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Cluster X: Series 1 - moon - ЅріzZ - nebula - drewnet - Slipstream
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  • @emynach

    does Spizz and drewnet uses the same matrix as moon? as far as picture look.

    I would not presume to speak for @driftwood and/or @bkmcwd ... but I think the purpose of the Cluster-X series is not to create a certain look (like for instance "Intravenus"/"Valkyrie" or especially the "Canis Majoris" series) but to gain the lowest possible QP for any setting. If you want so... the purpose of Cluster-X is not to create a look but to preserve as much "information" as possible. This is why the matrix is adobted for each shooting mode and for each GOP ...

    ... IMHO

  • I guess I'll throw in my moon 5 video post:

    I used it for my second entry for a jingle competition.

  • Wowser! What an amazing voice! I hope she has an album. (no sarcasm) Thanks for posting.

  • @HHL Thanks! Yes, she has a little indie album (which I also played guitar on). I don't know if i can post links without coming off as a "tool", but she, Chelsie Ashton, is on Itunes and Amazon.

  • @driftwood Hi Driftwood, first of huge thanks for all the work. I'm slightly confused about the patches. I'm using Boom Cluster V9 and in reading this thread I'm wondering if amongst the newest patches this one - 12 (PAL)/15(NTSC) - Traditional GOP 'DREWnet' - is the best, i.e. highest quality? You mention that it has an "insane" setting in 1080P24? Does it mean the quality is the best?

    I'm a little confused and want to settle on one usable patch :)

    Many thanks

  • my newest work with a smooth picture

  • @mastroiana

    are you looking for max detail? is smaller or larger file sizes a concern?

  • @pop24 I have checked out most of your Videos and like the editing style nice and fast.

    But I wanted to ask Are you shooting these videos 720p and upscaling them to 1080p only asking with the slow mo in the videos.

    Also Love the shots in the videos where you get the person to hold the camera pointing back at them. What rig do you use to get this kind of shot? The Manfrotto steering wheel thing.

    Thanks Craig R

  • @Craig_R thanks, i'm shoothing with 1080p and 30 frames than i push it down to 30-40% i use mostly the fig rig from manfrotto for the actionstyles.

  • @mastroiani Cluster X DREWnet latest trial certainly has the lowest QP values around on the GH2. Cluster Boom v9 has an insane matrix for a very interesting look but its lowest QP value is subsequently around QP14. DREWnet gets down to around QP8 comfortably. Therefore in answer to your question all the Cluster X series are providing the best Quantisation (low is best) around.

  • @driftwood:cheers for all your efforts. Have you decided yet, whether to go for the look of moon trial 3 or 5 yet?

    I was also wondering about the relationship between gradtion and QP. Does better gradation automatically mean higher QP and higher bitrate? I am still totally in love with Intravenus 1, but unlike Moon its not that stable and not usable in every scenario, is there any sort of hybrid possible or is that like asking someone to draw a circle with edges?

  • @driftwood thank you Driftwood. I was wondering before I read your answer how quantization reflects on the quality. Wasn't sure if lower Quantization meant better quality. I will try the Cluster X. From what I understand from your reply it should yield better quality on GH2.

    Thanks again

  • @towi hi Towi, what do you mean by "looks". How do "looks" differ, could you explain? Are they like grading? Or you mean sharpness, etc?

    @GravitateMediaGroup hi, yes, I'm looking for maximum detail, but also no banding (or less banding) and good gradation. However, I really don't want to go the route of 175+ mbps, if I don't have to :) That's too huge.

  • @mastroiani The great thing about Cluster X series is it will only use max bitrate for hi detail IF IT NEEDS TO so its not like some of my past settings whereby it would constantly try and use the same bitrate driven by a very low QP led matrix (almost cbr) which in theory can waste bitrate at no measured improvment. We are now using the rate control of QP for the whole picture which defines how much bitrate will be used according to the detail in the picture.

    A lot of people should understand that even if the datarate is only 60Mbps in the recorded file for lesser detail on say moon or Spizz etc... thats how the encoder sees fittingly to apply the bitrate. So in theory all the Cluster X will save on your precious sd cards memory space too. :-)

  • i don't know much about decoding and gops and i'm really trying to determine wich one is best for my needs... But i want to understand something, all the samples here of gop1 intra, when they are being uploaded to youtube or vimeo, they are not being transcoded to a long gop codec? For youtube compresion and then loose the intra effect? It may be a very stupid question, but i'm trying to understand how it works....

  • @driftwood Moon Trial 5 1080 24p mode works great. I vote for it. For 720p I have no idea whether it shld be quality gop3 or reliable gop6 but I will sure try 720p modes in the future. I stand for max grading support with excellent detail & bitrate. If it spans in 64gb 95mb/s sdxc card, then it would be heavenly.

  • @emynach The better the acquiring codec the better the result, whatever compression is applied to it in later stages.

  • Meanwhile i had the chance to test "all" the Cluster X settings.

    To be honest my alltime favorite is very clearly 'Moon t3' and Moon t5'. For me it's the best setting that was ever made for the GH2 when you shoot in 24p. When youre shooting in HBR/FSH the winner is @bkmcwd 'Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2 BETA2'. New 'Drewnet' is also a very nice setting, but again in my opinion 'Moon' is fuckin epic. It simply get's the best out of the GH2!

    All my special thanks goes to Nick Driftwood.

  • Moon trial 3. Prores 4444 2k converted. fcpx , davince resolve 9 lite. @driftwood thank u for this prograde 24p patch,,trial 3 itself is a blast,people guess whats gonna come in Moon Final release?

    (check next page, this video is reuplooded)watch it in 1080p or original 2k

  • @rajamalik woah! something went wrong here.

    it kind of reminds me of the canon muddy color look. This was shot mjpeg?

  • scene for a class of mine shot on moon v4 wide is on the 14-42 other shots various nikkor lenses. Black pro mist 1/4 on everything

  • lagunak47, did you underexpose or brought it down in post? looks good, a bit underexposed for that kind of narrative, imho.

  • @lagunak47 Wooow... Looks incredible good!

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