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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @belfryman yes very frustrating, and one of the main reasons I'm sticking with my hacked GH2s for now.

    I asked the Panasonic reps at the Park Cameras meetup if there had ever been any further consideration about the 30 min issue, like allowing users to pay the EU camcorder tax themselves, especially as it's being marketed heavily as a video camera. They agreed that would be good but said "Panasonic don't listen to us".

  • @maddog15 I have the same issue with the power switch, but it's not happening very often.

  • Canon C100 VS Panasonic GH4

  • My reply on that site:

    Something is kinda fishy about that test. First off it does not seem like any of the flat profiles were used. Secondly...I think the DR is kind of fuzzy with the GH-4. For example...look at 2:38 while the image is fading in you can see the details in the highlights on top of the bridge...then when it goes full bright the bridge gets washed out. The detail is obviously in the image but it seems no care was taken to hold it. Plus he recorded out of the HDMI on the Canon but not on the GH-4? You see the big difference when the Canon was recorded internally vs out the HDMI )better DR) but conclude the the compressed codec pf the GH-4 sensor can't hang. Don't you think that was to be expected...especially when pushing a 4K image at only 100 Mbps? Try again with the recording out of the GH-4 HDMI to give a more fair representation.

  • Put this together utilizing down sampled 4K, 1080 24p, 1080 60p slowed to 40%, many profiles, grading techniques, detailed scenes, scenes that demand more dynamic range etc. 75% GH4 and 25% GH3 footage. Wanted to see how well the two cameras footage would blend in a single graded edit.

  • Hi,

    I have a few questions to the Wifi function compared to the GH3.

    I worked with the GH3 on a crane recently. I can adjust all things via Lumix Link in photo mode. Same with the GH4?

    but when you want to film with the GH3 via Lumix Link and Wifi, you can only start. No end through the app. You have to enter a time how long you want to film in the app previous to the recoording. To end, you have to stop the recording at the camera.

    And no adjustment of the settings during the filming.

    Also no live picture in the app during the recording. Only a freezeframe of the first picture with a text that shows, how long it will record still.

    So I connected a HDIM monitor to have the picture during the recording. But, when Lumix link is activated, the HDMI picture disappears. It comes back when you cancel the connettion between GH3 and Lumix link. Not good.

    Now obvioulsy the questions for the GH4 owners:

    In the GH4, can you adjust the settings during filming? Can you stop the filming from the app? Can you see the preview of the picture on the app during the fliming? Is HDMI still live when connected with the Lumix Link app?

    I know quite specific questions, but perhaps someone has tried it or can try some of my questions.


  • @aked Wifi is much improved with the GH4. You can start and stop video via the the new Panasonic Image App. You get a live view with relatively minor delay. Whilst recording you can change aperture, shutter speed, AF method and AF point, but you can't change ISO or exposure compensation.

  • Thanks Adam T, good news for me. Any information about the Wifi and HDMI, if both are working paralell?

  • @mrbill, regarding you post on May22nd - So here is what I found out about using 5DtoRGB and Firecoresoft Video Converter with GH4 4K clips. Earlier I mentioned that Firecoresoft 4K to ProResHQ 1080P converts were to be avoided but now I think they are OK - I was comparing it to 4K ProResHQ from 5DtoRGB - I had mistakenly assumed that the 5DtoRGB had transcoded the 4K to ProResHQ 1080p and that next to the Firecoresoft it looked inferior which it did but that is because using 5DtoRGB to transcode 4K into ProRes keeps it at 4K. The file size is enormous and from what I can see, no visual advantage for doing so.

    Firecoresoft will convert your 4K to ProRes also but you have the option of 1080p unlike 5DtoRGB. The link below has 3 videos to compare - 4K H.264 straight from camera, the Firecoresoft ProResHQ 1080p exported out of FCPX as 1080p. and the 4k ProResHQ 5DtoRGB along with camera’s native 4K - both dropped onto a FCPX 1080p timeline and exported out to a 1080p. The difference between dropping the Firecoresoft ProRes 1080p or the 4K onto the 1080p timeline and then exporting out to1080p seems very slight and of small significance (comparing ungraded). It does appear however that the Firecoresoft clip has less contrast and slightly less saturated colors. But for me using Firecoresoft to convert GH4 4K to ProResHQ 1080p for editing/grading may help projects run smoother and faster on my old, slower computer when the final output is 1080p. It would be great to get a 2nd opinion on this matter.

    Here follows a link from my Dropbox. I would appreciate any feedback comparing the different versions. It is easy to open each movie, place them side by side, stop on a frame and compare. The cruise ship clip has a huge amount of fine detail, including a fine wire fence towards the bottom. Dropbox is terrible at playing HD video so download rather than streaming.

    Meanwhile, here is the exported Firecoresoft ProResHQ 1080p video - ungraded/graded

  • New GH4 video's from The Netherlands.

  • This was digiscoped using the GH4 + 20/1.7 at 96fps mounted on the Swarovski STX85 scope. Rendering was done in PS CC using Camera Raw.

  • I'm really digging the look of the GH4 with those Nikkors!

  • Hi guys, I´m going to buy this little baby this month.. and I would like to ask somebody with pal gh4 body if it is possible to override the 29min recording limit by setting the camera to ntsc and putting it to VFR 25fps

    for events and long recordings I would only need 25fps which should be accesible on vfr.. does it work? for normal work I would just switch back to pal, what do you think?

  • @hedrox

    PAL cameras in EU(!) have such limit, originates in stupid EU laws. You can get PAL body from other region, like PV deals bodies. They are also PAL and no limits.

  • I've been playing around with my GH4 here and there (not enough time to test out everything!), and recently I noticed that the image seems really noisy. Whenever I record and look through the GH4 monitor, the image is noisy (noisier than I remember it to be), but when I drag the file and view it on my computer its fine. Is this normal for everyone else too? Just want to make sure my GH4 isn't broken somehow! On a side note, I was part of the first batch of GH4s bought from here, and it's been great! It only took 3 days to get to me and what a great price! :)

  • Some stuff I shot out hiking this week. GH4, 1080p, 200Mbps.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Hi Vitaliy, I know about the limit..the price here in slovakia is same as from outside+tax but one thing that bothers me is warranty.. I would prefer to buy this camera from a shop near me so I can solve any problems quick (I would probably need to send camera outside EU if I would buy from PV deals, right?)

    just wanted to know if there is any limit when you switch to NTSC mode ..

  • I have the Rode Stereo Videomic. I have been using it whith my GH2 with great results. When using it whith GH4 i don't get the levels up even if I put level to maximum +6 db. Have someone else seen this problem. Can it be fixed?

  • @Tomaso I have the Videomic Pro, so not quite the same mic but I don't have that problem, in fact the levels run pretty hot. Is it possible you put the mic into the headphone jack :)