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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • @stonebat I came to the same conclusions. Was reminded how much I hated skin tones on GH2 when I saw the ungraded footage. The GH3 looked great and the BMCC is in a different class all together and well worth it's price if your doing narrative work. I would have preferred to see the GH3 in 50mb IPB as that is so far the best looking codec in my opinion.

  • WOW! I'm surprised a bit at which was the BMC, GH2 and GH3. I liked all 3 for different reasons, but I could easily live with either in the right situation. I really liked the GH3 and I thought it was the BMC! Go figure. Ungraded you could really see just how great the BMC is in terms of DR and detail. The GH2 and GH3 are no slouches in the detail department.

    Another shock to me is that I liked the ALL-I 72 which I thought had a very filmic look. Not perfect in every aspect, but I didn't find it to be offensive in any way that would disqualify it for me. In the last test I was struck by how the actresses skin looked when she reached out and her arm was lit by the strong light. The way the GH3 handled that seemed really smooth and pleasing compared to the GH2 IMO. On the GH3 ALL-I 72 her arm and face looked creamy and not with an unnatural greenish tint. In fact I could still see the flush of blood just under the skin and the outlines of veins in her arm. It just looked more convincing to me. I'm an amateur at this so take that with a grain of salt.

  • 50M tests coming in part 4 which is redemption time for GH3 and 5D.

  • @shian thanks again for putting all this work into such a nice test.

  • Thank you for the great test, Shian. I just showed the test to the person sitting next to me at Starbucks and she just shrugged her shoulders and said 'they all look great.' So, at least some of us pixel peppers appreciate your test. :)

  • Great tests, shian. I was honestly surprised at how well the GH3 did considering that you used All-I. I find the 50mbs results to be significantly better.

  • Put the weather sealing to a test in a snowstorm that ended up dumping 2 feet at the farm. Filmed the horses this time and I was amazed at how useable the little EVF was. Like the Snowshoeing film, no way to pull focus in deep snow and gloves so I actually relied on AFS as well.

  • @Jim, Just awesome! No other words than that! Keep em coming!

  • Thanks Dusty. The GH3 was frozen solid and still worked perfectly. I can't believe I actually enjoyed the EVF in these conditions.

  • @Jim, what codec did you use?

  • Extracted images (no real editing) a documentary during filming (camera GH3).

    GH3 25P / 50mbs / 1:50 Standard Profile -1 -1 -1 -1 Voigtlander 25mm Noktor 12mm HF Sanken Sennheiser capsule

    Point of view for use documentary GH3 (capture in real time):

    • 50 MB is not too bad. Overall the image is correct BUT the camera movements lack fluidity. It poses a lot of problems on some plans. In the end it is not pro at all.

    • Intra 72 MB is not ready for professional use. Noise is everywhere. And it is ugly.

    • 24 MB AVCHD is basically the same as the GH2. However, preferably the GH2 x1,6 vs GH3 x2.

    • Screen GH3 very very bad outside + downright unusable viewfinder for precise focus (inside + outside) = some rushes necessarily go in the trash because of an update or a soft opening diaph impossible to establish accurately exterior condition bright. Ultimately not pro either.

    • Sound: Return headset to use the GH3 for a potential TV broadcast provided that it adds a professional microphone.

    • Headphone jack behind the screen! The screen can't rotate! This is absolutly so stupid!

    • Actually, the GH3 brings nothing more than the GH2.

    If I am happy with the purely esthetic images out of the camera, I prefer the overall tone of the GH2 images more beautiful in fact.

  • @From_Paris

    The GH2 is 1.8ish crop not 1.6.

    I have found the GH3 LCD is much much better than the GH2. I never use the tiny EVF to focus but even then it is usable. I wouldn't call using any tiny EVF to be pro. If you want pro get a loupe for the great LCD or use an external monitor to check focus. That is pro.

    The GH3 brings a lot more than the GH2. That is a fact. The things it brings might not be important to you but for many of us the improvements of the GH3 make it clearly a superior camera.

    My findings on the 50mb IPB mode are much different. The motion looks very smooth to me and it resolves a much nicer image than the 72mb Intra. Although when and if the intra mode gets hacked it could be an amazing codec. We will see.

