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Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod with Head. Any good?
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  • @LPowell thanks... hmm. I don't know what to do then, perhaps look into other options, i'd seen such good reviews of that manfrotto one, but i take your warning of uselessness very seriously. Well there's no stock anyways so plenty of time to weigh up my options.
  • @jimtreats
    The 3-leg base of the Manfrotto monopod is definitely worthwhile, especially with a freely-rotating ball joint. Contrary to the demo in the above video, I would never risk balancing a valuable camera on that 3-leg base, it's way too top-heavy.
  • @jimtreats

    My monopod is the standard heavy duty model without the mini legs.
    I usually pan with the head, sometimes the legs rotate if the head's pan drag is set high.
  • I got one and removed the plate and put a Slik Video head on it. The head is one of the few fluid video heads that will pivot 90 degrees to vertical portrait orientation. The ability to pivot in only one plane makes it easier to do some slider type moves of limited range in one direction.

    Have the same head on a 700 Slik tripod so base plates can go on either. The head is a little less bulky than the 501 which I returned.

    I find that the base pans fine on my example, so I have redundant panning; if one feels better than the other I have a choice.

    Not the least expensive way to go and a little heavy but a nice piece. I still have a cheap light mono for other situations.
  • I am working on EI-7506C deal, hope that we'll be able to get all working in coming weeks.
  • I finally got my Manfrotto 561BHDV-1, a couple of weeks ago. So far I'm very happy with it, but have yet to use it in a proper shoot. Will update this thread if I get any issues.
  • I just received mine yesterday from Amazon ($289). I haven't even had it for 24hrs yet but so far I like it. Doesn't take up much room, build quality seems durable, fold-out legs seem stable and the tilt head is typical professional manfrotto quality.

    On the other hand I really need to spend more time with it to get a better idea. I'll be posting a mini review in the coming weeks.
  • The only annoyance i have, is the hotshoe tightening screw is at its tightest when its been twisted to a horizontal position. When your camera is on top of the hotshoe, you can not get your finger above this screw to loosen it. The first time i over tightended it this way it required a screwdriver to lever between the lever and the camera to get it free. Bad design! Is yours like this @killagram ?

    Other than that, everything else is great with it so far.
  • @jimtreats I'm at work now so I can't tell you offhand.

    Sometimes tightening screws are spring-loaded, so you can adjust the orientation of its handle by simply puling them towards you and re-orienting it. I know that's how the Letus Talon shoulder rig screws are manufactured. Then again their screws are also quite susceptible to warping (the threading is too pliable), so I have yet to find a solution besides calling Letus and sending me more 15mm rods and tightening screws.

    Hopefully the monopod is nothing like this - I'll let you know once I'm outta work.
  • @killagram, did you get chance to test your tightening screws, are they as annoyingly oriented. Or have you found them adjustable? Cheers.
  • @jimtreats sorry for the delay. The tightening screw for the base plate does not have the same issue as yours evidently. There's enough room for my thumb to tighten/undo the plate in between the camera and the fluid head. There's also a hex screw there that holds that tightening lever into place. If yours is having an issue I would unscrew the hex and adjust the tightening lever accordingly.
  • @killagram

    Thanks for your reply. Before reading it I already had a go with it this afternoon, in prep for a shoot tomorrow. I did do what you described and unscrewed the screw in the lever, removed the lever, and then was able to tighten it as much as possible, and then reorient the lever to be better positioned. Now the platform is tight with the lever pointing nearly down. Meaning i can turn it another 20 degrees say to go real tight but still be far away from horizontal. Great stuff. This was the only thing i was frustrated with. I'm hopeful it'll work like a charm tomorrow on its first shoot.

  • @jimtreats Glad to hear it! I hope the reorientation works for ya and let us know how everything turns out.
  • It worked like a dream. Such an easy fix, and pretty much removing the only problem i had with the thing.

    The monopod performed like a dream with its first shoot. Managing to hold the Gh2, 25mm f0.95mm and Ruige 7" monitor on the hotshoe all stable with the ball joint in the foot locked.

    Inside this was a great tripod equivalent, with super fast move and startup time, along with much improved access to awkward positions. Outside however, especially perhaps with the monitor attached and acting as a sail it was particularly susceptible to the wind being noticeable when left alone. Still that's sort of to be expected i guess.

    I look forward to using it again soon. Highly recommended monopod so far.
  • Excellent! Thanks for the feedback.
  • i have the same monopod and I have found it to be excellent and very versatile. I have even used it as a glidecam style stabiliser which worked much better than expected due to the weight of the monopod.
  • @detect I'm a noob :) How do you use it as a glidecam?

  • @LongJohnSilver Basically by using it in the same way as you would use a glidecam. Having a monopod attached to your camera and moving with it will give you a more stable video just by it's weight alone. There is a good video that shows what I mean here:
    ( Check the page on vimeo because he has a picture of his makeshift monopod on there.

    He's made some more modifications to the bottom of his monopod to allow for better balance. I did something similar when I was using mine as a stabilizer. Also check which has some good points regarding finding the centre of gravity of the monopod.
  • Is it possible to buy only the legs of the 561BHDV-1?
  • Guessing not. Maybe the 562 is the 561 w/o head though.
    To me, what has become a most important spec is weight. This is 3.2lbs.
    I would also consider a Carbon Fiber model of whatever brand for mobility. Also, don't expect 'perfect' stability with the added legs on the monopod. Will rock in windy conditions.
  • This is very interesting. If I can remove the original head and screw my 701HDV...
    Perhaps the 527plv plate is compatible with the 501pl..
    The 527pvl semms to be the long version of the 501pl..
    You´re right it´s heavy, but the movements of the first video of thys topic are so amazing..
  • Yeah, i think the first video shows some great technique with MP. Probably one of the most under-rated piece of hardware. I've noticed, i've been using it less of late. I just picked up a new tripod w/502 head. Just came in.
  • Hi, a noob question...

    Is it possible mounting the camera at 90° on the attachment plate?

    Would be possible obtaining a lateral movement, something like a slider? I mean maintaining the camera horizontal while moving the monopod on his legs from left to right while pointing the subject.

    I hope you understand what I'm meaning :)


  • @longjohn silver. No you can't mount a camera at 90degrees, it's a two way head. You can't really get a slider horizonal movement. You can, with the legs on the ground, lean the monopod above the ball joint to the side and get a horizontal movement that way. It will be a little diagonal movement really, since your height will drop as well depending on the angle.

    The movement will not be slider smooth. With practice you can make it pretty smooth.