anything spectacular given that it's a 30,000 $ camera...I think with fair budget (basically with enough money to spend on lighting) you could pull similar results with GH...

  • I bet there were no colorist, and i see the master is 2k (probably they shoot in 2k). An Alexa would had be much better, especially for a master DP like Guarnieri and an high seven figures of euro production.

    Anyway, to stay in topic, i think one reason could be that nobody around there even knew if they used Rec 709 or Rec 2020.

  • is there any external HDMI recorder that can do 1080 60p? or somebody will release it soon?...

  • @Jean71 the problem seems to be piss poor lighting if you ask me on the interiors

  • atomos ninja 2 is 1080 60i only... and Odysse 7 is indeed 60p. but on hdmi is only 422 8 bit. on SDI only is 10 bit. is it posible to use a HDMI to SDI converter to have 10 bit? in order to use it with BMPCC for instance...

  • @driftwood, any more details on color/picture profiles would be great, in particular how log-ish it can get (without going too far down that road of course because true log with 8 bit 420 is dangerous).

  • Now, we must remember that Rec. 2020's color points are for CONSUMER-END broadcast video, not necessarily commercial cinemas or professional post work. If you look at Rec. 709 and compare the two, it does look like Rec. 2020 is superior. Industry types seem to think so.

    But Rec. 2020 also includes high frame rates, higher bit depth, whole frame rates (24 fps rather than 23.97, etc.) and the like, so it definitely is a couple of steps in the right direction. Now, will 4k displays, 4k discs, and other electronics have it included soon? HDMI specs. will have to be improved since 2.0 does not accept all of the ITU profiles.

  • @Aria The reason I think it's unclear whether the micro-HDMI will record out 4K is this paragraph from Panasonic's GH4 specifications page:

    "MONITOR-THROUGH: 4:2:2 8-bit / 4:2:2 10-bit (When 4:2:2 10-bit mode is selected, it is not possible to record motion picture or still picture on the SD memory card in the camera unit.)/information display ON/OFF (selectable)/Automatic down-conversion (4K → 1080p only)"

    Could just be awkward phrasing but it sounds like 4K is downsampled to 1080p when recording via micro-HDMI.

  • Could just be awkward phrasing but it sounds like 4K is downsampled to 1080p when recording via micro-HDMI.

    No, it means that camera check display EDID and if It does not support 4K makes downsample.

  • @VK Hope you're right. Seems that Voldemort was confused, too:

    "1. Does the GH4 output 4K over the micro-HDMI port?

    When the camera is set to record in 4K internally the onboard HDMI output is down-converted automatically to 1080p. In playback mode the HDMI output is 4K capable (relaying the 8bit 4:2:0 footage from SD card). Only the DMW-YAGH add-on base can output 4K (uncompressed, 10bit 4:2:2) from the GH4. However the micro-HDMI port is 8bit / 10bit switchable and can deliver impressive 1080p in 10bit 4:2:2 format, uncompressed to an external recorder."

  • I hope Vitaliy is right too but there's more evidence stacking up against it. Convergent Design is stating a "popular codec" (ProRes?) will be available for 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 via the YAGH accessory:

    Just wanted to note that with the addition of the YAGH accessory base to the GH4, the Odyssey7Q will be able to record 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 video in a high quality "popular codec".

    I'm trying to confirm that the signal isn't acquirable via micro HDMI.