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Driftwood ClusterX series 2:│moon│ЅріzZ│nebula│drewnet│Slipstream │Redshift
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  • I have been doing some picture tests between patches. Today I focused on boom flat4 vs moon5 and I cannot tell the difference between these two patches visually. Moon5 uses about 1/3rd less file space which I find interesting.

    Info: 24H Sandisk 32gb 45MB/s smooth -2 All

    boom flat4.MTS.Still001.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 802K
    1308 x 674 - 83K
    1920 x 1080 - 681K
    1311 x 674 - 81K
  • Just want to say that I did some interviews today with DrewNet T8 and they look fantastic!

    Thank you @drifwood !!!

    I`m Planning on shooting a short for Fantasia 2013 with this patch later this month...

  • Here is a quick test with the Moon T5, 12800 ISO setting in a pitch black room.

    I used Panasonic 14-140mm lens. The only light source is a cigarette lighter with a single LED light at the bottom of it. It is used just to shine on the candle.

    The camera is set to HBR, B&W Smooth and minimal noise reduction applied with Neat Video plugin in Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Any test on GF3? I tested Cluster X and didn't work well. Any ideas?

  • Filming in Cabo de Gata, Spain this weekend. Europe's only desert in Almeria. Spaghetti Western time... :-) Anyone who can recommend any locations in this area let me know.

  • Hi there I recently tested moon t5. I personally feel Intravenus v2 does better than moon series. bitrate of moon t5 is much lower than Intravenus v2 is it the nature of these patches?

  • I only live here, welcome!

  • @kris Westworld! :-) Are you gonna be in town this weekend?

  • @driftwood, I only live here, welcome!

  • You've just repeated yourself @kris Are you a machine?!

  • @driftwood, mi

  • @maddog15

    DREWnet looks to be a safer, middle-of-the road

    The developers can correct me if I'm wrong, but this would appear to be a common misconception. Drewnet should, in theory, offer greater detail than any intra setting possible on the GH2, thanks to its long GOP structure.

    Where it might be inferior to an intra setting is capturing motion. But for standard dramatic material -- not stock car racing or sports -- you'd probably never see the difference.

  • @kris best if you pm me

  • @driftwood,I live in El Ejido, very close to Almeria

  • @Driftwood Thank you for your answer, forgot about Canis Majoris 'Green Screen', I will try this one and moon on a green screen soon. Haha I had the same idea, especially during the extreme close-ups ;)

    @Maya Intravenus v2 and Moon are extremely different settings. Intravenus = very high bit rate at all time -> low picture quantization. Best to use in low detailed scenes. Moon = high bit rate + high picture quantization = extra room for intense detailed scenes. Best to use in ... Everything (preferably not wide busy scenes).

  • my latest work with the GH2

  • @pop24 hack? lens? film mode and subsettings?

    BTW: video looks amazing

  • @dado023 thank you :-) i used cluster 6 nebula, filmmode standard all -2, walimex fisheye, voigtländer 17mm, olympus 45mm, SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm

  • can anybody help, my sis and myself shooting a test video with a 5D mark III and GH2. Which patch shoots better or equal to 5D Mark III all Iframe Mode?? Please mention a patch which shoots better than 5D Mark III in all wide mid and close up. ( i found Cluster x T3 to be best by reading comments, does it do better than MK III??)

  • @Maya 5D MKIII is High Profile Level 5.1 - but some elements of the encoder aren't brilliant on analysis and that includes the Intra codec on the Canon. Use GH2 as A cam and IPB modes on the Canon (B Cam) if it was me. As for the GH2, DREWnet Cluster Trial 8 hi bitrate Long GOP and Intra settings: moon T3 thru to T5 are all very good.

  • @driftwood High level 5.1 MKIII?? is it something means that we cannot shoot better than 5D MkIII with Gh2 Hacks?? if so should i only go with 5D??

  • @driftwood Shooting a music vid on sunday.. 5600k/daylight only. Will use an fs700 with a flat profile for some shots, gh2s for others (locked down ones, mainly). Haven´t been keeping up to date with your awesome work of late (the earlier version of cluster I´ve been using has been great, whenever called upon - though I´d like a bit more information to play around with afterwards in this one) so if you´d care to share which setting you´d set up for the circumstances as described above - I´d be very thankful!

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