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DaVinci Resolve 9
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  • @shian - does it make sense to forward audio via DaVinci. As you have seen I'm working on a convinient workflow which will include Vegas as NLE. When I come back after color grading to Vegas for fixing titles and further rendering I could easily leave it linked to ordiginal .mts files.

  • I personally never round trip. DaVinci will render each clip individually and you can put it in a new folder, that way you can have it reconnect to the new rendered files in your NLE and render it all out with titles and audio, but then you are rendering twice.

    I prefer to never render twice. I always try to finish in AE [especially if I have a title sequence over live action] or in DaVinci. Regardless of finishing app I always do audio separate and marry audio with video losslessly in QT Pro.

  • Had some major issues with frames being out of sync.

    @artiswar you did mention, that frames had been out of sync. If I render to DNxHD in Vegas and use these .mov files for DaVinci Resolve the last frame (not the first) gets lost for each .mov file. It takes place directly when .mov files are imported - you can read a change in frame count. Later on if its rendered in DELIVERY it stays skipped.

    Whether its the last or first frame can easily be seen when you apply an overlay on two tracks and moving parts are not any more sharp. (Track1:, Track2:

    Maybe I miss something in Project Settings... Did somebody made same experience...

  • I was told that the reason Apple chose not to included MTS as a native editing format, was that they considered it to be a "problematic" format designed more for capture than for editing. Which is why FCP and FCP X convert it to ProRes. I suppose DNxHD would be the way to go for Windows users.

  • @ shian Are you experience DaVincy on Free Lite Version?

  • not sure what you are asking, but yes I have the lite version installed right now.

  • not sure what you are asking, but yes I have the lite version installed right now.

    They are checking your license :-)

  • "Regardless of finishing app I always do audio separate and marry audio with video losslessly in QT Pro."

    Never try myself with Davincy. I was just wondering the free version could or could not export the audio

  • @tinbeo The free version (lite) of Resolve supports audio. IT will export with audio. As far as I know it is identical to the $1,000 version except that it will not export at resolutions higher than 1080p.

  • So did the frame adjustment and it now works as I expected. DaVinci Resolve really delete last frame of 10bit DNxHD .mov files.

    Don't need above mentioned third EDL-File. If you add in COMPOSE a new empty timeline you can drag/drop according to FileName sorted files from the Media Pool to the new timeline...

    Maybe today or tomorrow l will start a new topic and release the EDL_Convert Program including mentioned two Sony Vegas Pro Scripts.

  • @tida Cannot wait! Didn't find any good instructions from web about Vegas - Resolve -workflow.

  • @tonalt did release workflow tools for Sony Vegas Pro today at

    Please give me some feedback if you test it....

  • Tried DaVinci first time today. What a difference when compared to After Effects!

    • Amazing ultra fast and accurate motion tracker (like 1000x faster than AE!)
    • Real time preview! (I have i7-920, 15GB, GTX 660 Ti)
    • Effective adjustment controls
    • Easy export tools
    • (other things that I haven't discovered yet)

    Finally I can concentrate on the actual grading instead of waiting!

    Look at a clip I created in just minutes. Experimental and fast adjustments. Everything happened ~in real time. Look at how the motion tracker (highlight mask) follows the rowan berries even when them are out of focus!

    1920 x 1080 - 278K
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • Yup. If your machine can run it, there is ZERO reason not to. It's not the industry standard by accident.

  • I'm currently using Adobe CS6 (Premiere, After Effects). Do you guys consider Davinci Resolve Lite to be better and why? Thanks

  • I don't wanna miss the boat... so I jumped on the bandwagon. Hey it's free.

    I ran into an issue saying the app can't detect CUDA driver. After installing the latest driver, the app launched no problem. But... it felt so much like Windows experience. This is MAC!!! for god's sake. Darn I hate Apple.

    The app is fast, and my MBP is 3 years old. This seems a money saver for me.

  • @matt_gh2 - Resolve was designed for grading and only grading - every movie you've seen in the last 20 years has a 95% chance of having been graded on a DaVinci system. I only began to use AE because 7 years ago a DaVinci option didn't exist for under $100,000. Now it's $1,000 for the 4K version and the Lite version is free.

    The rub is that your system may not run it. My old iMac wouldn't, but my 2007 MacBook Pro ran it fine... it was just slow. It prefers Nvidia cards. The ATI cards can run the GUI, but lose out on the image processing side. [unpredictable results] but it renders in near realtime, which is pretty astonishing.

    But you won't know until you try.

  • @shian Interesting to hear that about 95%. I'm on a Windows i7 quad 2.2 ghz with 16gb ram, so hopefully it'll work. Will try it out. Was reworking my all Premiere workflow into a Premiere/After Effects workflow in order to start "properly" grading footage. But I guess I can just as easily make that a Premiere/Resolve workflow if Resolve gives more control and flexibility on grading/correcting.

    BTW - I watched the video just posted on CGhears. Very interesting/compelling.

  • Using curves in DaVinci.

  • Darn. Davinci Resolve 9 Lite crashes so often on my 2010 MBP w/ 8 GB ram.

  • No single crash with Windows 7 yet!

  • I am not getting another macbook...

  • Running great on win 8 with gtx660. The gradeing performance is real time and the gpu comes up in preferences, however in the deliver module, the gpu graph flashes red for an instance and then goes gray. The render occurs at around 9FPS. Does that seem normal to those of you with the greater experience in this? Thanks

  • @stonebat Does it have an ATI card? If so, that's the problem.

    @Jspatz - yeah. You really want the 680 for peak performance.