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Panasonic GM1 official topic
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  • Height of this thing seems to be exactly same as mount diameter :-)

    Panasonic did very good job with design.

  • Very cool! Although, I have a hard time getting excited about any F3.5-5.6 since it sucks indoors. Great for travel I suppose. Maybe I'm just upset that there is not enough traveling going on in my life. ; )

  • Cute pancake lens too - but it don't have a manual focus ring.

  • image


    Small little gem.

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  • The camera is impressively compact, smaller than the Pentax Q which features a much smaller compact camera sensor. When compact the lens is smaller than the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens being shorter as well as having a smaller diameter.


    Focus is very quick, as is the norm for Panasonic (and Olympus) Micro Four Thirds cameras, and the focus can be set quickly using the touch screen.

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  • Fun photo:


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  • With the Panasonic GM1 and its electronic first curtain, though, this vibration problem should go away completely. There's no first curtain to slam into the bottom of the shutter assembly, and the very light second curtain being driven via the stepper motor should contribute little or no vibration as well.


    Heat-related performance limitations show up in two areas on the GM1, namely video and bulb exposure. While the GX7 can shoot 1080 video at a full 60p frame rate, the GM1 is restricted to 1080 60i or 30p. Clocking data off the sensor and processing it rapidly enough to produce 60p video just generates too much heat for the GM1's tiny envelope.

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  • Wow that is a big difference

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  • I wonder if it can be hacked... 24P/30P is good enough for me!

  • Height is 1LW :)

  • I really like that it spanks the nikon 1 in the looks dept as well. It really is a cute little bugger isn't it?

  • Electronic shutter = Innovation of the Year for MFT

  • Sharp lens. Some CA. High ISO JPEG seems quite good. Nice camera overall.

  • No pink? wtf....

  • ohhh

    Having a GX1, I am now ready to get the GX7 for christmas. But that GM1 is just too cute, and very capable obviously.

    Gonna have to buy cheaper presents for familly ang friends in order to save enough and get both cameras! !!!!


    Both GM1 and 12-32mm lens look promising. I really like the lens. Its optical quality looks decent, while being even smaller and lighter than Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake and G X Vario PZ 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6.

    Panasonic wrote in the announcement: "To pursue further downsizing, every lens element is designed as slim as possible and located in minimum margin while using the fourth and fifth lens group as an O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilzier) lens unit by shifting itself, which is integrated in the LUMIX G digital interchangeable lens for the first time."

  • We'll have both bodies (In all colors, not one as in US) and lens on deals :-)

  • Would love to trade in my GH2 with this. If video is as decent as G6, I just might. I love having small things, and this is a really good design.

  • Wow, that Lights in Paris thing is the best test series for a camera I've ever seen! Bravo! Actual photography, who'd of thunk? Exciting camera. My whole orientation becomes more Lumix, all the time.

  • @Butt

    Electronic shutter = Innovation of the Year for MFT

    It doesn't = that for the Astro Photography side and for video. This camera lacks a bulb mode because of heat issues which kills it for AP work. It also has limited but still good video because of those heat issues.

    An electronic shutter is very useful for AP and video. I just wish we could have had a small camera like this that worked well for those two things.

  • Camera is available on our deals -

    Does not ship yet, but if you will be in preorder list it'll ship same day as first Panasonic batch will be available.