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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • ""According to the 43rumors site, the GH4 A/V interface will sell for $2199""

    I wouldn't be too concerned just yet about the price of the YAGHE, possibly that "$2199" quoted is the price of the YAGHE plus the GH4. Which works out to a much more reasonable price for the YAGHE on its own that we'd expect?

  • @IronFilm I was thinking same - might be cost for cam+brick. For me it's wait and see - will wait to see what types of film/video imaging comes off this cam once a whole bunch of talented people start shooting with it.

  • im hedging my bets the 2k+ price tag is body and brick.

  • @mpgxsvcd

    I already expressed my opinion on him:

    He is splitting his stupid review in hundred pieces to get clicks and money with his craps. How Panny can be so stupid?

    If I was Panny I would asked VK names of Nest Video contest cats winner to receive a GH4 to test :)

  • I have a client (I practice a little production law in Atlanta) who told me this morning that he was notified that his BM4K pre-order amount was reduced by the new price cut. He was stoked. I've been showing him my GH3 work and he's impressed but is convinced that he needs 4K (he is probably right). When he gets the BM4K, I'm going to visit his studio and check it out.

    He has been so frustrated because he's planning on shooting a green screen feature with the camera. Another production house that I've dealt with in Atlanta ordered two for their green screen studio. Seems like everyone is hooked on 4K for green screen these days. I think that that studios Canon 5D Mark III green screen work with music videos has been excellent, by the way.

    While I love my Panasonics for doc work, I'm wondering if the old BMCC will fall in price some more. My wife shoots audition interviews for popular reality shows on Canon and has invested in some nice glass. I would be willing to take the plunge into a BMCC if the price got lower.

    With the GH4K looming, options are ever increasing for the middle class filmmaker.

  • @igorek7

    I saw several new features just looking at the menus. All good stuff there. Thanks for those links.

  • Slow clap for Vitaliy's takedown of whiners. This camera looks AMAZING.

    To answer Kholi, I'd say anything up to $2,500 body only would get a preorder from me right now, so $1,700 sound great.

  • According to Panasonic chief engineer Inoue via DSLR Magazine, the GH4's EVF optics are much improved over the GH3's (abysmal) EVF optics, now using bigger lenses including at least one aspherical element. That's great news as the EVF was one of the biggest letdowns of the GH3.

  • image

    That's great news as the EVF was one of the biggest letdowns of the GH3.

    If you ask me, this guys need to recall GH3s and replace optics. As it seems like design issue.

    599 x 400 - 36K
  • @VK I couldn't agree more. Panasonic really screwed up with the GH3's EVF.

  • If $2,199 is for both camera and brick (with lower street pricing), then I definitely will be one happy camper. That would very much help Panasonic's sales figures too. Almost $4,000 for both would be a deal breaker for many.

    I guess we'll know for certain pretty soon.

  • I don't think the combination will come in under $3,000. Personally I don't much care because I'm not interested in the interface. Could probably rent one if absolutely necessary, or wait a year or two for the price to drop.

  • There is NO WAY it's going to be $2199 for both. Just look at the general price range of OEM XLR and SDI accessories. The Sony XLR thing for the A7 or a99 is $800, and it only does sound! $2199 does seem a smidge high but I just don't see how it could be less than $1500.

  • I hope, Panny will plan to make 4k recording from full sensor size without crop on production version

  • Hi all, I think I know the answer to this, but if I want to shoot with the GH4 and just use the highest 1080p mode (200 Mbps)...Can I use my old SD cards?

    I know Panasonic and Sandisk are releasing ultra high speed SD cards in time for the GH4, but I wasn't sure if that was only for 4K footage.

    Anyways I have a bunch of SanDisk Extreme 32 GB 45MB/s and a 95 MB/s or two. Was wondering if they would all be useless inside a GH4.

