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DaVinci Resolve 9
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  • It would be sweet if BMD made Resolve a one-stop-shop. Resolve has very very basic editing capabilities, but would be sweet to have a fully fledged NLE within one if it's "tabs" :-).

  • wow, this is a great combination. I played a little with Resolve, just one node in primary.

    CM Skin tone soft, 24p, standard -2 -2 -2 -2, Canon FD 50mm 1.4, probably f=2 converted with 5DtoRGB Full Range ProRes HQ.


    xml import from FCP X worked well, roundtrip back to FCP X hat some issues: I saw all clips in the timelime but only one was played back. My solution: I just replaced original ProRes with rendered files from Resolve (same names). All files in synchronized clips worked well

  • Actually, the first picture ( ) looks better than the second and much better especially than the last edited one which looks exactly like any compact mid-cheap camera with automatic white balance. While the first picture looks so close to a frame from a motion picture!

    No need to make a banal white balanced color correction to show the world that the sky is blue. The brain accepts it as blue even if it's yellow or green on a picture. The conception is important!!!

  • thanks for your kind advice guys ;-)

    First of all as I wrote it was just a quick play with one node. Secondly as long as you don't know about the request don't you think any evaluation might be dubiously? FYI topic was a testimonial of a farmer in a tomato field in a nice afternoon mood. So I am quite satisfied with the result of the rough edit - and most important: my client is happy too.

    @subco I don't want to put the cat among the pigeons, but please delete this image from your dropbox. There is still a copyright restriction.

  • Update to Version 9beta2 is out since Aug 8th

  • Breaking News:V9b2 Base Memory All has been replaced by Reset All Grades and Nodes. Unfortunately they still have not listed it under the Nodes Menu. That is all.

  • Here's a nice demo of DaVinci Resolve 9

  • Beta 3 is out. Hope it fixes AVCHD.

  • Beta 3 is out. Hope it fixes AVCHD.

    Do they have release notes for betas?

  • The link at leads to a missing file. If anyone still has could you put it on Dropbox so I can download it ? Cheers!

  • @zcream

    I think you can just register on site.

  • I did not find release notes for the beta. at least not on the bm homepage. It seems, only MOV and MP4 Containers are supported. Remuxing would be nice, is there any recommended option for this? All GH2 users could benefit from that..

    My MP4 Files, which are H.264 5Mbps for YouTube Uploads can be used without a problem.

  • Tried some avchd on b3 and they weren't recognized.

  • Does anyone have a special trick to get multi-cam (nested) sequences to import from Premiere CS6 (via EDL)?

    Resolve manual says nested sequence import is not supported; maybe there's something that can be done in Premiere prior to the export to "un-nest" the multi-cam sequence?

  • Before and after grades attached. Native MTS with the EOSHD gamma fix on the left. Graded shot in DaVinci Resolve 9. Some weird audio bugs when using Scene Cut Detection. Just rejoined the audio in Quicktime Pro.

    Screen Shot 2012-08-26 at 9.20.11 AM.png
    1912 x 1052 - 2M
    Screen Shot 2012-08-26 at 9.19.33 AM.png
    1908 x 1048 - 2M
  • I just remuxed one of my short .MTS files, which was HBR to an MP4. Resolve recognizes it inside my project, which already contains a .MOV, but it does not recognize it on a new, empty project, which is weird. Sadly, resolve shows every second frame as black in the remuxed vid. not sure where this comes from.

  • How did you remux?

  • demuxed with tsmuxer and muxed the 2 elementary streams with mymp4boxgui - I also muxed as .mov just now, using ffmpeg- and the error stays the same. somehow there is black flicker over the image. (as before, every other image black) Additionally, the .mov file has really bad banding. some error with ffmpeg there. even though there was no recode.

  • @peaceonearth

    Last time I checked beta was available for quite a time.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I downloaded 9.0.0 lite 087 some minutes ago.

  • @peaceonearth

    Sorry I misread.

    Final version and not beta is available from today.

  • The release version has a new feature (not in the betas from what I understand) that allows you to use a video clip as a matte overlay - perfect for adding grain right inside of Resolve.

    Only downside to doing it this way is it looks like you have to add it on a per-clip basis, but it's also more powerful than doing it in the conform panel.

    Also, BMD's servers must be getting slammed, my download of v9 final is coming in at only 150k/s.

  • @nomad

    Strange, on Mac it works with AVCHD.

    how do you get mts files into Resolve?

  • @Oedipax Isn't it easier to add an additional track in the timeline for overlay?