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DaVinci Resolve 9
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  • I can't in good conscience do 720p with 3.55:1 anamorphic footage, it just ends up being too low of resolution.

    But, Vimeo seems to do fine with 540x1080 files, which (theoretically) should save some data.

    I will try that, though, @shian, thanks! Yes I am a GHears guy. I've watched all the videos for sure, but I just haven't gotten around to really utilizing your site yet. I have a Hackytosh in the planning stages, going to build it with my best buddies over the holidays. After that, I'll be squaring away all my software, and I'll definitely be a more active GHearHead. Still not sure what editing software to go with. I broke down and bought Final Cut X, but it is ungodly slow on my machine, despite all the supposed multicore support. I hate Adobe's new subscription dealio, but it might be the lesser of two evils at this point. It would be a bit of a learning curve, but end of the day, 90% of editing is essentially the same across all programs.

  • I have a quick question about using Davinci resolve. I downloaded the newest lite version. I am new to using it with the GH2 avchd coded. I understand that resolve will not take .mts, and I know about wrapping the files into a different codec. But what if I have already edited a full project in Premeire Pro in .mts? Am I still able to transfer the project into resolve?
    Or did I need to convert the source files with clip wrap way before I even started editing the project? Just wondering if there is a way around this. If not then I will know for next time to convert the source files before begining my edit.

  • You could export a single prores file from Premiere and then use the cut detector in Resolve. It won't be perfect if you have titles, fades or dissolves on your footage though, so you might want to prep a flat/neutral version of your timeline.

  • Unfortunatelly for me, cannot use it, as DV 9 hates my machine and in 10 this trick's only good for export and not import LUTs. Anyway thought for those of you guys still using 9, or both maybe it's useful/interesting. All good

    --- UPDATE ---
    Working in DR 10 Lite too, you can also use EXR files. From photoshop you'll have to rename ".cin" (cineon) files to ".dpx" Tested with AE, LR and PS exports. Now the circle is complete .-)  

    As complementary info, Moving Looks from Resolve to SpeedGrade