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Feature film trailer. GH1/anamorphic.
  • Hi all! Been working on our first feature for a couple of years now. It's now completed and the film's official trailer has just debuted.

    Shot in 2010 with a GH1 and Lomo anamorphic primes.

    Visit for more info. Thanks for looking!

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  • Really looks beautiful. I am not sure about the story, as I am critical of love-themed movies, because the german "amateur" and "TV" ones (i am from germany) are mostly very bad and uninteresting.

    I hope this does not apply to you! where will it be showing?

  • Very nice, you must be excited to get it out there.

  • That looks really good. You got some good looking shots there, nice and natural looking for the most part too. I've always like the combination of lomo lenses and the GH1/2 cameras for the creamy organic look they create together. I also like the choices of shots for the trailer, although the trailer seems a little long. You could probably make it about 1 minute long and get the same amount of intrigue from the viewer.

  • @ryancglover Congratulations, the trailer looks great and has me hooked. Any chance that you would be screening this in Los Angeles? If you do, an audience Q&A would be and I'm sure others would like to pick your brain regarding your experience shooting a feature with the GH1. Not only that, but it appears that you've squeezed out all the IQ potential of that camera - well done!

  • Looks great

  • Hey great to see this trailer, I remember seeing stills from this a couple years ago on dvxuser and it's one of the reasons I bought a GH1.

  • Yep, very well done. Can't ask for too much more out of these cameras! You know how to use it, that's for sure! I do agree with @svart on opinion of cutting it down. 1 min would be great and keep it moving very well but thats just a personal opinion and nothing more. It's always hart to cut your babies out :)

  • Would be great to see this.

  • Can you talk about the grade? Looks like a flat grade was made.

  • Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Really appreciated.

    The length of the trailer came about organically, so I'm confortable with it. I can see where it could be more efficient maybe, I like the pacing we struck though.

    The film will play in Toronto as part of the ReelHeART International Film festival in June. We are definitely hoping to get an LA screening too. The plan is to release the film online this fall sometime.

    The grade was kept very simple and natural, which is our preferred look. A little on the low-con side, it's true.

    Thanks again for the feedback and support.

  • Looks great, could go in the cinemas without noticing difference, but.. I really didn't like the opening scene. In my opinion the worst of the trailer, bad camera position (seems like the POV of someone hiding close to the guy), nature sound too loud, acting not natural. I would really cut it and start from the logo, the trailer would look pro and intriguing from begining to end.

  • Thanks for watching @jazzroy. The cold open scene was important to us, it's sort of a litmus test and it's pretty representative of our approach to the whole film. But I appreciate the feedback for sure.

    Thanks again to all who've had a look!

  • @ryancglover Maybe it's the music playing a big role on this, but for me that scene looked so different from the others! Anyway, it's a matter of opinions, I wish you the best at the premiere!

  • I was wondering how this movie turned out. Good to see you guys finally finished up. The trailer looks good. I like the look (grade) for this trailer and the music as well.

  • @jazzroy thanks!

    Thanks @Ian_T! Glad people are digging the look and music.

  • We just did an interview about how we approached making the film, maybe you guys will find it interesting:

  • @ryancglover Great work with the "old" your hands even at 40Mbit it rocks, indeed ;) Very interesting the interview too, why don't you share some making-of footage when you will be ready? :)

  • Hey @AlbertZ thanks for having a look at the article. Unfortunately, we didn't have the resources/crew to shoot BTS footage, but you can see BTS photos here:

    Thanks again.

  • I like it, i'm not very much into romance, but this one intrigue me. Great retró look with Lomo Anamorphic, and the way like the two lovers are related to the environment that surround them (is that why the nature's sounds are loud?) give to the aestetic a some emotional-narrative power. If it was on theatre, i could probably go, it reminds me some good movies i liked.

    Best luck man!

  • Thanks @Jean71. We definitely tried to use nature as character in the film, both visually and with the sound design.

  • Ryan. Well done. What a project. What an achievement. I like your framing and use of the camera and lens. I have questions about the sound (location/dialogue track). Why does it sound so thin, and noisy in parts? Was that intentional at all or just down to recording devices used or post processing?


  • In your BTS pictures, you have some sort of lights in this picture:

    What are those?

    EDIT: Ah I found it.

  • @leftedit thanks for watching. As far as the audio goes, a lot of the dialogue in the trailer is spoken through cell phones, are those the parts you're wondering about?

    @svart Yep, those are them, pretty handy.

  • Very nice work. Still shows how groundbreaking the GH-1 was.

  • @ryancglover How about the part 0:28 ? Is that a phone? The dial at 1:10 also seems a bit 'thin'. Im not being nasty, I just felt the dialogue overall was a bit lacking in low end. Was it recorded on boom on location or was it dubbed in post? Perhaps the mix just went on overkill and cut too much bass out? Im listening on DT 250 headphones so Im sure its accurate. None the less, please dont see this as trying to call you out, it was a technical observation. Overall I really admire your film work and achievement which is extremely amazing.