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BlackMagic: Official $2,995 raw cinema camera topic
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  • @Mr_Moore

    It would still be usefull after two years, more than a phone would be. Look, all my cameras I've had more than two years. If it's just screw open the bottom in disconnect cable, then I can do that. But 90 min. is still short. Yes shoots can do with power pack, but it still isn't convenient. At least a phone or tablet lasts all day. Just imagine your phone lasting only a quarter of the day. I've had a camera with the small battery lasting up to 80 min. Too short.

    Still, this camera will sell, it just becomes less convenient to some people.

  • Blackmagic is the new Apple.

  • At least when Apple introduced the iPod they decided to give it a battery that lasts 10 hours. The non user replaceable battery was unheard of back in the days. But they made it so you wouldn't worry about charging, as it lasts all day.

    So I would not care of a built in battery even in a camera, if it makes sense to the end user. Yeah, you could say it makes sense to a lot of end users, because they only need this camera to be a recording box. True. Still, I can't just help thinking that with a little bit of extra effort, the package would have made more sense to the audience that also wants and likes convenience. Convenience is why many people like the DSLR format.

  • This is just the first of many, RAW, SSD recordable cameras. The SSD technology is out there and mature. Many companies make the Sensors. You just need a company like BM and others to bring the elements together.

  • Guys, I see no reason to complain about battery, as you can use any external 12v battery.

    Ready power solution with 12v output that uses two Sony batteries (up to F970) cost about $130 shipped.

    So, I see zero problems.

  • Don't worry about the internal battery.. there will be packs galore to go with this.

    edit: Sorry Vitaliy, you got here first.. ;)

  • My ideal modification of BM camera:

    • m43 mount (OIS and aperture adjustment works, Lanc driven focus works)
    • Thunderbolt replaced with two USB 3.0 ports, on of them support host
    • Added HDMI port, may be via small extra converter, securely attached
    • No back touch screen, but support for external USB powered LCD touchscreens.
    • No internal battery
    • No software
    • Price $1599
  • I'm not really complaining. It is what it is: a camera box. This is a modular approach, so I get it (still 2-3 hours would have been nice for the occasional out and about, all I'm saying). Would also have been nice if they could ship their own nicely designed battery pack that attaches to the bottom, so that it is nice clean design and is convenient. But I'm sure their own battery pack will come out soon, come July.

  • I do not get it, why this so small sensor has an EF mount ??? this is mirrorless, right?

    they have build large flange distance between lens and sensor for no reason, and made a lot of lenses useless, maybe this is some kind of co-operation between canon and bm.

  • @oneday

    No. They just wanted ready solution.
    And guys who shoot with Canon DSLRs (using Canon glass) are largest niche :-)

    All is simple, no conspiracy here.

  • looks like that they use Fairchild sCMOS Sensor(its only sensor that fits BMD camera size) its rated at 88db of dynamic range ...thats more than ALEXA... and many independent companies produce s35 sensor but what i seen they are all 8-12 MP ... thats 300-450 MB/S @24fps much data for many ssd....

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I'm personally very happy with the thunderbolt port.. I could use a macbook pro for monitoring / instant footage transfer. The option for hdmi would have been nice, granted. USB 3.0, why not.. Genlock would also be nice.

  • @vladnik

    Looks very similar, and sensor can get up to 100fps :-)

    I'm personally very happy with the thunderbolt port.. I could use a macbook pro for monitoring / instant footage transfer.

    Most people do not have Mac computers, and USB 3.0 is standard present on almost every new MB (and is very cheap to add to existing computer).

  • It's a good start to see all these low-price RAW recording cameras (Digital Bolex and BMD Cine Cam) but we still have a while to go. The sensor size of the BMD is gonna mean your FF lenses will be heavily cropped and even more challenging to get a good wide. Will definitely want to see a S35 sensor in the next version. It's price is disturbing the camera technology landscape, more competition will follow :)

    For now it poses as a tool for revitalizing 16mm film-making. I also really like how these independent companies are using low-price media storage, an issue I'm concerned over is the battery life on these things. Will there be replaceable batteries? I would think RAW recording would be intensive on the juice.

  • BMD is into this Thunderbolt thing. Perhaps it's due to it being able to work directly with Apple Monitors. Here in the U.S. There is a lot of creatives using Apple. Could be influencing decision.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev only question is can internal hardware sustain that data rates.... i think they already talk about 60fps ...

  • I really hope they will add a mode that reads all of the sensor.

  • VK: A lot of people here also use Mac computers primarily.. Agree though that usb 3.0 would be a very good and cheap addition.

    Isn't thunderbolt the better interface though?

  • USB 3.0 would have been much better. That said, PC mobos should start shipping with Thunderbolt at this time.

  • @johnnym

    Thunderbolt will remain niche interface. It won't be wide spread.

  • Firewire worked reasonably well and back when it was introduced apple were not nearly as influential as they are now. IMO it's too early to write off thunderbolt - it's only just been introduced.

    But this is subject to a different topic.

  • The paper on the SCMOS says it can read out the sensor with global shutter at 52f/s. Nice. At reduced resolutions that should be even more.

  • thunderbolt is already making its way on windows laptops.

  • May be we can suggest (constructive feedbacks) to Black Magic at NAB to leave the SW interface open or make an open API so third party (like VK) can develop SW for it. It will be hard for a small company to develop everything in house. For money and time to market, it is better for them to leverage external resources. It is just counter nature for big guys like Canon to bring out open interfaces. I also agree that it is best to focus on popular open physical interfaces to minimize hurdles. USB3.0 will be on every PC out there. They have to think beyond early adopters but not get bogged down with too many specs. Keep it simple.

  • Look at the price of scientific cameras that use this scmos sensor a few months ago.

    Could it really be this sensor?

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