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Panasonic GM1 official topic
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  • Can i get a still photo comparison between this and the gh2? and this is the Dynamic Range "Really" Better on the GM1? how many stops? Because i love the resolution of my gh2 but the Dynamic Range Sucks TBH.

  • @chrisappleseed I just downloaded the original ProRes file and I can't see a hint of noise in the opening ISO 3200 shot! I can't believe there wasn't any noise reduction at all!

    From some other videos I've seen online, I was worried about the low bitrate for high motion shots, but the waterfall in your video didn't macroblock as much as some other videos I've seen. I only wish that the sensor had better DR, but I might still get it as a B-cam since it's so tiny and versatile.

  • Very impressed by the low noise and video quality of the GM1!

    However new cameras are usually restricted by the 29 min video recording limit, so I always keep an eye on the hack list: ...I see GM1 hasn't made it on there yet.

    I understand the 29 min limit is to avoid an EU tax on camcorders, so I was wondering are GM1s for other markets free of this restriction? eg Hong Kong, USA ?

  • @TATZU

    I sold my GH2 a while ago but here is the GH3, GX7 and GM1:

    1280 x 617 - 259K
  • Gm1 the best!

  • I'm loving my wife's GM1. The image is fantastic, and it's a pretty fun camera to use. the 12-35mm compact zoom is pretty sharp as well. Though, I'm looking forward to putting the 14mm f2.5 on there.

  • @grisnjam

    Damn that's tiny - I'm thinking of getting one(for my wife of course :-) ) and pairing it with the 14-42 pancake.

  • And here is the GM1 with the VF-4 Loupe from Carry Speed. I was quite surprised that it fit the tiny GM1. All of the buttons except for the flash release are accessible too but the lack of a real hand grips means you kind of have to hold it by the loupe itself :)


    You can see in the second photo that in order to get the loupe to sit flush on the LCD the baseplate needs to be set all the way forward. This works with the 12-35mm kit lens since it is so tiny and has no overhang, but virtually any other lens (including the 20mm pancake) will protrude below the body and block the plate. I have the GM1 tripod riser coming soon which might help here.


    photo 4.JPG
    1200 x 755 - 189K
    photo 1.JPG
    1200 x 900 - 199K
  • I have had mine for a few months now. I am just an amateur, but like it so much I pick it up first and not the hacked GH2 I have! Video quality is excellent as is the kit lens. The main reason I like it so much is size and peaking. It can be used in tight spots. If you use a Go Pro for its size (not being waterproof) like in the corner of a car the GM1 is a great replacement. It fits tight places but gives much more control.

    I have read on other forums where the GM1 peaking is useless...not true. It does not work in all situations, but when it works it is a huge help with focus. I have the peaking set on orange as not too many things I shoot are orange it shows up fairly well. One main problem with my old GH2 is the focus.

    Largest problem I have had is accidentally touching the cursor/dial on the back and changing a setting by accident.

    It is great to use in public no one suspects your are filming.

  • To ISO 25,600 (with Zuiko 45mm f1.8) its near to my 5N to 6,400. Great job Panasonic.

    1600 x 1201 - 773K
    1600 x 1201 - 784K
  • Clean HDMI on the GM1? Anyone?

  • Just checked and I only get HDMI output on play back. Dug though the menus to no avil. Looks like no live view HDMI.

  • Here is a gallery test I did last month with GM1, plus a Lumix 14mm and a Nikkor 50mm f1.8 and a Seculine SL3 Loupe:

    RAW pictures processed with Lightroom 5.

  • @1anentropic get it from deals. mine records longer. 1 week ago I powered it externally and recorded 5h nonstop to a 64GB card.

  • Firmware v1.1 released

    • Connection problem with Apple iOS devices via Wi-Fi is fixed.

  • Now that we have the firmware, just a baby step to hacking the GM1 for 4K. This would have made a great April fools joke.

  • My quick notes on the GM1:

    No matter how many times you read it is small, it is actually smaller.

    IMHO you want the all black cam with the all black panny 14mm pancake prime. This combo is a serious looker. The 14mm is narrower than the 20 and fits perfectly for a pocket cam, with the 14mm the edge of the lens is even with the base of the cam.

    IQ for stills and video and incremental notch above the GH2. DR rolloff is a bit better.

    Colors look more organic. On the GH2 the colors sometimes look fake. There is a slight blue shift, but that is better than a green shift. WB is customizable.

    Noise is better controlled. There still is noise.

    I don't see a jump in sharpness. GH2 with hack is very sharp. Nonetheless, very good vid from this cam.

    Battery is small and crappy. You can buy a power adapter. However the battery gave me 1 hour and 55 minutes continuous video recording.

    Although the manual lists 64Gb as the max, I had no trouble with my 128gb card.

    Screen is very nice, and the fact that it is a touch screen is really very handy. You get tons of soft buttons. Drag and drop whatever you want onto the quick menu.

    HDR mode, and the night equivalent, are fast and snappy. The cam fires off a bunch of shots, and combines them in cam. No raw backup, but you can of course shoot raw, then combine in post. No sweep panorama that I can find.

    Timed photos--yup.

    DxO 9 with prime will wring every drop out of your raw files, if you want to fuss over them. Try the free trial.

    The silent shutter is totally fracking silent if you need to switch it on. You can set a button, and the only sound you will hear is the lens focusing, which you won't hear in MF. Completely silent.

    I was able to hook it up wirelessly to my Nexus 7 for full cam control, preview and postview. The second gen Nexus 7 has an awesome screen, and this is all very trippy. So for example you can put the cam on a tripod, and take pictures from elsewhere in the room. I had read that this does not work for video, so I tried it out and you can pull focus while the video was rolling. It isn't like having an external monitor, but of course you have remote control which is very cool. In dark areas, the focus may hunt while pulling, which is the basic issue with m4/3 cams and other noncamcorder cams.

    While recording video, you can dial the aperture and shutter speed up and down remotely while recording, using the Nexus 7 (and I'm assuming the other apps as well).

    Autofocus is fast and accurate. Focus peaking is customizable and actually very useful, even though I don't use it. It works. In fact, the peaking seem to work as well or better with a sharp legacy lens.

    Yes, it does show highlight clipping, if desired.

    Very minor things: the door to the card and battery are on the bottom of the cam. You could easily damage the tiny door, just like the tiny doors on other cams. If you had an adapter you could maybe get to the card while on a tripod but iffy. The lugs are ugly.

    Others: The screen is almost the same size as the GH2 and better quality, even though the cam is tiny. If I had a few extra hundred I think maybe the kit deal is a good idea from Vitaliy's deals. The kit lens is very nice and you could always sell it for more than the price difference. Saving up for the GH4, or would have gone for the kit. It is hard until you see the cam to deal with the size issue--a tiny kit lens on this cam would be a plus. As well as the 14mm pancake. Anything larger than the 20mm and it looks like you have a lens with a phone on the back.

    What's not to like: nothing, really.

  • DSTE Batteries. They are rated for 1000 mAh, actual is maybe 550-580, less than the stock battery. Cheap but "shorties".

  • I’d say that while they have very slight differences in image quality, these two cameras are on the same level and I wouldn’t choose which camera based on these slight differences, but rather the other features each camera has versus the other. IQ aside, when looking at features they are vastly different machines, both providing a different set of pros and cons.

  • It's so strange that my pal GM1 only works with the following combination.

    1080 50i shutter speed = or >60 720 50p shutter speed = 100

    Smooth video look and panning.

    Really bad motion when shooting 24p and 25p. What's wrong?