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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • @angry_c I think he means the GH2 ;-)))

  • @Shian When's part 4 coming? Given everything with potential hacking, does GH3 appear the way to go over GH2? thx!

  • Nice crop factor test comparing Gh3 to 5D and 7D found on Vimeo.

  • my musicvideo made with Panasonic gh3

  • @jfilmmaker soon. I needed a break, and I had some paying work to get off my plate first. I'll get back to it this weekend.

  • I have a minor issue with my GH3 and that is that the SD-card door is very easy to open up by a mistake. I can barely touch this side of the camera body without making the door spring open. Also there is no kind of seal in between the main body and SD-card door, which makes me wonder if my GH3 is actually missing a piece of rubber from the factory?

  • @shian Cool, look forward to seeing it!

  • @EspenB

    Yes, that is a problem for me as well. A design Flaw. All I can think for now is to Gaffer Tape it.

  • @EspenB i've noticing the same thing. It's a shame but as FilmintArt said I just put a piece of tape to hold it. Really it's only an issue for me when shooting the camera bare handheld as usually on a rig or tripod my hands are off that part of body.

  • My SD door is also too easily opened but I've only had a problem when pulling the camera out of a bag. There appears to be no weather sealing on this door which is curious.

  • @AdamT

    Panasonic definitely must look for Pentax on how to properly make secure and sealed card doors :-)

  • I think the SD-card door would be more secure if there actually was a gasket between the door and body (giving some pressure so the door would not slide so fast out) and of course the weather sealing would be intact. As its now I really dont understand why there is no gasket in this critical opening on the body...

    EDIT: A closer inspection of the SD-card door reveals that there is a kind of rubbery feel to some of the door edges inside, but it really is no gasket like on the battery door.

  • @shian u have demonstrated in past that converting with 5dtorgb the footage will grade better. Now i have 2 questions about the gh3 when using mov mode.

    1. Now that we get mov out of the gh3 would you still use 5dtorgb to convert anything? 2.To get real 25p out of the gh2 i had to use 5dtorgb or clipwrap before importing the footage but what about the gh3 is there still the need of doing that in mov mode?
  • Why we can not set the rez of image in order to achieve anamorphic film? It is so difficult? It is quite hard to work with anamorphic lens, or to do it in post...

  • On thath comparison picture posted by Alex it looks that GH3 has more natural colors. Finally :)

  • I currently own a GH2. I am thinking of getting a GH3. Until I get some better glass for it, can it be used with the GH2's 14-42 lens?

    If so, has anyone tested or tried it with said lens?

  • @Mckinise ~Any M4/3 lens will work with the GH3. It has the same active mount as the GH2, just a slightly smaller sensor.

  • @swiss boy i used it to convert the AVCHD GH3 footage, as well as just straight FCP just to see if there would be any difference. I really didn't see any.

    As for 25p, I never use it, so we didn't test it. You'll have to ask @driftwood - or wait to see his tests.

  • First day of gh3 test run.. and straight off I think the footage looks good, but the oled and the viewfinder horrendous, at least in cold conditions.. Lots of artifacting going on in the screen, making it hard to even focus and the viewfinder issues are just as reported.. Soft, but not only soft - it also had artifacting going on.

  • @RRRR strange ... I don't see any artifacts on the monitor or EVF. But I'm in Miami ... maybe it is a cold weather thing?

  • Could very well be.. no issues indoors for me. Well, the EVF stills looks a bit strange but.. not like outdoors.

    Mind, it wasn´t extremely cold.. (for this part of the world) about -10 degrees celsius, perhaps less.

  • Hi all, I've read all the opinions, and I understand that the GH3 is definitely the best option for video in the price range, BMDCC is amazing but you will need time and dedication to get the camera to shoot, and the workflow is a headache as of today. So for run and gun in fast situations is a no go, for now at least. So I'm buying the GH3 but I feel a little insecure because, of the reviews saying 72mb/s as compression artefacts, and that the noise is not good in the shadows, and so on. My question is, you guys that are using the camera today, testing and knowing it, what do you thing?

    Is it reliable in skin tones, does the 60p get lower quality (is it usable)? How about fluidity in panning and hand held? Does the wobble effect got any better than GH2? Is the autofocus usable in real world situations like a wedding, run and gun documentary? Also heard that the camera freezes in some situations, does it happen to you? Any drop frame, or unreliable issue when recording for long time? And do you advise buying it?

    I believe some of this things can be fixed by Bios updates, which ones?

    Is it possible/feasible to Hack the GH3 Vitaliy? If so, can you speculate what features could be activated/enabled. And how much time would you take to do your "magic".

    THANKS ALL GUYS Happy new year.

  • @shian ok thanks for your response and the video series that you did with your partner they were really useful. That's great if you didn't notice any difference cause i wanna skip the 5dtorgb conversion part cause it's taking a lot of time. Sir @driftwood when using 25p in mov mode do you import the footage straight from the camera into fcpx or do you have to convert them first?

  • @leonbeas 60p is very usable.