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5.6" 1280x800 on camera monitor with peaking, aka H056
  • I bought this monitor because it has 1280x800 resolution which is rare to see at a low price point (got it for $220 USD). The other monitor I was considering was the Liliput 7" but figured the smaller size of 5.6" would be more manageable, not to mention monitor peepers on set! For the canon range, I've used it with 5D, 7D, 60D and 600D. All of them give basic monitoring @ 1080i (with pillar boxes) but drops to 480p mush during recording except for the 7D. This is annoying as the monitor cannot reproduce the real sharpness of the actual video.

    The colours aren't as accurate as cameras built-in LCD's (anyone have a monitor calibration method, pls?) Next, I paired the monitor with the Panasonic AF-100 on a studio shoot. The piece was lit high contrast with many, many shadows shot @ 400 ISO. The monitor showed pixelated 'noise' in the image but when I looked at the studio monitor it was clean, clean. So the monitor has trouble reproducing blacks.

    Really I would only recommend this monitor for framing and focus. Of course pair this with the Panasonic cameras as they put out 1080i during recording which is crucial for focus pulling. Or.. wait till Canon gets their act together. The monitor came with a case with divided foam, sunhood, HDMI-HDMI mini cable, Sony battery plate (you'll have to buy a battery, d/w they are cheap). For the cheap price it's a good start :)

    Where to get?

    Our deals, as usual, have best prices -






    750 x 778 - 264K
    750 x 395 - 159K
    800 x 248 - 183K
    750 x 427 - 110K
    574 x 270 - 55K
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  • Interesting find

  • It looks good. Does it have any video-related feature? ie. false color, etc.

  • Yes, false colour of blue, black & white and colour can be toggled. No green or red :( Some more specs pulled from the site:

    Screen size 5.6" Resolution 1280(H)×800(V)Support 1080i Dot pitch 0.05(H)×0.15(V)mm Display ratio 16:9 / 4:3 /full screen Brightness 400cd/m² Contrast 500:1 Response time 10 ms Viewing angle Left 85° / right 85° / up 85° / down 85° Input voltage DC 7V-24V Power consumption ≤11W Monitor size L 148 × H 119× D 26 mm Weight 1 kg

  • Given that so many other inexpensive 5.6" monitors are 800x480, and many inexpensive 7" are the same or 1024x600, that's a quite an impressive spec!

  • I need a focusing solution for the GH2. Reading these threads and not really sure which would be a good option for $200-300. The 7'' or 5'', as I'll be using a hand held device at times. Does this one work on all modes 1080, 720, HBR? If it is a good solution for focusing which battery does it use? I really need a monitor where I can really nail down the focus.

  • @bannedindv What did you think of it? Why did you decide to sell it? I'm considering ordering one myself, but hoping for some comments from someone who has used one.

  • @strangways - no one bought it - I just have too much camera gear. make me an offer I'll let you take it off my hands. Cheers!

  • How does this compare with the Feelworld monitor?

  • Yep, quite interesting, I updated first post with ebay link and photos.

  • Darn, I bought the early version without focus peaking and 5D 480p mode. Now it's very functional. The new model number being H005.

  • I just ordered one from mega-supply on eBay via Mr. Kiselev's link in the first post. Their "Make Offer" is set up automatically. I had three chances to get an offer accepted - $200 and $205 were rejected, but $210 was accepted. So if anyone else is interested, I'd suggest trying $207 and $209, and if those are rejected, at least you know it will accept $210.

  • @Strangways


    Thanks for info.

  • How does this screen compare to new Lilliput?

    I really need somthing to judge focus. How is the peaking? Is it strong enough?

    "Focus on the high degree of the objects that gou bian, let photography yeah can easily finish in the complicated scene precise focus"

    Ehm.. yeah?

  • Well I was hesitating between the Feelworld monitor, the Lilliput 5d and this. Considering the higher resolution and the smaller form factor (for docu shooting) I gambled it and went with this one. I'll give it a review when I get it!

  • Note that it appears the H056 does not have peaking, but the H005 does.

    The Lilliput 5D-II-O-P has the type of peaking I prefer - coloured highlights over top of a monochrome or colour image.

    The Camax H005 seems to be something I've never seen before - white highlights over top of a darkened colour image. You'll therefore need to rely on the camera's LCD for exposure judgement, or turn the peaking off, but the GH2 doesn't have the most reliable HDMi output for judging exposure anyway, and my main concern is just getting focus.

    I ordered the Camax H005 (and will review it when it arrives) over the Lilliput because of its higher resolution (1280x800 vs. 1024x600) which I am giving preference to over the peaking style I prefer, and the fact that for a savings of over $100, I can live without the HDMI pass-through. Now, that lack of pass-through might come back and haunt me some day, but I can always get an HDMI splitter, I suppose.

    The choice for me was all about resolution... I've pulled focus in the field quite a bit with the 5.6" 1024x600 RED LCD, and it's not quite good enough in a lot of cases, even with peaking. When collimating a lens mount by focusing on a Siemens star, I rely on a 17" 1280x768 Panasonic BT-LH1700W, so I'm hoping that 1280x800 jammed into a 5.6" will make for an eminently useable piece of kit.

  • Just a fun note - that 5.6" 1024x600 LCD from RED cost $1,700 when it was new.

  • The Camax H005 seems to be something I've never seen before - white highlights over top of a darkened colour image

    I suggest to see SmallHD opinion and comparison. They use similar approach.

  • Just ordered mine.

    Like Strangways said: make sure you get H005 (ebay link), not H056 (that amazon link and the camgeeker) as it does not have peaking focus.

  • @mk47

    Original manufacturer do not have any H005 (it is just marketing trick from seller). It looks that firmware changed not long ago to include peaking.
    So, in reality it is H056.

  • This looks better than Lilliput 569, that i won now ... hope it works better than 569 ...

  • How does both this and the SmallHD screen display a 16:9 image, as the resolution is 16:10? Does it stretch it slightly, or does it add bars to the top and bottom?

  • Do any of these cheap monitors do a 1.33x stretch automagically? Was looking to get one for anamorphic shooting.

  • I would like to post my opinion, it may help some people. I' ve just received the Camax H056. Overall I am very pleased with this monitor’s performance. Very high resolution, high visibility in bright environment, very good construction. I have also tested the Liliput 5DII I/O, the H056 beats it on every aspect, except the fact that the Liliput is a 7” monitor. Camax H056 has a 5DMarkII mode and focus peaking. Focusing is much easier on H056 (without using peaking) because of the higher resolution. Much preferable size for the GH2 with quick response. I haven’t tried yet on a production set but from my preliminary tests looks a very good companion. I have also connected to my PC as a second monitor via DVI/HDMI adapter and recognized and set it as native resolution of 1280x720.

    Ask me what ever you like!

  • @sakattaq76 , how is the construction ? Cheap plastic feel or ?

  • @feha. Much better "feel" and elements used than liliput. OK it is not a SmallHD and will not survive a two meter fall. Very good and sturdy battery base and doesn't have any moving parts or hear sounds on hard shaking. Be careful, if you are from Greece, the Greek customs office is a "bitch"!