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BlackMagic: Official $2,995 raw cinema camera topic
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  • @johnnym

    You are looking at very small niche market.
    Prices do not correlate with manufacturing cost much here.

  • Ah, thanks for clarifying. Well, what a cool sensor!

  • The battery is a bummer but it might not be that bad. I think it's quite a smart move on their part.

    Creating a whole new proprietary battery format would add much more to their cost of developing this camera, so it does make sense for them to say: okay, let's just put in a small internal battery, since most people will want to use their own V-mount/AB batteries that they've invested in already or invest in their own power solution. This way, they won't have to make their own batteries, chargers, adapters and won't have to market and sell them. If the power cable gets pulled accidentally, then there's the internal battery for backup. If this helped to bring down the cost of the camera to $3k, then I say it's well worth it.

  • i love how guys from DMB do their design ...this camera use cutting edge technologies ... from new futuristic sensor to Thunderbolt and cinema dng with no holds barred ... and i dont think that any small sensor company would refuse price cut if they have chance to sell large quantities...

  • It's true that typical GH2 footage, hacked or unhacked, is apparently much sharper than this BMD footage, but sharpening is cheap -- you don't need high resolution to get it.

    Do folks really prefer the video ringing on edges you see in GH2 footage, and the high contrast which results, to the more natural film-look of the BMD stuff? Strange!

  • Here's current info -

    Planning on Native 800ISO
    Sensor is CMOS - no other details
    OIS is not powered by EF mount at this time, planning to be available at launch
    EF mount is only available mount at this moment, future cameras may come in alternate mounts like PL or 4/3 - no info on whether you'll be able to change your mount after purchase.

  • We'll have to wait and see more footage. The compressed internet demo footage is not good, but until we see what it really produces, we won't know. Spec wise it certainly looks great.

    I disagree regarding @jrd statement regarding gh2 sharpening. Sure it's there (mainly with Panasonic lenses), but the GH2 detail is simply amazing on this camera.

  • M43 mount is proprietary, EF is open standard.

  • Just placed my order.

  • In the few comparisons we have seen between Red and GH2, the sharpness and detail look remarkably similar. Neither appears to have enhancements.

  • I'm looking forward to the cage that ReWo may dream up for this thing...

  • This is Big. It even made dpreview!!!

  • This is the real BIG THING, Canon are you watching.

  • It even made dpreview!!!


  • LOL@ Dpreview - mostly a bunch of nobs talking between themselves about what they think it isn't, when the the guy who's actually used it is and made the demo footage iscposting answers back, and is being ceremoniously ignored - sums that site up tbh

  • @soundgh2 I've read the comments and you pretty much nailed it. Anyway that's not the real public for this machine.

    F**c! They are trying to compare it to a D800!!!

  • Wow... DpReview... douche rockets alert!

  • because many people are brand whores ... there are comments like... nothing revolutionary lets wait for canon ... or sony fs700 is 4K raw below 8000$ (not to mention that they need 7000$ external recoder)... etc...

  • Guys, try not to focus on discussing dpreview :-)

  • cmon just for fun ... :)

  • Does anyone know where you can preorder it???

  • @soundgh2 "f**c! They are trying to compare it to a D800"

    I had a placed money on a D800 for preorder, and before this was announced to me it was the best option for the money. Now that this was announced I canceled my D800 order.

  • @Brian202020

    So, it looks like BM camera is nto Af100, but D800 killer

  • @Vitaliy The D800 was the AF100 killer and this is the D800 killer :)

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