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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • @vicharris

    24mm Rokinon and call it a day. The out of focus areas and corners of the speedbooster draw attention pretty bad. It's really easy to notice in daytime shots.


    You just need to use the right glass with it and use it when it makes sense to use it. The Rokinon 35mm is the right glass. The Speed Booster is a really nice tool to have.

    Hmmm... Both good things to think about. Thanks for the input and replies. The 24mm does seem like the best way to go... but... is there really an actual perspective difference (besides the FOV) in anyone's observations? Is it really true the the 35mm/Speed-booster will be "deeper" and more "three-dimensional"... in terms of subject-background perspective? Or is that such stuff all a myth?

  • Does anyone own the passive MFT version?

  • Question then: How does one use a lens whose iris is controlled electronically? Or is that even possible?

    I've read somewhere that you can set the lens's aperture on a GH2 (or other MFT camera) then remove it and it will retain the blades in the position it was last set to. Can you confirm this?

  • @spacewig I've tried electronic iris MFT lenses on the BMCC passive mount MFT. It may be true that aperture can be set and will stay in place, but focus doesn't work, so there's no point.

  • @spacewig @ahbleza Yes, I tried same. Ditto.

  • Thanks for your answers.

  • simple upres technique

    follow the photoshop steps in this video

    with a RAW bmcc clip and upres to 3840x2160, export to tiff, open in resolve or other, export to 3840x2160. And like have a 1gig per 3sec. 4K clip lol

  • BUMP for any word at IBC for active m43??

  • @GravitateMediaGroup If there was a way to automate uprez and 4k compression with cineform raw, the BMCC would conveniently be future-proof :)

  • @wilbo

    did you try the technique or no?

    and what does cineform have to do with any of it?

  • Anyone can offer input on the Cineform RAW workflow?

  • "Future-proof" A phrase that should be struck from all technology discussions.

  • Mosaic Engineering video has been updated 10/1/2013, a new version of the filter that retains much more detail.

    More information to come very soon.

  • Hopefully this new Mosaic filter is tested on both MFT and EF mounts?

  • Ok, am I going crazy or does my camera have the green focus peaking like the pocket? I just updated my firmware yesterday and my peaking is green now. It was white before, right? Or am I going insane?

  • @kholi, if that is "really" without post sharpening then wow.

  • Yeah, that is marked improvement from their first test.

  • I haven't updated firmware or turned on peaking since I got the camera, but I believe it was white? @vicharris


    Zero sharpening. I just got off of the phone with them this morning to clear up some details, and yeah no sharpening. But this actually doesn't surprise me, only because two or three weeks ago we had a long chat about some things that they were working on, and he said it would be like this.

    I imagine if you had RAW files to peep at and a chart, you could spot the difference, but they are also still improving this new design that they're working on, and very much looking at the 4K with major interest.

    I'll have some more updates on this REALLY soon, so far no price or release date that I've heard but will try to get a range for you guys.

  • My peaking is white. I think...

  • You guys might want to update your cams then. I want hooking it up to actually update it yesterday, I was just trying to update my pocketcam. It wasn't connecting to my computer so I hooked up my 2.5k just to see if it was the can and it updated by itself and I have green peaking now. I have no idea if anything else updated either. I'm baffled.

  • I'll double check, but I'm pretty sure I have 1.4.2 on my cam. It's in my downloads folder.

    edit: Ok, you're right @vicharris - it is green. Sad that I have been so busy with house shit that I have not had much time to play...

  • Wait, 1.4.2 is for the Pocket Camera right? Why are you guys putting it on the 2.5K?

  • same update for all cameras