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SanDisk Extreme SDHC Cards
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  • I bought two Sandisk 45MB/s SDHC U1 Extreme Pro cards when I got my GH2. One works great with the latest driftwood 170mb/s patch. The other chokes with a card speed error after a minute or so. I opened a support incident with Sandisk, and they promised to send me an RMA for the bad card. I suspect that this is a quality control issue with the card, and probably accounts for the inconsistent results reported here.
  • Great News- local Best Buy just got in shipment of 95MB/s Sandisk Extreme Pro. Only 8GB, but good enough to test.

    I just did a quick test of burst mode

    Anybody have an "Extreme Pro" Patch ready to test this media and see if it goes to "11"
  • So is this 95mbs card any good for what the hack could become in the future? Or the 30mbs is the maximum efficiency possible?
  • Ok I'm ready to try the hack now.

    I have been shooting with PNY class 10 cards so I'm guessing they won't work with the 176mb hack.

    I'm looking at getting 32gig 30mbs Sandisk cards or 95mbs cards. Is the 45mbs some how slower than the 30mbs???

    Would this card work?

    Anyone know how much video can be recorded on a 32gig card with the 176mb driftwood setting?
  • @Chaos123x - The Sandisk 32GB 30 megabyte read & write is fine, I have this card and it works on 90% of all patches. The 45 mega byte version runs on a Bus called UHS-1, which the Panasonic GH2 doesn't support so you will not get top read & write speeds. Funny enough even if you did have a UHS-1 bus camera you wont get the maximum speed. Its just the way Manufactures advertise there cards. They will most of the time always state the cards maximum read speed on the front. However realistically you want the write speed since thats the date that rate that is written to the card. I would be interested to see what the 95 megabytes a second card handles with the patch, but these memory cards are expensive at the moment so nobody wants to invest in them.

    -Just get the Sandisk 32 GB (I get at least 1 hour on 50i mode and 32 mins on 24p mode)
    -Don't waste your money on the 45 Megabyte version

    16GB Extreme Pro Sandisk 95MB/s at B&H Now, not bad at $65.95
    compared to compact flash pricing for same performance.

    So far on the GH2, I see about 9.05-9.25MB/s transfers directly from GH2 to USB3 port. I get 22MB/s thru same USB3 port using USB2 card reader and ATTO benchmark test. ATTO benchmark test of the GH2 as reader gives me 7.5MB/s write and 9.6MB/s Read.

    BTW, if anybody has a patch that pushes 30MB/s (240mbps), let us know
    so we put it thru it's paces...
  • @NickBen do you have the 95MB/s card? If so how is spanning? Any love?
  • 31 MB/sec using photo bursts? How are you measuring?
  • @balazer see my quick test method of Midrange Data Rate of GH2 and Memory Combination

    The limiting factor is likely the GH2, not the memory in the test...
  • @Nickben

    So this card seems to be really faster than the 30mbs extreme and the 30mbs extreme Hd video right?
    Balazer had these numbers :
    "reading and writing large files over the GH2's USB:
    SanDisk Extreme 30 MB/s Edition. read: 8.1 MB/sec; write: 5.8 MB/sec
    SanDisk Extreme HD Video 30 MB/sec. read: 7.8 MB/sec; write: 5.6 MB/sec"

    Yours are: Read: 9.6MB/s; write: 7.5MB/s

    Could this numbers matter some day or will we never come to that?
  • @NickBen, I'm reading your 11/13 update from the first post in that thread, and your own KB/s numbers are around 1 or 2 MB/sec. How are you arriving at 30 MB/sec?

    @LittleD, the throughput measurements from the GH2 used as a USB card reader aren't very relevant. We already have high bit rate patche settings that record to the card at much higher rates than any of us have ever observed being read or written over the camera's USB port. The GH2 is a great camera, but not such a great card reader. ;)
  • @LittleD Yes, at least about 15% faster reading and writing from the GH2 directly. Best bet is to get this media and spend the extra money and get a fast UHS-1 reader also, which gets way faster file transfer performance today. I figure the 95MB/s speed will become the new standard for hacks especially as new camera bodies come out that should take advantage of all that new speed. Just my 2 cents...
  • Ok Guyz,

    just want to be sure this card outmatch the 45MB/s and further more the 30MB/s.
    Was about to buy 30MB/s but what if it becomes osbsolete in 3 months regarding the new settings the team will figure?
  • @balazer thanks- you're right, I'll correct numbers, still trying to get best stress test for video and burst rate, I am trying Driftwood 220mbps patch now, recording with no issues all day
  • I've hacked my GH2 with the 44mbps patch by cbrandin. I have a PNY Professional class 10 card 20mb/s and in 24L and in 24H mode, it will cut off recording after about 10 minutes. I've also tried a Transcend 16 gb class 10 also. Same thing.

    From what I've read, the 32mbps is suppose to be stable and span in 24H. Is it my PNY sd card? Should I get a Sandisk Extreme 30mb/s card instead?
  • Try Driftwood's Aquamotion (v1 or v2) or SpanMyBitchUp, from the patch vault. Aquamotion v1 has always spanned for me using a SanDisk Extreme card, and my experiments with lower bit rates (similar to SpanMyBitchUp) span on a Transcend class 6 card. If it still doesn't span,then try a SanDisk Extreme HD Video card. The price is right and a lot of people here have success with them.
  • GREAT DEAL!!! : San Disk Ultra 32Gig SDHC (15MB/sec) for $38.99 - that's around a $1 a Gig!

    Keep in mind this is a Class 4 and not a Class 10, so in other words it's 15MB/sec, not 30MB/sec.
  • Don't bother with SanDisk Ultra for $39 when Extreme HD Video is $51. Class 4 means minimum writing speed of 4 MB/sec.
  • Something cheaper but just as effective as the Sandisk :-)

    £128 from Amazon

    With Driftwoods new spanning patch this is a must have.
    Intergral 64.jpg
    300 x 300 - 18K
  • A bit bigger picture:
    Intergral 64.jpg
    500 x 500 - 45K
  • @chrimsbroome can you confirm this works with the higher bitrate INTRA settings? I.e. 176mb GOP1
  • @itimjim, I don't have this card, but all I can say is you shouldn't have any problems. I have the 16GB Intergral classs 6 and they are a good card that seems to last. Only one time I have had a broken card and I sent it to Intergral and they replaced it with no charge.

    This card is at least 35 Megabit a second write so you should get at least 2 hours of 50i video footage with Driftwood's Spanable patches and 1 hour 24p cinematic mode with Driftwood again.
  • I got duped---So be wary...I dont have other options do to having myamazon card I know...I know I should avoid amazon....

    They sent the new UHS-I cards and CHANGED the pictured after the fact--- the listing read extreme III and had a picture of the card as well as in the product ifo--

    Product Specifications
    Brand Name: SanDisk
    Series: SanDisk 16GB Extreme III - 30MB/s Edition Secure D
    Item Height : 1.69 inches
    Item Width : 2.28 inches
    Screen Size: 669.2913385826772 inches
    Screen Resolution: 640x480

    They didnt change the product info after the swap...Im filling a complaint with them via Amazon...
  • @No_SuRReNDeR

    Did you checked the card?
    May be it is not bad, really.
  • says in big letters...UHS-i on the box in several places
    I dont want to open the box if i have to return them

    this is what I got...