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Cluster X: Series 1 - moon - ЅріzZ - nebula - drewnet - Slipstream
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  • Can someone please confirm why there is no in-camera playback in HBR mode. Tried both Moon T4 & Spizz (24H plays back without issue).

  • @emynach Tested it and YES, Cluster X DrewNET Trial 7 spans on my Sandisk 30 MB/s cards. The 45 cards are not recommended for any high performance use. Now testing DrewNET Trial 8 for spanning...

  • I tested moon trial 5 and spanned on my 32gb Transcend SDHC class 10 card!

  • @albert_dt1 Which setting did you use Albert? I really like moon - great quality overall... And I am hoping to get an update from @driftwood to make HBR 25p span as well...

  • @WarLightUK I`m using 24H setting.

  • @albert_dt1 Yeah I didn't have any issues with 24H either... Spans beautifully...

  • @emynach @driftwood DrewNET Trial 8 spans fine on Sandisk 30 MB/s card and plays back in camera after power cycling. Very nice setting with improved blacks detail!

  • Password: MurderScene

  • @towi Thanks again for your help but I was always under the assumption that we transcoded files to broadcast range instead of full range in 5DtoRGB. Am I wrong in this thinking? I can swear I've read it time and time again and maybe even from Shian. But there's a high chance I'm wrong. I transcoded a few files to full and I can see the change at the bottom for sure of the blacks extending a little further. It also flattens out the footage which is what I assume you meant by my files looking aver saturated after I sent em through 5D.

  • @DeShonDixon Video looks great. Great camerwork movement really matched style/personality of performers. I'm curious how you got the movement to be so smooth. Did you shoot handheld or were you on tripod, stabikizer, a shoulder rig, or something else? OIS image stabilization with lens? Stabilization in editing?

  • @matt_gh2 all just steady handheld no post work or image stabilization

  • Because of slow motion I think.

  • Thank's @shrigg. Yes, I know the 45/mb is not recommended. i think my next card will be the 64gb 95/mb. i just wanted to know if it spans on this card before i buy it.

  • Hello everyone! In your experience which patch has better results: Moon or Intravenus Variation 2 w/ C Brandin Cinema Smooth and why?

  • I am confused, like Nebula, would it be better with C. Brandin matrix? What is best matrix overall for all settings, with more color information? Thank you, everyone working in the pipeline!

  • @T1000 @olegkalyan

    moon (and other Cluster X settings) is driven by Initial QP/QP Parameter values over a nominal matrix which attempts to average the same level of quantisation throughout the whole picture ALL THE TIME and work for the whole array of shots.

    Whereas, the earlier settings employ low value set matrices to drive quantisation of the picture to unprecedented levels (as found in Intravenus, Boom, cbrandin etc...) which work superbly for in-tight to medium shots but not so good on busy wide shots as on high detail/wide/busy shots quant runs out of power and can only offer low values for the upper part of the picture.

    Cluster X settings represent better value overall as the matrices employed are measured to the QP parameter setting for the whole picture to fully make use of the bitrate available to the GH2.

  • Thank you @driftwood, you're the man!

  • *** News *** Cluster X 'Slipstream #1' Released today. More on page 1.

  • Thanx Driftwood!

  • Moon on standard 0 -2 0 -2 with a mild color grade and contrast/brightness adjustment Just noticed my spelling mistake in the title, and am on my way to fix it

  • Hey there! My first video with the gh2 + panaleica 25mm (+cheap nd filter) and the cluster x trial 8 hack standart seetings, 24p and 720p for the slowmotion. colorgraded. what do you think? cheers, Daniel

  • @danielortegajan looks great!seems the images held up well to grading.

  • Some test shots using the Moon GOP 1 Trial 4. 1080p24H 25 mm f/0.95 Voigtlander FCPX

  • Excellent demo of moon and flowing motion @MichaelT

    @danielortegajan Very nice premiere video using Cluster X DREWnet Trial 8 :-)

  • Just tried out Moon for spanning. Used a Transcend 32gig card at first. I got:

    HBR mode: 53mbps, spans 24H mode: 126mbps, does not span. 24L mode: 80mbps, spans

    Tried using a Sandisk Extreme Pro 32gig to test spanning at 24H: didn't span. (Once again, the 64gig version of this card seems to be needed.)

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