  • @aldoega $2,199 for just the brick would be absolutely crazy. I guess they think of us as pretty stupid, if that's the case. There's nothing in the unit that warrants this kind of massive up-tick in pricing. Even that it would cost more than the camera with 4k video sensor would be beyond comprehension. You'd hand an entire segment of the market to Blackmagic or someone similar.

  • Lumix lineup of lenses is pretty high, for such a young brand, GH4 will have no problems on focal lenght when using original lens.

    1000 x 420 - 55K
  • $2,199 for just the brick would be absolutely crazy. I guess they think of us as pretty stupid, if that's the case.

    How about stop third circle of same prices speculations?

  • @endotoxic

    And to think that there are almost as many Olympus lenses that it can use as well. Not to mention legacy 4/3s lenses and then all of the MF lenses. M4/3s is alive and kicking.

  • I've loved being able to use all my Nikons ... even the older ones which are actually "cooler" in look, with just a $70USD adapter on them. Coupled with a Panny or two and an Oly, the choices are pretty durn far-ranging.

  • Guys, let us not speculate on the prices, let's talk about features, bitrates, ergonomy, codecs, design etc, cause there are very good ideas and oppinions around. Don't make this carefully moderated community look like a rumor driven bunch of morons, please.

  • An interesting comparison between the GH4 and the Canon C500.

    "I’d say that’s comparable to the Canon C500, a $20,000 camera, except unlike that camera the GH4 can actually record 4K without the need of an external recorder. Of course they’re not equal – the C500 has a Super 35 sensor and RAW 4K, but that’s up to you if it’s worth an extra $17,000 (plus an external recorder if you actually want to record 4K). Of course if you’re interested in RAW 4K, there’s the Blackmagic for $3000, but you’re not going to be running-and-gunning with that camera. It’ll be interesting to see the Zacuto 4K shootout once all these camera’s are officially out."

  • @Trackzillas...I'm not sure if I agree with this (fully)

    ... enabling 4K 10bit 422 via Micro HDMI port will make decrease YAGH sells by 95% guaranteed, that's their only selling point for really selling the YAGH..

    I think its real selling point is the XLR feature and basic "pro" connections for the Professional users. This is what people were asking them for. It turns this hybrid into a real professional tool. I also don't believe the hype some people are suggesting about the "brick" being $2,000+. That does not make any sense. Several hundred dollars maybe. I could be wrong but I hope Panasonic doesn't shoot themselves in the foot with this. If they keep it reasonably priced then more people would spring for this add on.

    Oh yeah,... Kholi's video on the BMPC made me pause big time. I was so set on the idea of this GH4K (still am)...but...RAW...4K....God help me.

  • Sorry for adding fuel to the pricing discussion but I think it could be good to have appropriate info here.

    I have a preorder in for the body only at my "local" (national) retailer for approx. 2300 usd. Brick is priced at roughly 3100 usd. The biggest camera gear retailer here in the nordic countries has the same prices.

    Mind, those are straight conversions of todays exchange rates (SEK - USD) and theres 25% VAT included. At best, prices here w/o VAT (25% off) are similar to US pricing, more often stuff is more expensive.

  • @DailyFilmFix, the BMPC (BM4K) likely has interest for many shooting greenscreen because of it's global shutter. Tracking and compositing footage sourced from cameras with rolling shutter can be problematic for post, global shutter will be an advantage, and compositing from 4K source will also be helpful, yet require more hardware resources in post.

    If you do decide to purchase a BMCC, remember that it does suffer from moire in some instances, and your wife is probably not going to be able to control all the talent's clothing attending auditions. The good news is Kholi has been testing an OLPF for BMCC EF camera, hopefully this will soon be finalised and released commercially, then for the MFT mount BMCC. As for the BMCC, if you're strictly intending to use it for ProRes recording, you may consider selling the license/USB key in Resolve to recover some of the camera purchase price. That is, if you're not a keen colourist or have comfort grading in your NLE using standard tools or other tools like Colorista II or the like with ProRes HQ files. GH4K is also interesting, and looking forward to see what the folks here come up with after some hands on and post.