  • @RatLabProductions

    There is definitely a cadence issue with the (some?) GH3. The video pros at the dealer where I got mine tested it and they are as stumped as I am. They gave me a full refund and have sent off a report to Panasonic. I noticed the cadence problem in every recording mode but it was particularly bad in 50mbs at both 24fps and 30fps.

    I am beginning to see some examples around the net that seem not to have the problem, which is a very good sign.

  • yesterday i did some simple tests back-to-back with the GH2 using intravenus 1080 24P and the GH3 at 1080 30P 50mbit and 1080 30P All-I.

    they all looked surprisingly similar noise-wise. i won't miss the green cast in the shadows of the GH2. i didn't see that in the GH3 at all.

    all-I has potential. some shots look fine and others break it to the point where it looks like MJPEG from a 1990s Media 100. i''d love to see it at 150mbits. it's a useful mode because it decodes so fast. i don't have to transcode to edit it.

    thanks @shian for your excellent effort putting together the shoot-out clips. really interesting to see.

  • @Conundrum @From_Paris at present can / should we hope for a hack by Vitaliy - the GH3 is at present no competition for the GH2 "Hack Vitaliy"

  • @Conundrum I haven't experienced cadence issues with 50mb .mov. Weird that it is happening to some and not others. Hope it gets resolved by Panasonic. Sucks to have an issue like that.

    @Butt No competition? Are you serious? Watched the Shian test and even with the wrong settings it competes very well against the GH2 running over twice the bitrate. It clearly beats the GH2 in dynamic range and skin tones and has a much nicer per-graded image. We all get that you have no desire to buy a GH3 but please stop making such clearly false statements. The GH3 is more than competition for the GH2 in its stock state.

  • @Butt - you do not have the GH3 right? How can "you" measure, and compare the competition between the two camera's without owning/using the GH3. This camera is still very new and only a small amount of people actually have the camera, early firmware, and no hack... yet you keep spewing your obvious opinion that almost seems as to be some sorta masked jealousy or something.

  • "cadence issues with 50mb .mov" can you show me example what is cadence, please

  • @jimagine: that was beautiful!

  • I'd be curious to hear Nick Driftwood's opinion on comparing GH2, GH3.. what's his preference?

    To me clear going to keep GH2, in fact ordered one more!)

  • I am amazed by all the people raving about the GH3. The current release isn't at all what I hoped for. The firmware is buggy, there are many issues (cadence, noise, artifacts, some crashes), the All-I is crappy and noisy, there is more visual unpleasant noise in the footage and quality issues with the OLED screen.

    Not too say that it is a bad camera, but I think the GH2 has a more pleasant and cinematic image quality. The green cast of the GH2 has been replaced by a nice magenta cast of the Sony sensor. Still image quality wise, the JPEG quality is behind the OMD-5 and the RAW quality is about the same (but a big improvement over the GH2). That is pretty disappointing if you take into account that Panasonic had a year to improve upon Olympus' work. Look at Nikon to see what you can do with a Sony sensor if you know what you are doing. Nikon smokes Sony's with Nikon image processing on output from the same sensor.

    Down the line, the GH3 will improve and with a hack there is huge potential but right now, I don't see many good reasons to upgrade a hacked GH2 to a GH3, especially with regards to the price of both camera's. I have a strong feeling that most people want to justify their camera purchase but judging from the sample footage I have seen and my own experiments, the GH3 doesn't live up to the hype that Panasonic created. It is amazing though to see what a 1.100 EURO camera can do nowadays.

    I will wait for a 1.1. firmware or a hack and have returned my camera for now.

  • @ARTnVIDEO wrong - I have extensively tested the GH3, and that for three weeks - OK!

  • @Butt, I came to that thought based on the fact that all your gh3 post are in response to another users post or video, I have not seen one video, or post where you mention your own experience with the GH3, your only relevant post state your opinion that the GH2 is better than the GH3... never mentioning why you believe so, never providing any support for your opinion other than... GH2 better for video... 3 weeks and no test footage, that Ive seen.

  • Love the one I tested. @collierlandry 's gh3. Only critique so far is the Color shift based on angle inherent to OLED screens. Would want to use an external monitor for color critical analysis when filming. For simply operating the camera independent of color judgement it's a huge leap up. Actually I think it's a big leap compared the gh2 screen period.