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SanDisk Extreme SDHC Cards
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  • @havasuvideo - Thanks for the reply. That makes sens and just need to confirm. It odd really since I have a card that is 200x Class 10, Dane-Elec Proline 32GB.

    Optimized for Rapid-Fire Photo and Video
    Perfect for the Newest Digital HD Video recorders and SLR Cameras
    Finest SLC Memory and Controllers for Years of Reliable Use in the Most Demanding Conditions
    Class 10 Rating Guarantees Minimum Write Speeds of 10MB/Sec or Higher
    200x Allows Read Speeds up to 30MB/s

    I think the advertising spec is a bit miss leading. So it really something like min 10MB/sec so prob that sandisk extream 3 @ 30 MB/s sec will do.
  • This should put everybodys mind at ease with regards to the Driftwoods 132 Patch. It seems this is the card for high 132MB's Broadcastable video:

    its maxium bandwidth is 21.33 MB's - Havasusvideo as clearly told me that you need 16.5MB/sec so finally you should have no writing limitations. Plus a bit of bandwidth to push the bitrate a bit further. I waiting to get the card this week.
  • Ok, Thanks for the information on SD Cards, Yesterday I was working with a CBandin firmware update push to cbrandin 66Mbps AQ2 AVCHD Patch coupled with
    LPowell 100Mbps Low Light MJPEG 1080p Patch. I had no playback, in camera, no big deal, could view in computer, very impressive. Then I get notification in camera that the SD card is not fast enough to continue. I have SD Extreme Pro 45mb 8 Gig.
  • Great deal on the 30MB/s Sandisks at B&H right now - $58.95 for a 32GB when you order 2 or more.
  • Don't know if anybody noticed this but when I shoot in 50p mode with Driftwood 55MB's hack I only get 33MB's on the memory card. Then When I shoot with ETC I get full bandwidth, is that normal for it to go up and down. Sandisk disk say the card can get slower the more you format it. However I am using a Dane-Elec 200x card.
  • >Great deal on the 30MB/s Sandisks at B&H right now - $58.95 for a 32GB when you order 2 or more.

    Do you have a link?

    I have 2x Sandist Extreme 32Gb, but I think it had been slightly more in price.
  • @Vitaliy - Sandisk Extreme 32GB 30MB's Read/Write does seem to be the best one for the hack don't you think.
  • I think I understand this Bandwith when it goes up and down. Its based on the detail the camera needs to record, more objects and good light means more date bandwith. Less detail like landscapes and distance objects not in focus- less bandwith.
  • B and H 32GB 30MB/s Sandisk Link:
    thanks @Oedipax for the heads up.

    $82.00 for Single
    $58.95 for 2+
    Free US Shipping

    Anyone using the Transcend 64GB SDXC with 132M, 150M, or 220M bitrates?

    At $95 - $100, it would be ideal.
  • @woody123
    Thanks, just ordered sandisk extreme sdhc
  • @woody123 Thank you as well. Just ordered two of them, pretty sweet deal!
  • @all a little trick I came across....if you want to delete the video content without formatting the card you can delete all files in the CLIPINF, PLAYLIST & STREAM folders. On the SD card -->PRIVATE--->AVCHD--->BDMV subfolders.

    As you know you cannot play the video files once you have hacked the camera. It is a bit messy to try and delete all the videos on the camera (with the delete function), which results in the camera stateing some files cannot be deleted.

    A little trick that every little helps.
  • @chrimsbroome

    >"you know you cannot play the video files once you have hacked the camera"

    Where you got it?

    This is Sandisk Extreme topic :-)
  • @Vitality.....a bit left field seemd to be related because its when you have the memory card in your PC :-)
  • Okay, I give up.
    Is ther any vendor in Europe who still sells the older 30MB/s Extreme III non UHS-I cards?
    I bought from 3 different vendors now, all claiming to have this version, yet all I get send everytime is the UHS-I!!

    So frustrating...
  • Just did a test with driftwood's 176mb "GOPStoppa" at both 60p and 24p with iso 3200, shutter at 250 on the Pappas death chart. My Transcend died straight away but the Sandisk Extreme HD Video had no problem at all.

    But I'm buying some new cards next week to hold up to the new hack. After reading this, I'm wondering if I should go for the Extreme HD Video 30mb/s or spend $1.5 more to get the old regular Extreme cards? As I understand, the old ones work better with the GH2, right?

    Again, price is not that much of an issue for me, I need cards that won't handle it with this hack on a set... Not something the client likes to hear to put it mildly...
  • @Gabel

    Yeah, the Extreme HD Video 30mb/s is working for me as well with diftwood's latest 176mb setting, however I didn't test with charts or extreme settings, max bitrate I got so far was 144mbit/s. No write errors or other glitches so far, playback is very smooth as well.

    Maybe the UHS-I 30mb/s cards are enough after all...
  • "Maybe the UHS-I 30mb/s cards are enough after all... "
    Lets hope so, I just bought one. Dont want to spend another 90 € on 32 Gb... guess I will keep the 64 GB Sandisk for shooting long stuff in low mode.
  • Well from what I've gathered then... I might as well get the "old" regular Extreme cards, to be on the safe side?
  • @Gabel

    if you can find them cheap then yes, I'd go for it. Haven't heard anything bad about them.
    They're around $100 here in Germany, for a 16gb card. Yes, THAT much. The "new" versions are only at a third of that price, also 16gb.
  • While it is in Swedish... These looks like our culprit:

    I'll call them tomorrow to order them!
  • @Gabel You might want to hold on a little, driftwood will post a speed test reviews of all these cards next week.
  • @Gabel
    there is also
    Video HD same 30Mb/s which is better ?
    Anyone else compared these two ?
  • OK, i bought today:
    SanDisk SDHC Extreme HD Video 32GB, 30MB/s,
    will test it ...