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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @Palanza87 - I'm of a similar mindset, but the way my NLE downconverts 4k has made my decision for me - I'll be going for one of the atomos recorders. The atomos range doesn't support 50p, so it's a shame we only get 50i in avchd mode, as I'd like to record a 200mbs .mov 8bit backup internally, but there's nothing else out there at this price that does 10 bit 422.

  • Just only messing around with the stills side at the mo, and its NOT wowing me in anyway, noisy little bugger, and yes that was shooting RAW and all in camera rubbish turned off. Even a Sony NEX5n would blow it out of the water as far as stills are concerned. The motion had better be amazing or its being replaced by the BMCC. I still have yet to see any footage from the GH4 that comes near a BMCC.

  • the level of stupidity i found here sometimes, comparing apple to oranges.... its AMAZING.

  • @endotoxic, the level of manners here is also 'amazing'. Anyhow, enough of that, I did find some very good info here :

    which does help a lot. Also when I was looking through your past replies trying to see if you are a flamer of not, I saw you mention using 1/40th with the GH2 to get a more pleasing cadence. Cadence is one of the issues with the GH4 that a lot of detractors tend to harp on about, so I would like to hear your opinion on this.

  • @lunalobo75 Cheers for that, very interesting indeed !

  • After using Adobe Camera Raw RC for the GH4 I am amazed at how good it is from iso 200 to 800. The stills are beautifully detailed and have plenty of DR. Above 800 it looses to larger chip competitors. It is a true hybrid camera as you get pro quality results from stills and video.

    The GH2 always felt like the stills were sub par and very noisy. Im thinking of selling both my GH2 and 7D now. GH4 is all I want to use now.

    Where is that EF Speedbooster with aperture control? I mostly use the 7D as a dof preview and decouple tool.

  • I haven't done a direct comparison (sold my GH3), but I think the GH4 has less noise in blue skies at base ISO. They're very clean whereas the GH3 always had some visible noise viewed at 100%.

  • Just playing around with the ol' 14-140 stock lens. I also tried a subtle hint of Rgrain on er.

  • I'm looking for some free/inexpensive software for Windows that I can use to trim my GH4 4K video. I was using RealPlayer, and tried RealPlayer Cloud, but it said it couldn't open 'this type of file' (MP4 (LPCM) 4K/30p). I don't want to alter the file in any way, just quickly trim away the parts I don't want. I know there is a topic for software, but thought that others recording in 4K might have some good ideas. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • I believe GoPro offers free editing software (not just for GoPro owners) that will work with 4K.

  • resolve lite goes up to UHD for free

  • @AdamT @peaceonearth Thanks! Will check them both out.

  • MPEG Streamclip is free and will allow you to trim clips then save them without re-encoding. Just load a clip, under edit menu set in and out point, hit trim and save as. My understanding is the Gopro soft ware will re-encode to cineform codec.

  • Nice monochrome grade

  • Hey I have been using the GH4 for a while and I made a video on some of the different settings. Watch out for the highlight and shadow options.

    Thanks Chris :)

  • I think a key factor to using -5 highlight and +5 shadow during capture is to leave contrast at 0 and pedestal at 0. I'm getting a ton of DR with very little noise using that profile. On the post side the Filmconvert GH4 CineD flat profile works very well for grading -5/+5/0/0. I'll post some 4K frames later.

  • GH4 greenscreen

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    DXOMark article is made in April, if you do not noticed. It is just Andrew have nothing to post about.

  • So the GH4 has a bit more dynamic range than the 5D3 until iso 200, and after that it's 5D3 all the way..Could be worse I guess :)

  • I looked earlier in this post and didn't see this one. WOWSER! My fav color correction flavor on the GH4 so far.

  • @HHL All skin tones are brick orange?? Other than that, cool piece.